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Sexual Transmutation Q&A

A reader asks for clarity on the nitty-gritty details of Sexual Transmutation ;-)

Richard, from Florida, writes:
Hey there Wily,
About sexual transmutation. I have read Napoleon Hill and the remake of his work by the same title. I was most interested in sexual transmutation. I have in some way always known of the power, but do not get the message. How do you do it?
I am single, Christian and looking for an clear answer. How to you harness or redirect this awesome power. Do you cum or not? In an Internet article you mentioned entering the woman but not experiencing an organism. Okay, if that is what it takes, but am I correct? It does seem to me that by not, one would intensify the sexual power and redirect that.  
I don't expect free advice. I would be happy to buy a book or whatever if it clearly stated the way to do it.
Boca Raton, FL
Here is my reply:

Hey there Richard,

Thanks so much for your email and questions -- it's a pleasure to hear from you.

The essence of my article on Sexual Transmutation at http://www.wilywalnut.com/sexgenius.html is:

1. That you build and cultivate sexual health and sexual energy.

2. That you take Leonardo da Vinci's advice to develop your senses and become a fully sensuous being.

3. That you use the 'inspirational power' of attraction to someone of the opposite (or same) sex. This means that you channel your energy into achieving worldly success so that you are a better prospect as a partner and appear more dynamic and attractive to them.

4. That you, at times, restrict sexual release and build sexual tension and in that state of sexual tension and heightened sexuality you turn your attention to creative activity and channel your powers into those creative activities instead of into sex.

5. That you use 'love making' as a metaphor and that you treat your business or your work or your art as your 'lover'. So you give your business the care and attention that you would lavish on a woman or love partner.

6. That you conserve sexual energy (seminal fluid) prior to those times when you want to shine creatively or in sports etc.

"Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" by Mantak Chia is a book I strongly recommend for understanding the energy basis of conserving, building and transmuting sexual energy into creative and spiritual energy. It fits with any religion in my opinion.

"Sexual Skills For the Christian Husband" is an ebook by Robert Irwin that you might find a valuable resource in this area.

So what's my take on what Napoleon Hill meant specifically by sexual transmutation?

As I have seen no references anywhere to any specific esoteric practices that Napoleon Hill may have used for sexual transmutation, my idea is that he is suggesting channelling the drive, charisma and dominating energy of, particularly, male sexual energy to build wealth and power in the world.

By doing so you will stand out as a man and be more attractive to women. This follows the alpha male principles being taught online now.

The smart man plays 'the long game' and realises that if he can sacrifice pleasure in the short term and channel his drive into work, he can rise up and above the crowd and become a powerful attractive man who has more choice when it comes to partners -- or will get more sex and respect and love from his existing partner through becoming a powerful 'alpha male'.

Another aspect of Napoleon Hill's teachings on sex transmutation seems to be involved with habit and addiction.

As he says, "Every intelligent person knows that stimulation in excess, through alcoholic drink and narcotics, is a form of intemperance which destroys the vital organs of the body, including the brain. Not every person knows, however, that over indulgence in sex expression may become a habit as destructive and as detrimental to creative effort as narcotics or liquor."

His statements are now being backed up by discoveries in neuroscience. Sexual drive is powered by neurochemicals (dopamine) that make us feel good. While you are aroused or horny you feel invincible and powerful. But as soon as you orgasm and/or ejaculate the neurochemicals leave your brain and you can feel tired, flat, empty, irritable or needy. Therefore Napoleon Hill recommended restraint, moderation and coupling emotional feelings of Love with sex (because Love itself adds another powerful feel-good neurochemical called oxytocin to the mix).

From the Think and Grow Rich perspective, Hill saw that frequent ejaculation created a sense of loss in a man. Whereas restraint and conservation of sexual energy and sexual fluid created a sense of wealth and abundance. Cultivating sexual energy was a physical metaphor like banking your money. Building sex energy and creativity was an equivalent and a psychological adjunct to building financial wealth.

We could say that Hill believed that sexual excess, masturbation or 'wanking' was akin to frivlous spending of all your money and creative power. Whereas sexual control, transmutation and saving of energy was akin to 'banking' and investing your money and building wealth.

Does this answer your sexual transmutation questions sufficiently?

Warmest Regards,


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