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How To Stop Mind-Numbing "Brain Spam" Dead In Its Tracks And Safe-Guard Your Mental Acuity, Focus and Drive!

Your mind gets clogged by time-consuming and distracting Brain Spam - thoughts that seek your attention but mostly serve no worthy purpose in the achievement of your goals and ultimate happiness. Here's a guide to stopping Brain Spam and staying sharp and focussed on your goals, values and ultimate purpose.

When you log on to the internet and check your messages, your inbox is suddenly flooded with a sea of useless offers for things you never knew you wanted. You sift through this obnoxious garbage looking for messages that are important. A long laborious process, like panning dirt looking for a speck of gold.

When you wake up in the morning, you log on to conscious awareness. Your brain goes into immediate scan mode looking for important messages from the inner environment (ie. how do I feel?) and the outer environment (ie. what's happening?).

Before you know it your brain floods with a 1001 different thoughts. A ceaseless deluge of mostly useless information. 

"I look dreadful." -- "What shall I have for breakfast?" -- "Wonder what Sharon's doing today?" -- "That movie was good last night." -- "Wish I was still in bed." -- "I feel horny... " -- "Oh no, that report is due this morning!" -- etc

"The ten thousand things rise and fall without cease..."

~ Lao Tzu

Email spam is tiring. Occasionally you see emails that sound intriguing, or have interesting offers, but mostly it just gets in the way of your work or predominant interest.

You can stop email spam dead in its tracks with a service like Mail Washer Pro, which lets you identify, reject and bounce spam mail BEFORE it gets to your inbox. It's probably one of the most effective spam blockers.

Brain Spam is even more tiring. Occasionally you have thoughts that lead to an interesting insight, or that benefit you in some way, but mostly it just gets in the way of your predominant interest.

You can stop Brain Spam dead in it's tracks, by setting up a filter system. For fun, let's call it Brain Washer Pro...

Here's how to set it up:

1. Establish an awareness filter zone:

Thought flows quick as lightning and is very sticky. When you are in amongst it, it's all over you and it's hard to control it and give it order. You need some space, an area in which to corral it and filter it. An awareness filter zone is easy to create. All you need to do is give yourself 5 minutes, first thing in the morning and again before bed, to sit quietly, eyes closed and just watch / listen / feel your thoughts flowing. Keep still, just watch and allow the thoughts to pass by. Watch your mind like an observer in the back of a classroom. Or like a birdwatcher quietly observing a flock of birds in a ploughed field. Allow an inner stillness and space to "bloom" within you.

2. Set up Brain Spam filters:

There are certain thoughts (Brain Spam) that are just a complete waste of time. They either lead nowhere or make you feel bad or put you in a stupid, unresourceful state or get you doing things that you don't want to do. You know those suckers.

Every chain of thought starts with a headline thought. Write down some of the headline thoughts that set your mind off in useless directions. They might be things like: "If only I had... ", or "It's not fair when...", or "She's such a witch...", or "I'll never be good enough.", or "Life sucks because..." You know what they are for you.

Red-flag those Brain Spam headlines. As soon as they appear in your mind, either deny access or just watch them pass on by without reacting to them. It's kind of like immediately deleting a spam email into the trash without opening and reading it. You just see the headline and know it's useless, and you zap it.

Also red-flag the outer things that stimulate your Brain Spam. Let's say, your intention is to lose excess weight and be slim and healthy. But you only have to see an ice cream cone to go weak at the knees. Red-flag the ice cream cone as something that sets your Brain Spam going.

Spam email is usually trying to get you to want something and to buy it. Or it gives your PC a virus and shuts down its systems. Brain Spam vies for your attention in the same way. It tries to get you to want something. Or it introduces destructive thinking patterns that can shut down your thinking system. If you red-flag the things that set you off, stop them from reaching your mental inbox, and effectively "bounce" them back to the source of all things, they'll soon stop troubling you.

3. Set up a firewall of focus and purpose:

They used to say that "idle minds are the devil's workshop" and there's some truth in that. If you lack focus, direction and purpose, then anything can take root in your mind. As success guru, Denis Waitley says, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

What do you stand for, really? What are your values? What do you need in your life now and in your future to be happy? What do you want?

In First World countries, we are the beneficiaries of infinite abundance. There are so many products, services, entertainments and distractions to tempt us. There are so many subjects we could learn about, vacations we could take, experiences we could have. And that is a wonderful blessing for those of us who can enjoy that. Even the poorest of us, in the West, is richer by virtue of exposure to all these treasures and the possibility of one day having it.

All this abundance stimulates our thinking and our desires. Desires seem to be endless, and fill our minds with Brain Spam that can make us feel stuffed and bloated, or alternatively starved by overwhelm and indecision. Either way it is too much. And you know that you can think you really want something, and then as soon as you get it, you lose all interest in it and want something else instead.  We need to become discerning gourmands at this feast, able to select only what we wish to eat and savour.

When you take the time to determine the life that you want to have, and set goals to attain it, you establish a firewall of purpose. You focus exclusively on your values and goals and everything that will help you live by your values and attain your goals. Anything else is excluded. It is shut out by your firewall of focus.

By repeatedly focusing on your goals, and visualizing and imagining the attainment of your goals, you strengthen the firewall. You green-flag and welcome only those thoughts that serve your ultimate purpose, happiness and success. The purpose becomes brighter and more compelling to your mind, than the Brain Spam messages. They don't even get in. They burn up in the heat of your focus.


A Brain Spam-Free Future

The world appears to be growing ever more complex. There is more to do, more to learn, more to deal with. To be most effective, we need to establish systems that allow us to focus on what is important to us and our businesses. The success of your endeavors and the sanity of your mind depend upon it.

Mail Washer Pro enables you to cut out the annoying spam emails that waste your time and threaten your computer with viruses.

Our Brain Washer Pro system listed above will help you cut down on the noise and distraction of Brain Spam.

If you want to establish clear, dynamic goals you might consider utilizing the specialist advice and guidance of The Goals Guy. His goal-setting systems cut Davids from blocks of marble, and grow National Parks from acorns.

You are a giant of a genius. Your mind is a precious zone which will give birth to great ideas. Now you have a way of stopping it from being polluted and spoiled. You can now cut back the jungle of weeds and reveal that paradise of potential...

Update November 9th 2006: Found related new resource book on the web called "Spam Filters For your Brain!" by Mike Adams.

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