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Definition: Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence is the capacity to use one's hands or body skillfully.  

Usually found in: athletes, sports stars, actors, dancers, inventors, surgeons, outdoor workers, craftsmen, builders, mechanics, race car drivers, mime artists, martial artists

Famous examples: Tiger Woods (golf), David Beckham (soccer), Bruce Lee (martial arts), Michael Jordan (basketball)

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence traits:

Exercises to strengthen bodily-kinesthetic intelligence:


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The physical (bodily-kinesthetic) learning style
Overview of the bodily-kinesthetic learning style, including language clues, with graphics showing different intelligences and their influence on your preference for learning.

Writing and Multiple Intelligences
Gerald Grow's paper on the clues that people high in bodily-kinesthetic intelligence reveal in their writing, and how advertisers use this style of writing to profoundly influence our body-minds.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence career choices
A short list of example careers for people high in bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. This provides an initial guide but you should be able to figure out hundreds of other potential career choices that will be satisfying.

Bodily-kinesthetic overview
Reveals main characteristics of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence and technologies that can support and nourish this intelligence.

Raising the bodily-kinesthetic child
Lots of parents make the mistake of thinking they have problem-children, because their kids seem to mess about and get into trouble more than other children. If your kid never stops, always wants to move about and fidgets, it could be that his strong bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is not getting the support it needs. Here's how to cope.

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