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Genius Mindset

The Cheats Guide To Instant Genius - My Review

Genius Mindset The CHEATS GUIDE to Instant Genius reveals secret mind hacks that you can use to unlock your genius mindpowers and/or appear to be a genius to other people.

Genius Mindset -- The CHEATS GUIDE to Instant Genius

I bought a copy of the Genius Mindset system to test it and see if it lived up to the marketing promo. Here's my assessment and review of this CD-Rom based product that guarantees 100% to activate YOUR genius.

Go visit the Genius Mindset website, and you are immediately faced with a very powerful headline:

GeniusMindset.net website head lineSet background color

It reads:

And I'll Show You the
That Can INSTANTLY ACTIVATE Your Hidden Genius
(Or Make You LOOK Like a Genius To Absolutely Anyone!)

That's a pretty big claim, huh?

With my passion for creative thinking, cultivating natural genius and finding ways to enhance intelligence I just had to experience it for myself!

NOTE: My review is pretty long (some would say long-winded!). If you want the short version, here it is: This is a terrific product that reveals the precise secrets you need to activate your genius instantly. Go check out the website at: http://www.geniusmindset.net

Genius Mindset CD-Rom arrives in discreet white envelope

Genius Mindset CD-Rom arrives!
If you are wondering what the Genius Mindset system consists of, here is what I received. Genius Mindset - The Cheat's Guide To Instant Genius! arrived by mail a few days after I placed my order. Inside the discrete white envelope, you'll find: the Genius Mindset CD-Rom, a personalised welcome letter and three small promotional leaflets (including voucher/coupon). Everything is packed onto the CD-Rom.

Inside the Genius Mindset envelope

I couldn't wait so I whacked it into my computer CD-writer compartment....

Nothing happened. Oh no, surely they hadn't sent me a blank CD-Rom?

I tried it in the DVD tray instead and... bingo! It launched and invited me to READ GUIDE -- BROWSE CD -- or EXIT.

I chose READ GUIDE. After all that was the real meat of the package: Genius Mindset - The Cheat's Guide To Instant Genius!

PASSWORD ALERT: At this point you are asked for the password to read the Genius Mindset guide. This is sent by email in your receipts when you buy the Genius Mindset! So remember to keep your receipt!

Inside the Genius Mindset ebook
The quality of the ebook is immediately apparent. One bugbear... no bookmark sidemenu. That's an oversight in my opinion. Still with juicy chapters titles promising to unleash the genius powers of my mind, I can't wait to devour it!

Here are the chapter titles inside the Genius Mindset guide

Not just a CD-Rom, also a CD...
I learned that the Genius Mindset CD-Rom also works in your CD player and delivers the Swapping Heads meditation and music tracks. As I am familliar with that exercise I haven't got round to listening to that yet. However having bought other audio products from this company, I have no doubt it's of the highest quality in every respect.

The Genius Mindset Bonuses
There are a bunch of cheat sheets and other bonuses available with Genius Mindset - The Cheat's Guide To Instant Genius!. To be honest, on first glance, I found some of these a bit lame. For example, countries and their capital cities. I can see where some people might find memorizing this sort of stuff valuable but if I want to know a capital city or when Archimedes was born, I will Google it! But then I don't get out much :-) and don't have much cause to show off my knowledge in social situations. This Genius Mindset system is also about 'appearing' to be a genius and using that to your advantage. The best things in the bonuses are the creativity cheat sheets, and the bonus MIND MAPPING SOFTWARE, and the audio component swapping heads meditation (I suspect!).

Will you choose the GENIUS direction?

More of my Genius Mindset review to follow... or you can click here to see it at Squidoo.

Meanwhile, check out the Genius Mindset website at: http://www.GeniusMindset.net

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