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Review of 'The Super Mind Evolution System'

Does the REAL MIND POWER SECRETS course really deliver?

The Super Mind Evolution System

1. The Super Mind Evolution System intro... 
The Super Mind Evolution System claims to reveal real mind power secrets. I went to the Super Mind Evolution System website to find out. The front page offered a high definition video explantion of what The Super Mind Evolution System is all about. I was impressed by the site layout and by the high-res video. It seemed like the people behind this real mind power secrets course were making an effort. They were serious.

First page of Super Mind Evolution System

So what is the Super Mind Evolution System and what are these real mind power secrets they are referring to? The video says that your human brain can be triggered to interact with other minds. It talks about Carl Jung's idea of the universal consciousness, and Rupert Sheldrake's concept of the morphogenetic field. It promises that the mind power secrets revealed in the course can be used to ressurect a dying marriage or attract the partner of your dreams. It can get you your ideal job or increase sales in your business. It will show you how to control your thoughts and hence control your life.

Sure! We've all heard that sort of thing before! What makes this course different, if anything?

To find out you need to fill in your email address to get a 'free membership', and in return they will send you a free report called How to Influence People: Subjective Communication. This 28 page free ebook gives you a great taster of what is to come in the Super Mind Evolution System. You get to evaluate the writing and the quality and value of the information that is being passed on. I think the ideas in this free report are terrific. I used it just a couple of nights running and was able to increase sales to a product that I was promoting. Basically it shows you how to 'advertise' and attract people who will benefit from the product you are offering using your mind power alone. You can use it to attract romantic partners, hungry buyers, motivated team members, loaded investment angels or whatever you want really. Other suggested uses include positively influencing important people to be receptive to you at interviews or business meetings. Attracting people who can help you heal, or make money. And just generally making your life easier by positively influencing people at the level that our minds interract.

If you want to get this FREE report now, just visit the real mind power secrets site and submit your email details and select a password. (You also get Mindsurge: The Consciousness Revolution which explains the theory behind the real mind power secrets program.)

Free Membership to Real Mind Power Secrets gets you 7 FREE reports

When you submit your details, you get taken to a second page, which explains more about your FREE Membership and the additional 7 FREE reports that they will send you. There is an additional short video going into more detail on this and the entire Super Mind Evolution System.

Here are the additional 7 FREE reports they will send you, sequentially:

1. The Amazing Mental Pendulum - this report details a technique of accessing innate knowledge without the need for any kind of dowsing tools. I've met quite a few people who had mastered this mental pendulum technique and it is a valuable skill to have. My own experiments with it have given me a much greater confidence and 'feel' for intuition.
2. The Synchronicity Luck Program - this report shows you how to program your mind to recognise opportunity and attract synchronistic good fortune. It really is fascinating the concepts and ideas taught in this Super Mind Evolution System.
3. Dream Programming - shows you how you can influence your dream world and in so doing change your physical reality.
4. Keepers of the Hidden Secret - quite a short report but it reveals practical Huna secrets you can use, including a 21 day plan to create a new future.
5. PK Problem Solving Program - flashes of inspiration often come after weeks of mulling over all the facts of a problem situation. This 33-page FREE report offers techniques to enable you to produce inspired answers to problems virtually at will. For my regular readers, especially, this report will be of appeal -- as it offers methods of becoming super creative!
6. Remote Viewing - explains all about remote viewing and gives instruction on how you can use this amazing mind power skill to do everything from search for minerals and precious metals, explore the future for creative solutions to present-day problems, to remote viewing artifacts to travel back in time and learn about history.
7. Mindpower Jackpot System - describes the mindpower system the researchers used to win over 300 jackpots. I personally think this kind of report 'lowers the tone' of the Super Mind Evolution System, and makes it smack a little of the kind of lucky charm ads you might see in National Enquirer type of mags. However, the main author is Australian and they love the 'pokeys' Down Under (as well as casino games and other gambling). To be fair, it's a genuine test of mindpower and if you are open to it, it will give you a very measurable test of your mindpower. If you can win a few dollars in the process of becoming a mind power master, all the better!

Given that these are all FREE, and the knowledge is really high quality, I advise you to sign-up for your FREE membership at: http://www.RealMindPowerSecret.com

3. Upgrade to V.I.P. Membership
I quick-stepped through this whole process and bought the entire Super Mind Evolution System anyway (or upgraded to the V.I.P. membership), without waiting to see the 7 FREE reports. I was hooked from the get go and really wanted to find out what was inside the main package. This was no easy decision because even at the introductory price of $97 it seemed an expensive investment given that I had no prior knowledge of the people behind the Super Mind Evolution System.

