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The Creative Power of Certainty

How to develop certainty and create from your true authority

This article will discuss how developing a sense of certainty about your ideas will empower your creative thinking. I will present creative techniques to develop and increase your sense of certainty. As you become more established in your own certainty, you will be able to create more from your inner authority -- the genius within you. Specifically this article is directed at those people who currently don't believe they are creative, nor that they are geniuses, and who doubt their abilities and thus rarely reach their potential. Is that you? Would you like to become more convinced of your own talent and ability? Would YOU like to create with the power, flair and certainty that is demonstrated by great geniuses? Then let's get to it....

Why You Need Certainty To Be A Creative Force
Whatever field you wish to be a creative force in, you will only really express true creativity when you are allied with your inner authority. What the hell does that mean? It means that you have to really BE yourself, accept yourself, and come from the most powerful you within. When you do that, you approach your creative work with purpose, determination, and a sense of certainty in what you are doing. This certainty is not based on skill or talent, though the development of skill and talent does build your confidence. You don't have to to justify your right to expression by serving a long apprenticeship. You can express yourself and be creative at any stage in your development -- and I believe that it is important that you realise this. Many people 'put off' their creativity saying they don't have enough experience, training or ability. Or they claim they are not old enough, or are too old, or that they come from the wrong side of town, or a hundred and one other excuses. That's all a big pile of stinking BS. The reality is you have a brain and it was born to genius. Get that in your head, get comfortable with the idea of your creativity and then dare to create. Just step out in certainty and do it. Mastery of specific skills or talents can come later if you wish. But being creative starts right now. After all, what other time is there?

Battling The Inadequacy Monster
I've had lots of experience fighting with the inner monsters of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. In my experience, self-doubt freezes all creativity. When you feel inadequate and think that you're inadequate, you don't take action on anything, you don't express yourself. What happens then? Well, life sucks because you want to make progress but you are too frightened and insecure to actually think and create a way forward. My most creative times are when I am in the driving seat of my soul. I feel like I'm in charge, that I am creating my life. My experience with creativity says that you have to adopt and come from an attitude of certainty that you are more than good enough, that you can do it, and that are going to do it. Certainty is an attitude in which you are aligned with your real power.

Certainty More Important Than Rightness
It is more important to be certain as a creative thinker than to be right. We waste so much time in not wanting to make mistakes. Our educational system praises those who get the set answers right and punishes those who get them wrong. So we have an innate fear of being or appearing to be wrong. We fear making errors of thought and judgement. We fear being exposed as stupid or having our ideas exposed as ill-conceived. But if you want to be a creative thinker, you have to root out this vicious fear and kill it dead -- by ignoring it! Just get going creatively wherever you are. You can refine and improve upon your ideas over time. But wherever you are coming from right now, is perfect right now. Besides, there is gold to be mined either side of the "right way" to do things. Many times doing things the wrong way later proves to be an even better way. So, adopt a sense of certainty and get to work.

“If you develop the absolute sense of certainty that powerful beliefs provide, then you can get yourself to accomplish virtually anything, including those things that other people are certain are impossible.”

~William Lyon Phelps

(American Educator, Journalist and Professor, 1865-1943)

5 Ways to Develop Unshakeable Certainty -- And Be Extraordinarily Creative As A Result!!

1. Be Yourself: Take Shakespeare's advice and be true to your self. What does that mean? I look at it like this: Nature imbues all creatures with the instincts they need to survive and thrive. You don't ever see a wild creature with self-doubt. An eagle chick is certain when it is time to fly the nest and it takes off and flaps its wings, and... wahoo, its an eagle! If Mother Nature imbues all creatures with the blueprint to be what they are meant to be, then I am pretty sure she has done the same for you and I. We don't need to look outside ourselves for the fundamental answers to who we are, what we are about or what our creative life purpose is. We only need decide what it is we want to do -- and that decision is creative, and right for us right now -- and then do it. Do it from certainty and faith in your own self, in your own right to intend and create. Let who you are grow out from what you are.

2. Use Your Mental Scissors: I read somewhere that the etymology of the word to decide means to cut off from. If you are suffering as I have from too many choices in life, and you are unsure what you are supposed to be doing, you need to get decisive. If you are seeking a solution to a problem and are faced with too many possible solutions and you are uncertain of the correct way to proceed, you need to sharpen those shears and get pruning. When you are facing the universe and seeking an answer to a question like, "What am I here to do?", it is very easy to find yourself gazing into the mist of infinite possibilities waiting for one to present itself. In my experience, the answer never comes when you wait for it. You have to cut out your own pathway, from the myriad on offer. You do that by deciding. You simply choose a way to proceed from the infinite number of possible paths that you could have chosen. And once you have chosen you move forward along it as quickly and dynamically as possible. You forget about all the other possible ways. You don't consider whether you made the best choice. You simply get on with the choice that YOU made, and you rejoice in the fact that YOU made that choice. Decision making leads to certainty. Once you have made a decision, you can put your creative power to work. No more hesitation.

