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Hypnotic Mind Master

Have you ever been hypnotised, listened to a hypnosis CD, or practiced self hypnosis to relax or change an unwanted behaviour? If so, you will have a natural appreciation for the deep sense of relaxation and well-being that being in a state of hypnotic trance can bring you. If you haven't ever had this experience, you are definitely missing out. Perhaps you have fallen for the urban myths of hypnotists 'making you' do something sleazy against your wishes. Or maybe you just have a natural resistance to the idea of anyone influencing your mind. That's understandable if you feel any apprehensions like that -- no one wants to be taken advantage of or made to look stupid (like the gooners that take to the stage in Stage Hypnosis shows). To help you overcome those apprehensions, let's just clarify what hypnosis is....

Concentrate now on what I am about to tell you, because it may be very surprising.

What hypnosis really is...
If you are reading this, and understanding it, you are in a state of hypnosis! Hypnosis is simply a state in which you are focussed on one thing to the exclusion of other stimuli. For example, I am in my office right now, and a new agey tape is playing on the stereo, outside the rain is thumping down, but until I shifted my attention to the music and the rain, I was completely oblivious to them. I was focussed on the words that I am writing here. I was in a 'writing' trance. So hypnosis is just the practice of utilising that simple state of trance to focus upon achieving a specific aim, such as relaxation, feeling confident, or playing better tennis.

Key to positive changes and self development
Listening to hypnosis audios is a great way to help you to achieve your personal development goals or life goals. Not only are they a great antidote to stress but they can also help you perform better in specific skills such as relationships, or public speaking, or soccer... they can also help boost your self-esteem or release your latent mind powers or unleash creative talents.

A personal history of hypnosis
I got my first hypnosis tape at the age of 12. It was for improving your memory. I probably fancied myself doing those Harry Lorayne style memory tricks. But I soon found that I just liked the deep sense of relaxation and expansion of consciousness that I got from going into deeper and deeper trances. I later learnt self-hypnosis and relaxation exercises that helped with accelerated learning and visualisation to improve sports performances. In my early 20's I even did some basic training in hypnosis and created some of my own tapes to sell. I chickened out of that venture but have always enjoyed listening to hypnosis tapes as a way of making changes. Over the years I have sampled a lot of hypnosis tapes. Paul McKenna's are good. Paul Scheele of Paraliminals is another excellent hypnotist. NLP co-inventor Richard Bandler's tapes are wacky and wild and touched with his genius, but are overlong for practical regular use. The ubiquitous Dick Sutphen comes up with great titles for his audio hypnosis programs but for me hs robotic style grates and the programs are more of an endurance test. I don't like to be hypnotised into a trance by boredom. I've sampled many other lesser known hypnotists works.

Why these are the best hypnosis audio programs
The best hypnosis audio programs in the world, however, are undoubtedly those produced by Dr Lloyd Glauberman. This New York based genius produces unique programs using what he calls, Hypno Peripheral Processing. That's a big mouthful designed to impress you, no doubt. And it will when you experience these awesome audio adventures into your mind. Glauberman is a total Mind Master, he understands how you work as a human being, how you function as thinking mind. And his hypnosis tapes are really priceless in my opinion -- mostly because they are really enjoyable and above all, they work! That is the ultimate test in any hypnosis program... does it work? In my opinion, these hypnosis CD's really work.

Dr Lloyd Glauberman -- The Hypnotic Mind Master
Dr Lloyd Glauberman

My first time
I think I was 21 when I first got a Lloyd Glauberman hypnosis program. I guess I picked it up in the USA when I was living over there, in Boca Raton, Florida. We took a trip out to the Cayman Islands and came back in with fresh visas, and transferred up the coast to the Carolinas, where we took a cabin in the Smokies. And it's there that I have an indelible memory of being in my room, in that dark wood cabin in the woods, and listening to these amazing hypnosis tapes and the warm voice of Dr Lloyd Glauberman as he whisked me off on a mind adventure.

Disguised in a story
The basic structure of these hypnosis tapes is that he starts tellling you a story. Story or metaphor is one of the most powerful ways to influence and get information into your mind. That's why religious leaders, gurus, politicians and marketing experts use stories to 'sell' you their ideas. Think of the parables of the Bible. The message goes deeper when it's wrapped in a story. So the story on these tapes begins and you relax and listen to it. And then the story splits into two, so that you have one story in one ear and the other story in the other ear (I forgot to mention you need to listen to these audio hypnosis programs with stereo headphones on). The stories interweave and cross over into one another, and the mind just gives up on trying to follow them both and defaults into a trance state that makes it perfectly receptive to the messages imbedded into the story. (If that bothers you at all, the idea of 'imbedded messages', relax.... it's easy enough to pick out the messages if you really want to, and they are all benign and positive!).

Multi-sensory trance
Dr Lloyd Glauberman uses this amazing 3D microphone that enables sounds and his voice to shift positionally around you. So you have the sense of listening to his voice, through the earphones, and it can sound as though he is across the other side of the room, whispering into your right ear, down below you, or hovering above your head. His language conjours up vivid pictures and mind movies. It's a wonderful, rich, sensory experience -- and you go deep into relaxation that makes you feel really good and rested, at a level that is really good for you.

My whole hearted recommendation
I know you will enjoy listening to any one of the programs on offer by Dr Lloyd Glauberman. Personally, for me, it's always a real treat to take some time last thing at night, or before I get up in the morning, to pop in one of his hypnosis tapes, put in my earphones and be transported into this other worldly state of consciousness. I really want to encourage you to give them a go because I'd love to know if you respond as positively to them as I do. Readers of this website will respond most favourably to and appreciate this program: Hidden Wisdom- Breaking Through Creative Blocks. (see Creativity and Inspiration section).

10 reasons to listen to Dr Lloyd Glauberman's HPP hypnosis audio programs

  1. They have been compared to all the other hypnosis audio programs out there and judged to the best and the most enjoyable.
  2. 25-30 minutes duration per side makes them ideal for 'nap time' breaks, last thing at night and first thing in the morning listening.
  3. Created by a skilled, experienced psychotherapist-psychologist with deep understanding and training in Ericksonian hypnosis practices (the late Milton Erickson is considered the best and wisest hypnotist EVER!).
  4. Compelling language and story telling makes for an enchanting and transformative listening experience.
  5. The audios remain always fresh because the format of the stories rapidly leads to trance and you just don't remember what you heard -- so it never becomes boring.
  6. Contain no boring repetitions of programming statements, just mesmerising stories from which transformative messages seep unnoticed into your unconscious mind.
  7. Attain deep states of relaxation and stress-relief quickly and easily without long and boring 'old school' scripts used by lesser hypnotists such as, "and now relax your left ankle... and now relax your left heel etc"
  8. Causes effective change and transformations in behaviour and ability. For example, demonstratable leaps in confidence and flow in relationships with other people.
  9. High quality, high tech, and innovative recording techniques make for a rich and deeply satisfying listening experience.
  10. You will experience a pervasive sense of well-being and happiness as a result of listening regularly to one of Dr Glauberman's hypnosis CDs.

There are a variety of hypnosis CD sets on offer, why not check out Dr Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno Peripheral Processing Hypnosis site now and see if there is a program that matches your interests, wants or needs. I'd love to know what you think of them and whether they give you as much enjoyment (and positive easy change) as they have me.

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