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Review: What I REALLY think of Think Right Now...

A personal assessment of Mike Brescia's
'Accelerated Success Conditioning' programs

My Think Right Now CDs -- a review

I'm really keen to tell you about Mike Brescia's Think Right Now audio programs. I've been using some of these behavior modification CDs for 2 years now and I think that gives me enough evidence to give you an idea of what they are really like, and how they work...

There are a wide range of titles to choose from within the Think Right Now catalogue, ranging from boosting your sales success to becoming free of depression to becoming financially abundant. Whatever your problem or challenge, it's highly likely there is a program to help you.

To tell you the truth, I stalked Think Right Now for at least a year before I made a purchase. I was wary and didn't want to end up with another crappy product. I got on the mailing list, and it was Mike Brescia's regular personal development tips emails (his Rapid Success eletter), each complete with a detailed testimonial from one of their legion of satisfied customers, that finally convinced me to try them out.

What's So Special About Think Right Now?
Think Right Now -- accelerated success conditioning while you relax...If you've read my article on the best hypnosis CDs in the world, you'll know that after long experience, I'm not that keen on run-of-the-mill hypnosis programs with lengthy repetition of hypnotic commands. When I ordered my first CD from Think Right Now, I was under the impression that it was a subliminal program of sorts. (It just goes to show that I didn't read the sales copy properly and 'saw' what I wanted to see!)

Think Right Now audios are NOT subliminal. They are much cleverer than that. They utilize accelerated learning methods to re-program your mind with life enhancing thoughts and beliefs. It's kind of awkward to write about terms like re-program, or behavior modification, because it can sound a bit weird, like brain washing or something like that. But in a way, you do use them to wash your brain and eliminate all the negative ideas and beliefs that you have accidentally been programmed by over your lifetime.

In the 1970s, Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder released their bestseeling book, SUPERLEARNING. It revealed the revolutionary new learning techniques being pioneered behind the then 'Iron Curtain' of Eastern Europe. Specifically, researchers had discovered that listening to information delivered with a specific pacing while classical music with a 60-beat-per-minute tempo played in the background, caused learning to skyrocket.

Listening to ThinkRightNow programWith this method people were memorising facts and figures up to 10 times faster, or mastering languages within four weeks. I myself bought one of the first accelerated learning programs to learn French. Regrettably, I only completed one or two tapes at the time, but even now 18 years later I still remember verbatim the sections I learned.

Think Right Now uses this same accelerated learning technique to get you to 'learn' new ways of thinking and acting. With it you can learn to be more joyful, focused or calm within a whirl of chaos. You can boost your self-esteem, feel super confident, enjoy high motivation, or give up the addiction to smoking.

What you hear...
Each of the Think Right Now CDs I have employs a woman's voice speaking over a music track which plays at 60 beats a minute. This is the magic tempo that seems to unlock the brain and make it receptive to whatever information is then fed into it. She's certainly got an attractive voice that is pleasant and reassuring to listen to as she delivers statements of change, repeating each one three times with slightly different inflections.

There are two ways you can use the Think Right Now CDs or tapes.

The first is to sit down formally in a relaxation session, or listen to them as you are going to sleep or before you get up in the morning. Each CD features a 5 minute relaxation process track, followed by 20 minutes of statements. This is akin to having self-hypnosis, or what you would do if you were following an accelerated learning language course. Relaxation is an important part of speeding up learning.

I put Think Right Now programs on my iPod shuffle

The second way to use Think Right Now audios is to have them playing in the background while you go about your day. I've loaded the programs I have onto my iPod Shuffle player, and listen to them while I am out walking, exercising, or cooking the family meal. I keep a couple of CDs in the car too. That way as I', burning up the miles, I can have Unstoppable Motivation Now drip-feeding into my mind in the background. I did buy a speaker pillow a few months back and fed my iPod into that so that for a while I had the Think Right Now tracks playing all night. The pillow was overstuffed though and I gave that up after a while.

What to expect...
Here's the thing. If you are going to have a Think Right Now CD or tape playing aloud in the background, you need to be aware that they are boring! You will find them boring! Of course you will. After all it's someone repeating the same statement 3 times before starting another statement!

The idea is to ignore it so it's just part of the background. You don't need to pay conscious attention to it unless you are doing the formal relaxation programming session. Even then you are going to be so relaxed that you will drift in and out of paying attention to the voice. I'm used to this sort of stuff so I don't find it boring. I look upon it the same way as brushing my teeth or eating my breakfast. It's just something I do to progressively and effortlessly create positive changes in my life.

Do they work?
Yes, like gangbusters! I encourage you to visit the Think Right Now site, sign up for Mike Brescia's Rapid Success eletter and/or look at the testimonials. Some of the experiences that people have had with these programs is mind-blowing. I'm talking about people who were so down in the dumps that they were digging their own graves, who then start turning their lives around. These are people who had run out of hope that they could heal their bodies, have loving relationships, be prosperous, or overcome their foul emotions. I found these very inspiring and motivating to read.

My own experience with these Think Right Now CDs is not so dramatic but just as valid and valuable to me. I've done a lot of personal development over the years, plus I consider my life very blessed (must have done something good in a previous life!), so I have no big dramas to solve. Just an accumulation of little ones real and imagined!

Here's some of my ThinkRightNow collection... why not start yours?Here are the Think Right Now titles in my personal collection:

  • I am Healed Now! 
  • Financial Abundance Now! 
  • Conquering Social Anxiety Now! 
  • Dissolving Panic & Anxiety Now! 
  • Laser Focused Concentration Now! 
  • Fearless Public Speaking Now! 
  • Real Self Esteem Now! (9-13 years) - got it for my son
  • Unstoppable Motivation Now! 

I would have to say that my favourite, the one I listen most to, is the 'I am Healed Now!' program.

I enjoy good health for the most part but as I've been getting older little afflictions started to bug me... odd pains (shoulder pain, lower right abdominal pain, heel arch pain) would come out of nowhere. I experienced a time where I got folliculitis and I had a long term battle with sciatica. I exercise, I take supplements, I eat healthily, don't drink or smoke and frankly was a bit peed off when these things came along.

It became clear to me that I was creating these ailments at the unconscious level. The 'I am Healed Now!' program is the perfect counter-balance to the negative thoughts we generate every day at the conscious and unconscious levels as we age. I rely on it, almost like taking vitamins, to keep me in tip top shape or get me back in a state of wellbeing if I find myself under the weather.

In conclusion...
It surprises me to be recommending Think Right Now given that, as far as hypnotic programs go, I've been averse to repetition style audio programs and prefer more Ericksonian approaches. What makes Mike Brescia's system different is that it is based on the accelerated learning method which I am a raving fan of because I know it works. There's so much more to it than this, so I would really ask you to take a couple of minutes to go check out the Think Right Now website and see if it is something that can help you... At the very least, sign up for the Rapid Success email tips as there is a lot of value there.

Here's the link: THINK RIGHT NOW Accelerated Success Conditioning!

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