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How To Use The Ideas You Have And How to Get Better Ideas

Plus, is it possible to train unconscious ideomotor movements to channel more and better ideas?

A reader of this website wrote:

dear wily walnut, Hi my name is *Super Surfer* and i have a problem. i have ideomotor that alows ideas to come to me every so aften like i have a horror movie thought a music company toy figure designer clothes and some more stuff but i can't write scripts and i can't direct and i was was wondering could you help me?

I wrote back and asked *Super Surfer* to clarify what he meant by ideomotor, how he received ideas via ideomotor, and to give me some more background on his life.

The reader replied, briefly:

Well one thing is my ideas is not that good enough.so i want to know what book do i need to get to have better ideas.something to come me faster. ideomotor is something i cant explain but i wish i could tell you about it.

So my reply to him was:

Dear *Super Surfer*,

If I am correct, you want to know three things:

1. What can you do with the ideas that you already have?

2. How to get even better ideas?

3. A book suggestion that will help you with your ideas and creative thinking?

1. Using the ideas you have:
I presume that you would like to be able to make money from your ideas. But at the moment you feel that you don't have the talents, contacts or resources to put your ideas into action.

Ideas are worthless unless they are put into action or shared. Everybody has ideas of one sort or another. But most of us never get around to putting those ideas into action. You can find ideas at the Global Ideas Bank or Half Bakery given away free by people who don't want to do anything with their ideas or can't see a way of profiting from it.

I don't know how old you are or what you do for a living, so I can only presume that you don't think there is any way of incorporating your ideas into your work or teaming up with someone at work.

I would suggest that you see if you can partner with someone else who maybe has the skills you are looking for but is short on ideas. You can be the ideas man and they can be the person who helps you realise that vision.

You first of all need to think about what your goals are. Ask yourself which of your ideas seems like the best one, or the most likely to succeed? Which idea gives you the best feeling and which one would you most enjoy working on?

Then you need to do some research online to see how you can break into that particular industry.

With something like your horror movie idea, you say you can't write, but you can talk, so just record your thoughts as though you were telling the story to a friend. Then transcribe your recording into written words. Get some feedback from your friends. If you think it has "legs" as an idea, then see if you can contact someone within the industry. I have certainly heard of people selling a movie idea when all they've got is an idea scribbled on the back of an envelope. So who knows! You're in with a chance. You just need to focus, and keep trying different things to achieve your goal.

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2. How to get better ideas:
First you start with quantity and then you move up to quality.

I think you can reframe what you refer to as your "ideomotor problem" into an "ideomotor opportunity". Ask yourself questions that help you, rather than questions that hinder you. A question that hinders you is something like, "Why does this happen to me?" A question that will help you is something like, "How can I use this to be really creative and productive?". See if you can develop the "ideomotor idea-delivery system" so that it really works for you and helps you be truly creative.

Ideomotor as I understand it is: unconscious or involuntary bodily movement made in response to a thought or an idea rather than to a sensory stimulus.

Hypnotists use ideomotor signals from their patients to communicate with the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind has huge creative powers and if you can tap into that by learning to control your ideomotor responses and channel them through things like automatic writing, or channeling words that you record, or just setting up a hypnotic dialogue with your unconscious mind through the ideomotor signals that your body produces, it could be very very valuable to you.

Going back to the "how to get better ideas" question, I would like to address the issue of self-esteem. If we have low self-esteem, it is likely that we will automatically have a low opinion of the ideas that we come up with. The person with low self-esteem sees themselves as worthless or not good enough... and so they also think of their ideas as having no value and not being good enough.  On the other hand, someone with high self esteem can often have an average idea but they think it's great and because they proceed with confidence, they convince every one else that it is valuable too and they end up profiting from it. A good way to boost self-esteem is to listen to hypnosis CDs.

The other way to improve your ideas is to see all failure as feedback. If you are doing nothing about your ideas, you are not getting any feedback on whether your ideas are good or not. But if you have an idea and you start to put it into action, then you will at least start getting feedback from other's opinions, and whether the idea works the way you thought it would, and whether people start buying it.... all that feedback helps you refine your ideas and get a feel for what people want, what will work etc.

As far as a book to help you improve your ideas, I do recommend Thinkertoys (click the link to read a review of it). It offers a lot of ways to become deliberately creative. The more you work at creativity, the better ideas you will have, particularly if you put those ideas into action as much as you can.

I hope this is of some help. Feel free to write again if you want to discuss any of this further.

Smart Regards,

Wily Walnut

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