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Improve Your Brain Power

How to access more of your brain's inner genius

How can you improve your brain power? You sense that you need more intelligence or 'smarts' to keep up and get ahead in this world. So, what can you do to boost your brain power so you can think better and more creatively?

Improve your brain power


Improve your brain power fast!
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Here are some timely tips to help you improve your brain power and kick-start the genius within...

1. Supplement your diet with Omega-3 oils. Your brain laps this stuff up! Get good quality fish-oil capsules.

2. Develop your concentration abilities. Learn a meditation technique and build your ability to remain focused like a laser. Smart people can concentrate for longer periods of time than dummies!

3. Practice flick-gazing for 2 minutes a day. Another great technique from Win Wenger as revealed in his audio program, Brain Boosters. Only moving your eyes, flick your gaze from point to point, once every second, throughout the range of your vision. Go left, right, up, down, on the diagonals and so on.

4. Learn to mind-map. Mind-mapping is a great technique invented by Tony Buzan. It helps you think and remember better. You will find it an incredibly valuable and easy skill to learn.

5. Think positively. This sounds like a right old chestnut, doesn't it? But thinking positively enables you to access your higher thinking abilities. When you are positive and feeling good your mind functions smoothly. Ask yourself emotion-leading questions like, "What am I grateful for right now?" and "Who do I love and who loves me?" (See: Mozart's little psychotic secret and why you must adopt it today!)

6. Affirm your brain power. You act according to your identity. Identity is based on your self image. If you change the image you have of yourself, you can change your life. Start thinking of yourself as someone who is clever, intelligent and supremely creative. Use affirmations to declare the truth of this and over-ride old limiting beliefs about yourself. Repeating affirmations like, I am really creative, and, I am a genius, is a great way to improve your brain power. Try it and you'll see!

7. Play computer brain games. Nintendo DS is a great gadget to get hold of. You can play the Dr.Kawashima Brain Training and More Brain Training games on them. There is also Big Brain Academy (also available for Wii players), Left or Right Ambidextrous Challenge, Mindstorm Train Your Brain and other new brain programs being released all the time. See if one of your kids, or friend's kids, have got it so you can have a go. Once you try it you'll be hooked! It's a great way to exercise your brain and improve your brain power.

8. Do puzzles, brain teasers and strategy games. Break out the newspaper crossword puzzle for a quick 5 minute brain workout. Look out for riddles and brain teaser games (here's a good sample here). Engage your strategic thinking by playing chess, checkers, GO and cool games like Mancala (I've been playing this with my son -- he's ace at it!).

9. Keep journals and notebooks. Sorry, but all the smart people write down their ideas, thoughts and observations. Writing things down lets your brain know that you value "it's" ideas. How does it reward you? By providing more ideas and better ideas. Writing things down creates a feedback loop that makes you smarter. You objectify your thoughts onto paper (or computer screen) and that helps you think about them in a more powerful way. This is a great way to improve your brain power. (See notebooking.)

10. Practice image streaming. Another super technique courtesy of mind maestro Win Wenger. Image streaming is a process of describing aloud what's going on in your stream of consciousness. It is incredibly powerful. I repeat. Image streaming is an incredibly powerful process to improve your brain power in dramatic, life changing ways.

Improving your brain power is as much about getting rid of old behaviors as it is about starting new ones. It doesn't take a genius to realize that sitting in front of the TV for 2-4 hours every night 'rots' your brain. If you must watch TV... take notes, discuss what you've watched with someone else, think about how the program was made, the filming and camera work, the acting, how you could have made it better.

Passive behaviors don't stimulate your brain. You need to be engaged and challenged if you want to improve your brain power. As this is a goal for you, why not participate in the ultimate way to improve your brain power and actually become a genius? That's right! YOU CAN DEVELOP A GENIUS IQ within a few months with The Complete Guide To Genius. It has my highest recommendation.

How to become a genius this year

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Improve Your Brain Power

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