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Mind machinesIntroducing the mad march of the mind machines...
Let's face it you are a lazy so-and-so and you want to get super intelligent, highly creative, and be able to think like a kick-ass genius by dinner time or you're out of here. Well, hold your horses, and I'll tell you just how to get smarter than Einstein at a science fair, while lying on your bed, cosy as a bug in a rug.

The Scientists Running Round Your Brain
While you weren't looking, them thar scientistical folk have been poking around in your brain, and they made some discoveries that will shake the bedrock of who you are. Being of the experimental nature, they have poked, prodded and probed your brain in every which way they can. They've zapped it with electricity, fed it funky juice and watched what happens when they bash it with all kinds of household implements. All this high brain science has led them to discover things like how you can grow new brain neurones by practicing a new positive habit over and over. They also found out that a bright spark like you runs on electricity and that your brain has different brain waves and all kinds of esoteric stuff like that. Cool huh?

Push-Button Genius Mind Power
Okay, let's fast forward to what you want to know>>>>>>>>> YOU CAN UNLEASH A TORRENT OF MIND POWER by stimulating your brain, like the scientists, with light and sound. It seems that if you beam patterns of flashing lights onto your closed eyelids, and match those with repetitive beats that play through headphones into your ear-holes, you can affect your brain waves. Now if you think about it, we've known the link between the brain waves and creativity for ages. "I've just has a brain wave!" you exclaim when a good idea hits. Okay, that'd good, so if you can manipulate your brain waves, is it possible that you could out your brain into the perfect state for heightened creativity? Yes! Could you attune your brain to be able to visualise and imagine with startling clarity? Yes! Could you put yourself into the perfect state of mind to memorize information (like a new language, the elements that make up the periodic table, or your highway code)? Yes, again!

Magical Marvellous Mind Machines
If you haven't already seen them, there are a host of what have been collectively called MIND MACHINES, which you can use at home to relax, de-stress, program your mind for new behaviours or use with visualisation and goal-setting. These home mind machines usually consist of a small walkman or ipod sized console into which you plug earphones and special goggles or glasses that are studded with lights on the inner lense. The mind machine console is a mini computer with built-in programs that can help you achieve a variety of affects. You simply sit in a comfortable chair, or lie on a bed, and put on the glasses and earphones. Select one of the built in programs. Let me give you an example. I've got a mind machine that I've had for a few years now. It's called the Orion. The preset sessions I can choose from fall under four categories. The categories are for Peak Performance, Relaxation, Learning, and Well-Being. If I look under Learning, I could choose from a 10 minute 'Quick Alertness Break', or a 35 minute Learning with Tapes session, or 15 minutes to 'Relax Before Exams or Pressure Situations'. Other sessions offer 'Concentration', 'Creativity Enhancement' or 'Visualization'.

The Ultimate Biofeedback Mind Machine Journey

Powered By Brainwaves
Mind machines serve up instant meditation affects. You can be in a real bitch of a mood and and skulk into your room, slam the door, put on your mind machine and within 5 minutes be tripping out like a 30-year veteran Buddhist monk in deep meditation. So how does it work? Well, brain waves are measured at specfic frequencies. Your daily brain wave state is predominantly BETA. If you close your eyes, relax, and imagine yourself walking on the beach, you will slip into ALPHA. You may recall the Alpha level was made famous by Jose Silva and his Silva Mind Control Method. If you go into a deeper state of meditation, your brain starts generating more THETA waves. These are the really juicy creative waves that you want to surf all the way to the bank. Theta waves spark amazing visions, your ideas flow like milk from the teat, you can pluck ideas and thoughts like big juicy grapes in the garden of Eden. Basically, THETA rocks! Below Theta you get DELTA, which is basically associated with deep sleep and states of deep meditation. Using your light and sound mind machine, you will be able to explore all these brain wave states at will, and experiment with different states of consciousness.

Mind machines -- punch your lights out!Punching Your Lights Out
Don't worry, I'm not the violent type! I actually just want to hit your light switch, putting you in a dark room, and set you off on an inner mind voyage wearing one of these fabulous light and sound mind machines. I can't stress enough how useful these gadgets are if you want to unleash the potential of your brain, boost your IQ and get so creative that you make Leonardo da Vinci look like a dosser (translation: lazy bum!).

What you experience with a L&S Mind Machine Session
I've been using mind machines on and off for over 15 years. Like any gadget, you can easily put it in a drawer and forget it -- as I have done many many times. But that makes coming back to using it again so much fun each time. As a tool for instant relaxation and stress relief it is superb. I just pull the curtains closed, lie on the bed, put on the strobe light glasses, and put on the earphones. I choose a program session (usually creativity or visualization) and hit the start button. Immediately, the binaural beats start up. These are alternating pulses of sound that you hear through the earphones. These alone can be used to affect the brain waves causing them to 'entrain' to the repetitive beat frequency. It's a bit like shamanic drumming, where the sounds of the drum beats are used to create trance like states. At the same time as the sound starts up, the mind machine also fires up the light diodes in the glasses. There are typically 4 small light diodes inside each lens of the glasses. These flash in patterns designed to entrain your brain to specfic brain waves patterns associated with the particular session activity that you have chosen. The creativity session will require a different brain wave pattern than the  deep relaxation session, for example.