Here's what I found inside the V.I.P member area:

The Hidden Secrets of Mind Power TechnologyThe Extraordinary World of Alpha

the Celestial Luck ProgramConcepts from the Edge

CONTACT - Attract Love Into Your LifeSuper Mind Evolution System - Dream Programming

Mind Power Jackpot SystemSuper Mind Evolution System - LUCID DREAMING

Psychic Manifestation

Plus 14 more!

The complete list....

The 23 Super Mind Evolution System Manuals are:

1. The Hidden Secrets of Mind Power Technology
2. The Extraordinary World of Alpha
3. The Celestial Luck Program
4. Concepts From The Edge
5. Contact: Attract Love Into Your Life!
6. Dream Programming.
7. The Mindpower Jackpot System
8. Lucid Dreaming
9. Psychic Manifestation
10. The Amazing Mental Pendulum
11. PK Problem Solving Program
12. Remote Influencing
13. Remote Viewing
14. Subjective Communication: How To Influence People
15. The Synchronicity Luck Program
16. How To Be A Winner In Life
17. KAHUNA: Keepers of the Hidden Secret
18. Prevent Attack with Remote Hypnotic Commands
19. Find Your Purpose In Life
20. Make a Living From Roulette (this one seems out of place!)
21. Unlimited Luck
22. The Ultimate Visualization Exercise
23. Wake Up Alert, Happy And Excited Every Morning

Quick review of the manuals: The length of these manuals or reports varies. Some are book length and some are only a few pages. You are probably wise enough to apply the 'cock-principle' and recognise that its not the length of the idea that is important but what you can do with it! On that basis, the information is really cutting edge and useable. The most important thing is that the ideas, despite being unique, are well written and easily explained.

Supporting the manuals are the 20 Super Mind Evolution System downloadable audios:

1. Lose Weight Naturally
2. Attract The Perfect Partner
3. Feel Dynamic
4. Financial Abundance and Freedom From Stress
5. Improve Awareness and Insight
6. Intuition and Remote Viewing Abilities
7. Materialise Your Goals Quickly
8. Improve Patience and Tolerance
9. Reduce Stress
10. Relief From Feelings Of Desperation
11. Attract Amazing luck
12. Dissolve Loneliness
13. Feel Confident and Dynamic
14. The Alpha Induction -- this is so powerful it carries its own special warning!
15. The Celestial Luck Program
16. Find Your Purpose In Life
17. Lucid Dreaming
18. The PK Problem Solving Program
19. The Synchronicity Luck Program
20. The Ultimate Visualization Exercise

Super Mind Evolution System - Alpha InductionCelestial Luck System - REAL MIND POWER SECRETS audio

The Ultimate Visualization Exercise - one of the 20 Super Mind Evolution System audios

My Opinion of the Super Mind Evolution System Audio Mp3's: There are 20 downloadable audio programs as part of the Super Mind Evolution System. These are all high-tec mind programming recordings featuring hypnotic suggestions coupled with the latest brainwave-generating binaural-beat 3D-gizmo sound-technology-wotsits (I have no idea what to call it, but it's good). Basically they are hypnosis programs that unleash that particular mind power within you. I looked online at comparable programs and Wendi.com is charging at least $30 per single hypnosis cd or download. Other hypnosis sites are similarly priced. With the Super Mind Evolution System you get 20 downloadable audios for $97 -- plus all the manuals, plus a whole load of great bonus programs that I haven't even looked at yet. That makes it tremendous value at under $5 per hypnosis audio.

I've only listened to 4 of the 20 audios so far. I've put them on my iPod shuffle (Mp3 player). The Alpha Mind Control Induction is 50 minutes long. This is a long program, tantamount to a private hour long session with a hypnotherapist. For me personally, this is bordering on being too long. I prefer hypnotic programs to be around 30 minutes long max. The Lucid Dreaming audio comes in at 39 minutes; Finding Your Purpose in Life comes in at just under 30 minutes; and the same with the Ultimate Visualization program.

The hypnotist on the audios is very good. He has a great voice, very relaxing and pleasant to listen to. The binaural beat background is subtle and really helps induce trance states. This makes you very receptive to the mental programming. The use of 3D sound effects also helps entertain and disorientate the mind into trance states that make mind power programming more effective. I've written elsewhere about what I consider the best hypnosis cds on the market to be, and they are very different from these. However these Super Mind Evolution System hypnosis programs compare very favourably with those produced by Wendi Friesen, Adam Eason, hypnosisdownloads.com or other hypnotists of that type. More to the point, these hypnotic audios are focused on building mnd power skillsets and not on improving your golf swing, stopping stuttering or eliminating your fear of spiders!


If you can afford it, the $97 VIP Upgrade to the Super Mind Evolution System is well worth the money. If it's a stretch for you or you just don't have that kind of money available, sign up for the FREE membership anyway and get the FREE reports. You could use them to attract the money to pay for the upgrade. That would be an interesting test, wouldn't it?



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