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Have you ever found yourself going deep within, realizing new ways to market the magnificence of your mind?
3... 2... 1... go inside now and discover your entrance to the Super Business Brain, enlightened by Mr Fire!

A complete stranger to me inspires great feelings of warmth, affection and camaraderie in me. I feel like he is my friend. We've never met or talked in any way and yet I gladly give him money, even when it's tight.

He has a warm easy way about him that slips right in behind my defenses. I know he's a genuine man with integrity and values that I like and admire. He has my wallet in his hands and can more or less pick from it at will. And I really don't mind.


Because he's a wizard; a modern day Merlin; a mystifier. In fact, he's known as Mr Fire!

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He has no boiling pots, no eye of newt, no Dumbledore wand and yet he can cast spells and weave magic. As far as I can tell, he uses no incantations (though I suspect he swears in Italian!) but his words seem to open the doors to treasure as readily as abracadabra opened Aladdin's Cave!

In the 15 months or so that I have been aware of Mr Fire, his power, influence and even fame have spread like a wild fire spreading through the dry bush of the outback. What are his secrets? How does he weave such awesomely profitable magic and warm hearts simultaneously? How does he burrow deep into the business mind and market the magnificence of his own genius in hugely profitable ways?

He does it through hypnosis.

Not the swinging watch variety that you've seen on TV. Nor the swirling spiral that you have to gaze at and gaze at until you go right into trance. Just a simple captivating way of communication that speaks directly to your unconscious and gets you feeling wonderful...

He's known as "the World's First Hypnotic Marketer!" But he's really an entertainer-in-words. He will tell you an enchanting story that reveals brilliant selling secrets or has you dribbling with desire to buy his latest products. Story telling is an ancient art that you can use today to sell your ideas. Mr Fire uses it all the time and now teaches others to use it at his website: Hypnotic Selling Stories.

If you go to his main website, Mr Fire, and sign up for his newsletters, you will soon realize that Mr Fire is a generous man. He gives away a LOT. Reading his many articles will give you a solid education in copywriting, marketing and selling (the hypnotic way!). He is generous with ideas and loves to share his latest insights, discoveries and realizations. He is generous in promoting others. By giving of yourself, of your energy and genius, you create a vacuum around yourself for new ideas, money, friendship and success to flow in towards you.

Curiosity may have killed the cat but it electrifies geniuses like Mr Fire. The internet is such a blessing in that it gives you instant access to so many potentially life-changing ideas. Mr Fire is curious, constantly exploring and making new contacts, gaining new knowledge that he can re-apply to his own ventures. It's about having an open, questioning approach to life. How can I use this? What can I learn here?

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This man is so productive! Mr Fire churns out hypnotic articles, gives seminars, promotes e-classes, produces newsletters, publishes books, gives birth to new websites with frightening regularity and joint ventures with loads of different people.  All with a smile. Could you increase your output? Why not give yourself an idea quota (see Thomas Edison article)?

I think Mr Fire is a courageous man. Another quality of genius. I don't mean that he is going to leap from burning buildings with a child in each arm. I mean he has the courage to wear his values and beliefs openly. And he is willing and daring enough to try new things. He'll go out on a limb to test an idea. What do you stand for?

Mr Fire is an explorer. He restlessly searches for newer, better ways to communicate. He will learn from places he goes, people he meets, and things he reads about. If you sign up for his newsletter, he will offer you fresh interesting links every month, amazing sites that he has discovered that offer you something you can benefit from. Are you keeping your mind open for info that can help unleash your genius?

When you take a powerful idea from one system and apply it to another you can often have equally spectacular results. Mr Fire translates success in one system to others. He will take the successes of history, decipher the formula of success and re-apply it to modern times. For example, he looked at how the Roman Empire was built and how its ideals were spread. Picking out the main methods that the Romans used to "market" and "sell" the Empire, Mr Fire then re-applied them to modern marketing and showed how you too can use Roman Marketing methods to build your little business empire! Can you take successful ideas and systems from other industries and realms of human interest and apply the template of success to your own field?

As a hypnotic marketer, Mr Fire is like a synapse between two different brain cells. He is a bridge between worlds. He consciously speaks to your unconscious mind. He uses the rich symbolic language of the unconscious mind to get you to make the conscious decisions that he wants you to! That is what he teaches: how to market your ideas in compelling, captivating, emotionally-appealing ways.

Mr Fire wrote a book called, "Spiritual Marketing". To many people, the words spiritual and marketing may sound like a dichotomy. But that sums up the genius of Mr Fire. His ability to find the common ground that we all share. To find the bond that unites us all. To link spirit to matter. He shows us how we can benefit by offering the greatest of benefits to others.

Spiritual Marketing is a 5-step process that Mr Fire offers you to enable you to easily get what you want. If you ask nicely, or explore the links in his newsletter archive, you will be able to access an online ebook version of Spiritual Marketing for FREE. If you wish you can purchase a paper copy from Amazon or via his website.

Mr Fire is a modern genius at play. He will help you improve your communication skills. When you communicate better, you think better and you will have higher quality ideas. Go visit his sites. Learn from him. Then launch your own genius on the world. We are desperate to hear from you!

Mr Fire is Joe Vitale. A complete stranger to me, and yet a true friend.

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