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I have a confession for you: I hate brain teasers!

There I've said it. Put me in the stocks and pelt me with rotten fruit but it's true!

Riddles can be fun, but some brain teasers and math problems make my brain hurt just thinking about doing them! Okay, I don't mind looking at one or two brain teasers if I'm feeling fresh and dandy but to sit there working through one brain teaser after another sounds like a highway to hell!

Fortunately, loads of you more mentally muscular people love to do brain teasers. You enjoy wrestling with made-up problems. And research says it's good for you; brain games keep your brain young and active. For that reason alone, I recommend you do some daily brain teasers just to stretch your brain and make it hurt a little! These exercises can help you in all areas fo your life.  From crunching numbers at work to playing recreational games such as. These mind games really will improve your mental clarity.

Think of a brain teaser as a brain gym, by stretching and testing your brain, you force it to grow. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

There are all different kinds of brain teasers to appeal to different types of people and different learning styles.

I tend to be predominantly visual, so I like well designed brain teaser websites that are clearly laid out and have high quality interactive games that test brain processing speed, like this one.

Some brain teaser sites are a little clunky and dense and probably best left for the real afficianado brain teaser lovers!

I'm gently introducing some brain teasers into my daily routine. Here are some of the brain teaser sites (or brain gyms) I've found, with a brief synopsis of what they are like.

    • Brain Teasers - best sites for brain teasers for kids and adults!
    • Brain Teaser - want more?! Get your daily brain teaser fix from these sites! 

Brain Teasers - Top

Many of us like to sit around in our spare time on the computer and play computer games.  We would like to suggest you include within your surfing time - a few brain teasers. These are fun and also mentally challenging. Here are some of our favorite sites:

Education Place Brain Teasers - Great kids site with free weekly brain teasers aimed at grades 3 to 8. Because its aimed at kids, it's a good starting point for anyone wanting to challenge their brains with brain ridde teasers and brain math teasers! Go Now!

Syvum Brain Teasers and Maths Puzzles - Lots of free brain teasers, word puzzles and riddles with new brain teasers being submitted all the time. However, I found the pop-ups very annoying especially as they included one from the insidious Gator Corp which I suggest you avoid at all costs. Go Now!

BrainBashers - Brain Teasers and Games - This is a terrific brain teasers site which is reflected in its popularity. Kevin Stone, owner of BrainBashers, has made it easy to navigate through over 1200 free brain teasers that will give your brain a thorough workout!  Go now!

BrainConnection - This is a super brain site anyway, loaded with information about the brain. The free animated brain teasers are brilliant for exercising your neural pathways and testing your brain processing speed. Brain teasers for kids and adults alike. Go Now!

Bills Games Brain Teasers - Fancy a quick challenge? These word game brain teasers are challenging enough to make you think a little but not so much that you'll break into a sweat!. Go Now!

Barry's Brain Teasers - Barry R. Clarke's wicked brain teasers and puzzles as published in his brain puzzles column in the highbrow UK newspaper, the Daily Telegraph. Go Now!

Braingle: Brain Teasers - This site comes highly recommended as it has over 4,000 brain teasers, riddles, logic problems and mind puzzles submitted and ranked by users. You need to register to access some brain teasers, however this site is easily navigated and loads fast so it's worth registering.  Go Now!

Mystery Photos Brain Teasers - This visual brain teaser site seems a little lame at first but when you see how wrong some of your guesses can be, it'll encourage your brain to be more aware of details in your environment! Go Now!

Flooble - This brain teaser site is a portal for logic puzzles, math problems and word tricks. It's the sort of thing that makes my brain want to run for the hills, sit under a tree and stare at the flowers growing. You may like it though. Go Now!

Brain Teasers - Pick a brain teaser, any brain teaser, between 1 and 179. I quite liked these (that's probably because I could figure some of them out! there's nowt so motivating as success!). Go now!

Amby's Brain Teasers - An extensive selection of links for brain teasers, brain games, brain puzzles and thinking skill enhancers!. Go Now!

Fun Brain -  a super, colorful brain teaser site for K8's and teachers. - Go Now!


Brain Teaser - Top

Elementary Brain Teaser - Can you figure out the weekly brain teaser? Click on the link for past problems to access Ole Miss' archive of brain teasers. Go Now!

A Fun Zone - Daily Brain Teaser - Look for the link for the daily brain teaser, which you can add to your website if you want to. Also the link for the brain teaser zone, they also offer a "free" ebook of 1001 Brain Teasers if you sign up for their newsletters and marketing bleurghh... your choice. Go Now!

Bill's Brain Teaser - radio weather anchor Bill Taylor asks a different Brain Teaser every day... Go Now!


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