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A Review of...

"Physiology of Excellence"

Physiology of Excellence review

The NLP training program DVD from
Dr Harlan Kilstein

I recently bought the DVD program: Physiology of Excellence produced by Dr Harlan Kilstein, and thought it might be useful to write up a review for others. Here goes...


The DVD is not cheap. I think I paid $97 for it. It came quickly, was well packaged and presented. I was busy when it arrived and stuck it on a shelf and promptly forgot about it for a month or more. More fool me. People pay thousands for therapy and drugs that give you less real value than the technique found in this DVD.

Anyhow, I finally got it out, into the DVD player and dragged my wife in to watch it with me.


Dr Harlan Kilstein on the Physiology of Excellence DVDFirst shocker is that Dr Kilstein, the NLP master, used to be... how can I put this delicately... FAT!!! These days Harlan's slim and into yoga and looks the business, but when he made this DVD he was a little chunky, and had a WHOLE lotta love to go round if you catch my drift.

He's clearly put his Physiology of Excellence technique to good use to change his own habits and become slim and dynamic again. Good for him.

(I know this because I had already bought his newer program "Finger Healing" -- which is about special hand gestures that you make with your hands to channel and direct positive CHI energy in your body, mind and life).


Don't be expecting Hollywood production values from your Physiology of Excellence DVD. It's a little scratchy occasionally on the audio (when he catches his microphone with his sleeve or something). He has basically set up a decent enough video camera and is sitting in front of it. It's essentially a peek into Dr Kilstein's office while he 1) talks to you about the technique 2) demonstrates the technique with a patient.

Phsyiology of Excellence -- Dr Kilstein demonstrating the technique to a client

In other words, be prepared that it can be a little boring visually. My wife bailed out after 20 minutes (she's very impatient with this sort of thing!). I encourage YOU to stick with it though. You only need to go through it once and then you've got the technique for life. And it will or can change your life if you use it.


What's on the Physiology of Excellence program?I was already familiar with the main idea behind the Physiology of Excellence. I learnt about it 20 years ago, and credit it with changing my belief system regarding happiness and emotions. Let me explain.

In the West, we have an erroneous idea of happiness as solely a by-product of certain favourable conditions. As such we think of happiness as something we must pursue and chase after. And we tend to give power to things and other people in the belief that only they can give us happiness. This is wrong.

You and I have the power to control and operate our own emotions without dependence on external circumstances. If you want to be happy, you can. If you want to feel confident, you can. If you want to feel ecstatic and blissful, or dynamic and empowered... you can!!


Physiology of Excellence shows you how. It reveals specific techniques that you can use to operate your biochemistry at will, so that you feel exactly how you want to feel.

You can finally be FREE from foul moods that strike you out of nowhere. FREE from mind-numbing bouts of anxiety. FREE from life-restricting doubt. FREE from tiredness and fatigue. FREE from misery and helplessness.

The old meaning of "pursue" was to practice. The pursuit of Happiness was always meant as the practice of Happiness. This DVD program by Dr Kilstein gives you the know-how to practice happiness, joy, confidence, enthusiasm, whenever you want to. You can turn yourself around in minutes.

You can overcome a bad habit of a lifetime within 3 days using this technique.


The Physiology of Excellence program has been cherry-picked from the techniques of NLP. Is it worth it all on it's own? I have to say YES! When I first learnt it, it freed me. I came to realise that I was in charge of my own feelings. I wasn't a victim of fate or circumstance -- I was a Creator of Experience!

We are here to CREATE. To take charge of our mind and bodies in order to create greatly. This is our destiny and I sincerely believe that the Physiology of Excellence DVD reveals a technique that is supremely empowering to anyone with the wisdom to make use of it.

Physiology of Excellence gets my thumbs up!Message to Dr Kilstein: you may have had a fascinatingly tubby tummy when you made this DVD but you have obviously got it going on now. You've used your knowledge to improve your own life, becoming slim and successful, widely known online, and you've made a great technique available that other people can benefit from. Your PHYSIOLOGY OF EXCELLENCE DVD gets my double thumbs up! Well done!

Check out the "Physiology of Excellence" website here.


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