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Diary of a First Time "Journey To The Wild Divine" User

My experiences with the Journey To The Wild Divine: The Passage biofeedback game

Journey to The Wild Divine -- my box cover 

September 18th 2006
10.01AM: The postman has just brought the Journey To The Wild Divine biofeedback package. I'm excited and, surprisingly, a little nervous. I have had this product in my consciousness for so long, lingering there on my Want List, that I hope it lives up to my expectations.
I rip into the package and stare at the Wild Divine box cover. The mystical imagery looks as inviting as ever, but will the graphics on the game itself live up to it I wonder? I pause to snap some pics for my review article, as I flip open the top lid and see a wonderful big image of a bridge leading to a fantastic temple. There is also some blurb on the game and what I will be doing. Can't wait!
Lifting the lid on the Journey to the Wild Divine
I open the main box section. Everything is neatly stored away beneath a clear plastic lift-off lid that encloses the moulded black plastic that contains the biofeedback finger sensors, something that they refer to as a Lightstone, the software disks, companion guide book, instruction guide book, CD of Wild Divine music, and bonus Deepak Chopra CD.
Oh no! I have to go out and won't be able to play this until later!
Inside the Journey to the Wild Divine: The Passage
13.27PM: Hehehe! I just sneaked my first go on the Journey To The Wild Divine game. It's pretty cool. Already I have been keeping juggling balls up in the air with my energy levels, and lit a fire by relaxing deeper and deeper with 'the peace breath'. The imagery is good. The game is peaceful. That means if you are an A-type on the go all the time, you are going to have to change gear mentally and work with the game at the speed it sets.
I feel more relaxed already. It's funny though. I thought -- hey I will be really good at this ... I've done yoga, hypnosis and meditation so of course I will be able to relax my mind at will really easy. Er... not quite! I'm obviously a bit rusty and living on 'former glories' where that is concerned. The mind tunes down into relaxation or up into higher states of energy. The Wild Divine biofeedback finger pads monitors your heart rate and skin resistance. By learning to slow down your heart beat (or speed it up) and relax your skin resistance, you control the different game tasks.
September 19th 2006
Just clocked another half an hour of Wild Divine. Basically you navigate your way around this Shangri-La type of mountain temple, instructed by different avatar guides, who lead you to various biofeedback games where you have to control your breathing in order to complete the game. I already mentioned keeping juggling balls in the air. There are other Wild Divine tests where you have to levitate things like rocks and balance them one on top of the other. I really like the Zen archery game found in the Master's temple. With this one you have to use your mouse to click on the bow string while the arrow is drawn back, and then make the arrow rise or fall by raising or lowering your energy until you get it perfectly aimed at the bull's eye of the target. And then you fire!
I only practiced Wild Divine for half an hour today. To be honest, I am sneaking in sessions when Mrs Walnut and Wily Jnr aren't around. That's for two reasons. 1) I haven't told Mrs Walnut that I bought it! Oops! 2) I don't really want to share it -- yet! ;-)
The Wild Divine companion book, instruction guide, and accompanying CDs
September 20th 2006:
Hey, I had a lucid dream last night! I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Wild Divine. I think it's that motion of exploring through a mystical world. In the lucid dream, I suddenly was on like a miner's trolley just going through the swing door entrance to the mine, only it was more like a rollercoaster ride through tunnels as there was loud rap music playing and the red colors of the walls and tracks were really vivid.
Have you ever had a lucid dream? It's an amazing experience to suddenly become aware that you are dreaming -- and to be fully awake within the dream and able to make conscious choices about what you want to do next. Unfortunately, this was my first lucid dream for a few months, and being a bit rusty and that it was near to getting up time, I woke up within seconds of it starting. Still it seemed a good sign that the Wild Divine game was having some immediate effects.
Another thing -- and this is a little embarassing... I also found myself spontaneously practicing the breathing techniques that were taught in the Wild Divine game. They are supposed to help you calm your heart rate and lower skin resistance and so on. Well, guys, I can only say that when you want to ... er... last a long time... (you get me?) ... this biofeedback stuff that you learn in Wild Divine is really effective for making you a 'master of the bedroom arts'!
More to follow....

September 26th 2006:

Well, apart from yesterday, when I was out all day, I've been on the Journey to the Wild Divine game every day. Some days, I've only managed a quick quarter of an hour or so, but that's been enough to progress the game to the next stage and try out some other biofeedback challenges. On the 21st, I found myself feeling quite euphoric for no apparent reason -- it was wonderful. I was walking along and suddenly noticed that I was feeling completely joyful and at peace with the world. I put it down to a combination of the Wild Divine and the goji berries that I had sprinkled on my breakfast. I couldn't think what else it could be! But it was very welcome!

Being quite impatient, the Journey to the Wild Divine game has been challenging to me. I'm not an experienced 'gamer' and the navigating around and retracing your steps at the game's speed is frustrating when you first start. However, I have got the hang of the book marking feature now and that is a big help. I also hit the 'M' key frequently to look at the over-view map, so I can work out where I am and where I have to go next.

There is a very nice music track on the Journey to the Wild Divine game. I especially like it when you take the magic carpet ride and this really joyous song comes on (fortunately there is a music track CD included with the game so you can listen 'offline' too).

Today I spent about an hour and a half playing the Journey to the Wild Divine game. I can't help thinking that most people are not as time rich as I am and that the game format might not appeal to people who just want to get straight onto the biofeedback challenges and have a very focussed experience of training their mind power. The Wild Divine people have come up with the answer to those people in the form of their latest product, which is called 'Healing Rhythms'. I gather this latest program is much more focused on a specific, staged training biofeedback training.

Anyway, I had a great time. I had the house all to myself and was able to really get into the Journey to the Wild Divine game. What I particularly notice is that the Wild Divine game forces me to persist and focus to a level that I wouldn't normally go to in normal relaxation periods.

Unless I get into a very disciplined meditation, my mind is flighty and ill-disciplined and hops all over the place. With the various Wild Divine tests and challenges, I have to just push myself a little bit beyond my comfort level -- and that's proving very beneficial.

I can see already that what you do and learn from practicing on the Journey to the Wild Divine game will become internalised. An example of that is that I was in the supermarket earlier, getting supplies, and it was full of really old people. And those old people were going very slowly, blocking the aisles by parking their trolleys sideways while they took great interest in peering at every single product label. They were all about 4 foot tall and slow as tortoises (bless 'em), whereas I am 6ft 2, and like to move fast and get in and get out of there. So I was starting to get a tad frustrated being hemmed in at every turn.

But then I remembered this breathing exercise that I had done in the Journey to the Wild Divine game, and it was almost like the game screen popped up in my minds eye, and I imagined breathing and watching the biofeedback game as I had done before. I was soon calm and relaxed and able to watch the old people with a smile and affection. I guess this is making the journey to the Wild Divine?

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