Tripping Without Drugs Just The Power of Your Mind
As you relax and breathe into the experience, you will find yourself becoming more and more relaxed and still as you are entrained into the state that you wanted to experience. The strobe lighting has a wonderful kaleidoscopic affect on your eyelids and you will find yourself mesmerised by the ever shifting display of fractal patterns. Sometimes, while watching this, I get instances of seeing little flashes of images that are intensely and startlingly vivid. These are so compelling that I am always hungry for more and search for them in my mind's eye. Sometimes I have had long distant memories suddenly surface in extraordinary detail and vividness. As a result, I really believe that mind machines are a marvellous tool for self-knowledge and personal development. Depending on the program that you have chosen, you will often find that you have gone into a deep trance. In these states, you are barely aware of your body and your mind travels freely, exploring ideas and thought chains, and sending you off on wonderful mental adventures. This is truly freeing for your creative mind and one of the reasons why I recommend the use of Mind Machines so highly.

Mind machinesEffects of Regular Mind Machine Use
When I first began to use mind machines,
 I rapidly began to benefit from the beneficial effects they were having on my thinking, mental processing and overall mood. First of all, other people started to remark on what a phenomenal memory I had. (Believe me this was something new!) And it was true, I was able to recall events and specific occasions with much greater clarity and detail. I also became much more adept at knowing my way around and navigating. This was largely a result of the overall improvement in my visualisation skills. I seemed to be able to have an overview of any district that I visited and to always be able to keep my bearings. I already mentioned that buried memories from childhood would surface. Nothing nasty or overwhelming, they just seemed to surface in a very healing way. And many of the memories were extremely pleasant (like my first love, or the adoration with which a St Bernard we used to have would stare at me!). I would also recall names of people from my childhood that I had long forgotten. Meditation became much easier and I found that I was having deeper and more frequent insights as a result of the 'flexibility of consciousness' I was achieving. Some of these were intensely profound and continue to affect me to this day, over a decade later. My intelligence, comprehension and understanding were definitely ramped up by the use of the mind machines. I would imagine that my intuition was also much more in play as a result, though I cannot remember any specific instances, just a general appreciation for what was 'really going on' in other people's minds and hearts.

Your and Your Mind Machine
Okay, well that gives you a general feel for why I want to encourage you to get a mind machine and use it. Mind machines vary greatly in price, but are readily available online. You can even get mind machine software programs so that you can turn your computer into a Light and Sound Mind Machine -- though you will probably need to order some light diode glasses (and earphones if you haven't already got them). If you are a long term meditator, you may be a bit reluctant to try mind machines. Maybe you feel nervous about using a machine on your mind. Or you are just resistant to the perceived rigidity of a computer program. I can certainly remember feeling that way when I first learnt of them 20 odd years ago now. It took me a few years to break that inhibition, but when I did I found them to be a welcome addition to regular methods of exploring and expanding consciousness. Getting older and having less time, I find the instant relaxation effects really useful. It's so much easier to rely on the mind machine to take you into a deep still place than to have to battle the thought stream whirling in your head at the end of a day. That said, regular use of the mind machine familiarizes you with brain wave states so that you find it easier to replicate them away from the machine. So you could meditate, do progressive relaxation or just flop on the couch and get into the same sort of brain waves patterns that you have learnt to experience via the mind machine.

Mind machinesHere Are Some Resources on Mind Machines That You Can Explore
The first and foremost popular expert on brain tools and mind machines was a guy called Michael Hutchison, author of Mega Brain Power. This is a phenomenal book that details day-to-day use of the vast range of mind technologies available. Now my copy of that book is ten years old so the whole industry and science is light years ahead now. Michael Hutchison is a great writer and was a real hero of mine. I heard later that he had been involved in an accident that left him paraylsed and wheel chair bound. I've just this second done a google search for him and found an excellent interview with him that explains exactly what has happened to the man the media called the "high tech guru". It's an extraordinary, moving story and well worth reading as he has gone through a real, humbling expansion of consciousness.

An Interview with MegaBrain author Michael Hutchison -- for his story.

An E-Interview with Michael Hutchison for his thoughts on the Mind Tools industry, circa 2001.

What are Mind Machines? -- An FAQ on mind machine technology by J. Brad Hick.

Cerebrex -- "World Wide Distributors of Mental Fitness, Hyper Health, and Consciousness Exploration Modalities." That basically means they sell this stuff!

Mind Machines FAQ -- another FAQ on mind machine from the Mind Machine Digest.

Google Search: Mind Machine -- see what Aunty Google throws up for "mind machine" search.

Tools for Wellness -- Oh my God, my favourite place to shop in the world! So many mind machines, so much amazing, crazy, mind-bending stuff, I want it all!

LifeTools -- a kind of UK-based equivalent of Tools for Wellness, run by the effervescent and charming Chris Payne. Specialise in mind machine gadgets and photoreading amongst other things.

Diary of a first time Journey to the Wild Divine user -- my experiences using the 'Journey To the Wild Divine' mind machine and biofeedback game.


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