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How to think like a Billionaire

Emulating the multi-million dollar mindset of the world's great financial geniuses

Discover how to think like a billionaire!

It's no wonder you want to discover how to think like a billionaire. Billionaires think differently than other people. They have a whole different way of looking at the world and thinking about money. Surely if you can only grasp a hold of what they do differently, in their heads, you could start to build a fortune of your own?

The creative strategies that millionaires, multi-millionaires and billionaires use to attract, earn and receive great financial wealth can be learned. You can find out how to think like a billionaire -- and it can be effortless. The fundamental moneymaker mindset is something you can program into your consciousness by studying the richest billionaires and 'doing as they do'. In NLP, this is called modelling and mirroring excellence. It is a super tried-and-tested technique for rapidly building new dynamic behaviours into your consciousness. It involves over-laying new success templates on our old out-worn and limiting belief systems.

Discovering how to think like a billionaire!

How to think like a billionaire and grab the money!

Imagine if you will what your life would be like if you could wake up in YOUR LIFE and think about your issues and financial challenges with the mindset of the world's richest man, Bill Gates?

What if you could take a mental holiday and think instead like the dynamic Richard Branson?

Would you make better investment choices if you were thinking like Warren Buffet?

How much better would your sales presentations go if you could bottle Tony Robbins' charisma and swig from that bottle whenever you needed to turn on your money-making magnetism?

The practice of cultivating mentors is a long established one in the field of success and achievement. Every great man and woman in Life can point to the mentors that helped guide them to the summit of success. Every one starts out in ignorance and looks around to see who they can learn from.

Copying the style and mannerisms of successful people like in order to become more successful yourself is a long established technique that human beings have been using since time immemorial.

Emulating Financial Genius
'Faking it till you make it' works in sport, entertainment, and business. Role playing and imagination have guided many to the pinnacle of their professions. So look around you and study the millionaires and billionaires if you want to get rich yourself. Read their biographies, listen to interviews with them, and try and get a deep inner sense of where they are coming from, and exactly what it is that they do differently from you.

Get yourself a book on NLP and study it. You can quickly uncover how to mirror the greatest minds on earth, or the greatest minds that ever lived (eg. Leonardo da Vinci).

Of course, if you don't want to do all the work yourself, you can do the billionaire thing and get someone else to do the work for you. Someone like Sean Collins for instance, who has created a series of audios that instill the success templates of 7 top billionaires straight into your head!

Money Maker programming
I recently purchased the Money Maker audio mind-programming series for a mere $29.97. I didn't know what to expect but when I downloaded the x7 Mp3 audios that comprise the series, and started listening I was immediately impressed enough to resolve to tell you about it. Don't be put off by the low price. That certainly doesn't indicate low quality. I would put these on a par with self-development programs costing $70 and up. They could just as easily have been packaged and marketed with a lot of hoorah at $250. I mean who doesn't want to get that billionaire edge in their business life? What would it mean to YOU if you could short-cut the learning curve in how to make millions and millions of dollars?

Each Money Maker audio file focuses on a world famous billionaire (or multi-millionaire in Tony Robbin's case). It leads you into a relaxed state and shows you how to think just like that billionaire. You model their nehaviours and make subtle adjustments in your own mindset to incorporate their thinking styles, attitudes and success habits. It's like a mind meld with the genius of the particular billionaire. But don't worry, you aren't going to disappear, you are merely enhanced with the money making dynamism of the billionaire thinker.

Billionaire Mentors

Here's the list of billionaires* covered (once you've ordered the Money Maker series, click on the links to get to pages with reference material and videos of the specific billionaires):

  • Bill Gates -- how will your life change when you start thinking like the world's richest man?
  • Richard Branson -- want a blast of the Virgin boss' dynamic entreprenurial spirit?
  • Warren Buffett -- receive the financial wisdom boost from the Sage of Omaha!
  • Donald Trump -- apprentice yourself to this wealth wizard and start thinking like the Donald!
  • (billionaire page removed by legal request/order!) -- become a warm passionate billion dollar thinker like XXX is!
  • Tony Robbins -- not a billionaire (yet!) but the embodiment of the successful mindset?
  • 'Mystery' Billionaire -- why is this template possibly the most powerful addition to your entreprenurial mindset?

* Please note that none of the billionaires mentioned or pictured here are in anyway associated with this program. We are merely studying their attributes and emulating them in order to become more successful in our own business endeavours.

That's seven hypnotic programs that will have you relaxing deeply, sloughing off all that stress and worries about money, and developing an invulnerable entreprenurial spirit. This is the first program of it's kind that will enable you to really THINK AND GROW RICH!

I go walking in the countryside every day for relaxation and exercise and I've been listening to these programs on my iPod shuffle. As you may know from my Hypnotic Mind Master article, I am familiar with many of the top hypnosis program producers and I have to rate this Money Maker series right up there. I think it is a truly innovative concept, well conceived and delivered, and it can deliver first-rate financial mastery insights straight into your brain.

From Money Moron to Money Maven
If you sometimes feel like a complete numbskull when it comes to money, grab this program for just $29.97 -- it really is a steal at the price! Hopefully you have some experience or knowledge with NLP and recognise the value of mirroring excellence in high performers. It's a tried and tested technique used by sport stars, movie actors, and you can use it to find out how to think like a billionaire. An extraordinary prospect, I am sure you will agree. 

Upgrade your thinking: think like a billionaire!

And if like me you have previously found your 'money making mentality' to be a bit... how shall I put this delicately... on the thick side! ... then this program will crack your nut open, scoop out the mush and replace it with a dynamic financial mastery that will have you thinking like a billionaire instead of a loser!

He he he! You're not a loser, I just had to put that in ;-). You know what I mean.

Swapping Heads With Billionaires
Anyway, take a look for yourself by clicking the no-obligations link below.... The audios employ top creative thinking strategies like the concept of 'putting on other people's heads' and doing your thinking with that new brain. Instead of thinking like Mozart or Leonardo da Vinci (who were great geniuses but not that great at making money), you'll be thinking like Donald Trump, Tony Robbins or Bill Gates. If nothing else it's a really cool mind trip and will open your mind to all kinds of creative possibilities.

For seven bucks, I honestly don't think you can go wrong. Download the audios, listen to them on your PC, or put them on an Mp3 player or burn them onto a CD and listen to them on your personal music system as you go to bed at night or sometime in the day when you want to relax for a few minutes. The sessions are short enough to avoid being a drag and long enough to be effective at embedding that entrepreneurial million dollar mindset deep into your brain.

Okay, so I will shut up now and just say, go get this Money Maker series and find out just how to think like a billionaire.

Think like a billionaire to create a golden future

Click here for the Billionaire Brain Money Maker audio series!

PS. Remember I think that audio number 7 (the 'Mystery' Billionaire) could be the most valuable idea to hit your financial brain -- it's really money mind expanding! I admit I'm going heavy on the superlatives but I really think this is a valuable program to enhance your money mindset.


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Think Like a Billionaire -- 6CD audio program by Martin Fridson, published by Nightingale Conant. This is like a 'Think and Grow Rich' for the new millenium focused solely on billionaires and how they think, and what you can do to emulate them. It's a perfect complimentary product to the Money Maker billionaire modelling audios, however it is considerably more expensive at $79.95. I've got this 'Think like a Billionaire' CD set on my shelves and will add a review here shortly. If you clink that link you can listen to sample audio clips from the program.

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