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Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats is Japan's greatest inventor, in fact, he's the World's most prolific inventor with over 3000 patents to his name. He's the guy that invented things like the floppy disk, the hard disk, and the digital watch! Why is this living genius able to come up with so many brilliant, zany ideas? What are his secrets?

Well, one of his best secrets for generating awesome creative ideas he describes humorously as: "swim till almost die!" What the hell is that? Let's call it the BrainBubbles technique because 1) it's going to cause your brain to bubble with new ideas and high IQ thinking and 2) it's all about forcing more and more oxygen into your brain so that you can think better!

The BrainBubbles technique consists of swimming underwater and holding your breath as long as possible. For safety's sake you don't need to push yourself to the point of almost dying (sorry Mr NakaMats!). Just swim underwater at your local pool (don't worry, as your IQ shoots up and the ideas start flowing you'll probably be moving to a place with your own pool soon!) and gradually extend the time that you can stay under.

Do you have to swim underwater to get the benefits of this technique? Can't you just hold your breath while sitting in a chair? Yes, you can do that and you will get benefits from learning to control your breathing and extend the breath.

In Yoga, there is the practice of pranayama, which basically means breath control. The Yogis of India are famed for their insight, wisdom and phenomenal mental powers, and pranayama is a fundamental practice to them.

You can also try breathing into a paper bag which is known as masking. You've probably seen people doing that to control panic attacks (I've only ever seen it on TV shows or movies!). This will also start the BrainBubble effect if you do it for 30 seconds every half an hour of your waking day for 2-3 weeks. Please seek the advice of your doctor or physician before practicing this.

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However, the quickest and most effective method seems to be swimming underwater and holding your breath underwater. Hey, maybe that's why whales, dolphins and seals have such developed brains?

So what happens when you are holding your breath and under the water?

Well, you are shutting off the supply of fresh oxygen and the carbon dioxide content of the blood starts to increase. The body's automatic response is to expand the carotid arteries that feed your brain. They open wide to allow more oxygen rich blood to flow to the brain.

By practicing this BrainBubbles technique consistently for as little as 3 weeks, you can permanently expand the carotid arteries, so that more oxygen rich blood is flowing to your brain all the time. This activates areas of your brain that suffer from lack of sufficient blood supply and also slows the decay of brain cells. This will translate as a measurable increase in IQ points.

Dr. NakaMats, who is sometimes referred to as "the Thomas Edison of Japan", has systemised his creative process into 3 stages. He has actually created a physical enviroment in his home to reflect and stimulate these 3 stages.

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The first stage takes place in his meditation or "static" room. He says: "When developing ideas, the first rule is You have to be calm." This room is very Zen with plants, rocks and running water. It's very peaceful but don't think that Dr.NakaMats starts OM-ing like crazy. He says he does just the opposite, instead of focussing on just one thing, he lets his mind free-associate, churning over ideas at random, just spitting out whatever comes to his mind. He describes this as, "my time to let my mind be free!"

The second stage moves to his "dynamic" room which is, "dark, with black-and-white-striped walls, leather furniture, and special audio and video equipment." Here he cranks up jazz music, moves to easy listening musak and then, "always end with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. For me, Beethoven's Fifth is good music for conclusions."

The third stage is the swimming pool. Dr.NakaMats dives in and anchors himself on the bottom of the pool, and using a special plexiglass slate he invented for writing underwater, he brainstorms for ideas. This is how he generates so many amazing inventions and new products. "That's when I come up with my best ideas. I've created a Plexiglas writing pad so that I can stay underwater and record these ideas. I call it 'creative swimming.'"

So there you have it. Another technique in your armoury to help you release that inner genius that you are. So take Wily's advice and go and throw yourself in the nearest swimming pool; and don't come out until you've come up with some life-changingly brilliant new ideas!!

(Non-swimmers please use the shallow end! It's smarter to be shallow than end up 6 feet under... under ground that is!)

Important Update: 29th December 2003: I've just received a very supportive email from one of my mentors, Win Wenger. Mr Wenger is the author of numerous books and audio programs, including the bestsellers, "How To Increase Your Intelligence", and "The Einstein Factor" which I heartily recommend you get copies of right now.

"The Einstein Factor" devotes Chapter 11 to The Oxygen Factor, which discusses the BrainBubble technique in greater depth and clarity. Win asked me to stress to you that 'masking and chair-based breath-holding simply don't compare with underwater swimming'.

In the book, he explains why: "Underwater swimming stimulates what marine biologists call the mammalian diving response. When we dive, the body increases blood flow not only to the brain but to every other major organ as well. This response is common to all mammals and may partially explain why whales and dolphins - perhaps the champion breath holders of all time - have evolved brains as complex and powerful as our own."

Win Wenger is very generous with his valuable information and I urge you to visit his site too and get his products. Here's a link to his free ebook which gives richer details on underwater swimming and the BrainBubble technique made famous by Dr Yoshiro NakaMats and more so by Win Wenger: Two GUARANTEED Ways to Profoundly Increase Your Intelligence!

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