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The Brain Evolution System

They call this brain entrainment program, "The Most Powerful Self-Improvement Technology on Earth"... but what is it, and does it really stand up to the outrageous claims of near miraculous benefits?

The Brain Evolution System

What is it called? The Brain Evolution System.

What is it? A set of 6 high-tech brain entrainment CDs that you listen to, one CD per month, for 30 minutes per day, six days a week.

What does it do? It progressively teaches your brain to function at higher levels of ability. So your brain and cognitive ability 'evolves' to a superior level of functioning.

Why should I care? It could hold the key to you thinking more creatively, having more energy, becoming a more productive person, living life as a fulfilled genius... oh and being happier too!

What makes The Brain Evolution System different from other brain entrainment systems like Holosync or Hemisync or any of the other binaural beat programs? For one thing, there are none of those annoying robotic bips and beeps and beats that you get. It's newer, based on newer technology and more advanced systems of brain entrainment. It's not as expensive... you can even trial if for free.

The Brain Evolution Set -- check out my fancy photography layout skills!What do you, Wily, think of it? My experiences with it so far have been great. More energy. Definite increase in productivity and enthusiasm (I'm writing so much more!). Big increase in focus and 'presence'. My mood has evened out into a general feeling of well-being. Ideas are flowing without effort... just bubbling up during and after sessions listening to the Brain Evolution System CDs. I'm achieving so much more everyday. I've been impressed.

Are there any other reports or reviews about The Brain Evolution System? Yes, plenty, but I recommend The Brain Evolution System User Review as it gives a daily update on the user's progress with the system. It gives you a nice insider feel of what you can experience...

Would you recommend this over a mind machine? No. I like light and sound mind machines too. However I don't like mind machines for meditation, as the flashing lights can get too distracting. With The Brain Evolution System they use high-definition recordings of natural sounds in places where Yogis might meditate. I can go deep with those. Plus its more convenient to listen on CD or put it on your iPod.

What are the claims for this brain entrainment program? Pretty big. Take a look at the Brain Evolution System website and you'll see. First one my eyes land on is that it will 'double your ability to learn' improving both comprehension and retention of new material. That's an astonishing claim. But given my experiences, I would say that if you do a session of Brain Evolution System and then follow that with a learning or study session, then it would definitely increase your learning ability. When you are deeply relaxed, and your brain in 'harmony' so to speak, you do absorb information much deeper and faster. We know that from superlearning (accelerated learning) studies.

The Brain Evolution System - brain entrainment CDs in a box!Sounds cool. What else? Well, they also say it will relieve stress and jumpstart your creativity. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the perfect antidote to a gutful of stress. And as for the creativity, I can only say, that I feel like a spring since I've been listening to the Brain Evolution System CDs -- the ideas just keep bubbling up. And it's not as if I am having to force anything, make any effort or do anything. They just bubble up!

On the Brain Evolution System website (there are actually quite a few different website and webpages about it) it also says that it will enable you to "SOLVE PROBLEMS in a fraction of the time, UNLOCK your ability to invent new products, ENJOY limitless energy and motivation, and THINK like a GENIUS."

I don't know what affects it will have on you. I am definitely experiencing a huge increase in energy... and as for motivation, well, I'm fired up and almost feel driven to do things and accomplish more... I don't know about solving problems as I'm not sure I've had to face that many. Erm... oh I did have to learn about putting RSS feeds and work out some complicated HTML stuff but I sailed though that. Not exactly earth shattering but it was nice to feel like I wasn't being thrown out of sorts by it, if you know what I mean.

As for thinking like a genius, hey, now that's me all over ;-) (humble grin!)

The brain fuel supplement, ACUITY, bonus with BrainEV SystemAre there any bonuses with The Brain Evolution System? Always working an angle, aren't you? ;-) LOL! Well, you'll be pleased to know that besides video support for each level of BrainEV, they also give you a FREE 2 month supply of the brain food supplement, ACUITY. This is packed with brain nutrients that help your clarity, boost your mind power and increase your focus. I've started taking it and it's good stuff!

So you give this brain entrainment system a thumbs-up then? Yes, I do. The best thing is go look at website over at: The Brain Evolution System and if you like the look of it, take up the free 21-day trial and give it a go. Stick with it though and give it a fair shake. There's a seven month good-as-gold guarantee if you decide to purchase it so you are well covered if you ever have second thoughts. But I think you'll quickly grow to love The Brain Evolution System as I have.

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