3. Adopt The Physiology of Certainty: If you want to come from a place of creative power, certainty and authority, you need to reflect that in your body. You occupy your body in a different way when you feel strong, certain and purposeful, don't you? You stand different, you breathe differently, your movements are more dynamic and powerful. On the other hand, when you are indecisive, feeling inadequate or confused your body is tense, your breathing is shallow, you are more fidgety and you seem to stumble along. There is a correlation between the way you use your body and the way you think and feel. To feel full of certainty, you need to stand or sit up, and fully and freely occupy the space you are in. Your vision needs to be clear and focussed. Make your movements dynamic and purposeful, breathe deeply and easily, wear a smile. Speak with a forceful, dynamic, strong can-do voice. Be a body, somebody, full of certainty.

4. The Assumption of Greatness: Simply assume that you are ggggggrrrrreeeeaaaattttt!!!!. Assume that you are a hugely powerful, highly creative being and that what you do and create is important. Attitude adjusters like this are incredibly potent. Somehow it's a way of giving yourself permission to be more than you've grown accustomed to being. With a new attitude to who you are, you can step out with a whole new identity. This ramps up your creative power and gives you extraordinary new creative energy.

5. Become a Fundamentalist of Joy: Creative thinkers have an open-minded ability to mutate their belief systems to explore and experience what it is like to believe different things. By experiencing many different beliefs, we feel that we have more options that we can draw upon. Sometimes we can get lost in that exploration though, and it can feel as though we are empty of anything, and are simply coloured by whatever belief we happen to be standing by. Part of your creative destiny is to explore ideas and use them to create your own superior belief system or evolve your paradigm. Choose a belief system that serves you best and become a fundamentalist for that belief system. The scary fundamentalists of the world are really very creepy to creative thinkers. Fundamentalists can appear so dogmatic and righteous, and protect their belief systems with violence. I would suggest that you create a belief system that counteracts that tendency. One of the wonderful belief systems that comes to mind is the idea that the whole Univese is conspiring to help you and that the whole Universe loves you. Let's put the fun back in fundamentalism by creating a personal belief system that serves our highest joy. What a wonderful sense of certainty you can develop from something like that.

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Now Some Things You Should Be Uncertain About

I've argued above for developing a sense of certainty and belief in your own abilities. The reason I've stressed this is that some people have a really hard time thinking they are creative. I think that you will be a lot more creative if you come from a position and attitude of power, strength and certainty. It's about stepping up and saying 'I am the Creator of my life'. It's about getting in the driving seat and accepting responsibility for your life. It's about acting powerfully.

To counter-balance the sense of certainty, you will find many great thinkers who stressed the importance of uncertainty in the creative life. If we never questioned the veracity of anything, there would be no change or improvement, no innovation and fresh development.

In a realm of infinite possibilities, truths are relative. It is limiting to be too certain of a thing. Anything you can conceive of as true, someone else will argue for its opposite. Often as you explore ideas and paradigms, you will find yourself caught between worlds, straddling realities. This is very disconcerting and uncomfortable. You will experience a lot of cognitive dissonance. You will feel confused. Leonardo da Vinci stressed the need for intelligent thinkers to build a tolerance for paradox, ambiguity and uncertainty. He had a tremendous capacity to embrace the unknown, and 'to hold the tension of opposites' and that fueled much of his creative work. But I think Leonardo da Vinci had to have a sense of certainty about who he was, what he could do, what his purpose and passion was in order to pursue this wrestling with the unknown.

So, do question things! But do it creatively. Ask how can I improve this? Is this the complete picture? What am I missing? What would make this even better? Is there a better way of thinking about this?

There's a marvellous philosophy-cum-psychology taught by The School of Thinking which is given the code CVStoBVS. And what that means is 'Current View of Situation to Better View of Situation'. It's an open ended philosophy of improvement and progress in which you contantly try and move your creativity, your understanding and your thinking onto a better and more improved level. It's similar, I guess, to the Edward Deming business philosophy of evolving quality and constant improvement; the Japanese call it Kaizen. Tony Robbins gives it the anacronym CANI, meaning 'Constant And Never-ending Improvement'. I think this is a terrific philosophy for creative thinkers to embrace and work with. It will give you a powerful sense of certainty about your purpose, the direction that you are moving in, and your ability to question what is and move it on to the next level.

Article in progress....

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