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The Cure For Constipated Creativity

Or, how to unplug your idea pump!

Cure for constipated creativity 
What are you holding back for? There's no point clutching the sides. If you are going to fall, FALL! If you are going to fail, FAIL! Fail big! Get lots of feedback. Try again!
When your mind feels like it is all bunged-up, you've got to set some dynamite to clear the log jam. You gotta blast through that creative constipation.
How do I do that, Wily?
I'm so glad you asked. Here, swallow my loquacious laxative for your brain and unclench those buttocks of brilliance!

How to loose your mind

Loosen your mind and free up your creativity1. Take a brain dump
Purge the past. Expel the known. From your subjective point of view, you want to imagine you've got your hands full of everything you know and have been taught -- consciously and unconsciously. Now throw it in all directions in one sharp movement of "get off me!" outrage. Go on, get clear and clean!
2. Lose the attitude
Get off that high horse and eat shit. Get down and dirty. Get your hands dirty. Stop hanging onto your education. Start learning something new. Look to nature. Copy nature. Be humble and lowly. Start anew, start afresh. Be willing to be a beginner again. Take up the baby mind -- pristine with no preconceptions. Look again as though for the first time. Put yourself last. Be like water and flow low and into the hidden spaces.
3. Invert everything
Sometimes you have to look at life from the ass end. It gives you a whole new perspective! Turn yourself inside out, upside down, back to front. Explore sizes -- make things bigger, make things smaller. Delve into your most basic assumptions about life and about being human. Mess it all up. Ask challenging and 'insane' questions. Take apart your beliefs. Re-assemble them. Repeat several times -- like you are playing with lego.
4. Self-Destruct
Are you anal-retentive about who you are? Do you carry around your allergies and your tricky knee, your dietary needs, your 'I always have a smoke on Saturday nights', your preferences and peculiarities, and show them off in a loud voice? Kill all that. Stop limiting yourself. Self-destruct -- yeah, go on destroy that sense of self, it's only a blip in time anyway. Try something else. You're an animal. You're a spirit. You're a bucket of blood and guts. You're a universe. You're an idea. You're everybody that you can see. You're nobody. You're a ghost. You're a super hero. You're infinite. You're creative... Build flexibility into your identity and you can be anything you want... and you can still be YOU!
5. Get rough-age!
Creativity is natural. It should be flowing out of you like water gushing down a mountain stream. If your creativiity is blocked and constipated, it's because you are being a total pansy! You've got to get rough with yourself. Go on, give yourself a good slap round the chops. Stop indulging in the stupid fantasy of being blocked. It's so self-indulgent. It's lazy and you just need a good self-administered ass-kicking. Creativity comes on demand. Just start working and it will come. Expect it, get it.
Get over your creativity constipation by dumping the known, starting afresh, taking new perspectives, expanding your identity, and mental toughness. Have fun with your life. And express yourself! 


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