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Creating Your Life Purpose The Ultimate Creative Challenge!

Your life has no predetermined purpose. If you are waiting for your life purpose to be revealed, you are in for a long wait. You are the Creator. And only you can create the purpose of your life....

I was always very sure of what I wanted to do when I was a kid. It was very comforting and I was filled with the purpose of that aim. Sure, the actual thing I was going to do changed 2 or 3 times as I progressed from the age ranges of 5-7, 8-10, and 11-13... but the certainty of the chosen thing stuck with me for those few years until it morphed. Shortly before I left school and was due to enter the world of work, I lost that sense of certainty. I had begun to ask questions about life purpose and the meaning of it all -- and I began seeking the ultimate purpose and my particular 'mission', my ideal work... Having a peculiar capacity to see myself in all kinds of situations, I rapidly became very confused and remained in that confusion for many years. Even today I still feel it, like a cloud obscuring my future.

I looked for someone to solve this dilemma for me. Someone who could tell me the secret of my life purpose. The more I looked for The Answer, the less likely it seemed I would ever find it. I went through books, seminars, gurus, teachers, busy-bodies, psychics... you know, all the usual suspects. And all my looking, all my waiting for the answer to manifest, led me to what to most is the obvious answer: There is no purpose. Life couldn't give a flying fig what I do. The only purpose life 'cares' about is procreation... my biological purpose is to procreate and further the continuation of the species. Having checked that box with a beautiful son (Wily Jnr!), what's next? Do I just roll over and die? :-)

The Loneliness of the Creative Path: Life Purpose, Power and Ultimate Responsibility.

So I find myself in this delicious moment - right NOW! - realising that "Life" doesn't care what I do (I know that by the fact that I can choose to do or not to do). Not only that but really my family, friends and associates don't care what I do. Because everyone is living the ME experience and can never really totally care about someone elses choices. Other people come and go, but "I" remain. So, the only person who really cares what I do and what happens to me... is ME!

I believe the reason Life has no purpose is because I haven't given it one. I repeat to you over and over that you are a genius. I'd like to take that a step further and also say that YOU are The Creator!

On a religious level, I can refer you to the teaching that God is omnipresent in all things. If that is true, then everything that you are is God. If everything that you are is God, then you are in fact God. If you can accept that, you will heal any separation from that reality and can start acting like the Creative Force that I think you are.

On a more pragmatic level, here you are in this space of freedom and isolation, where there is no pre-existing blueprint for your life. This is a God moment. This is a BIG-BANG moment. Nothing before; and now everything that will come after will depend on your own creative energy.





Designing your life purpose is the ultimate and fundamental creative challenge... perhaps the true reason for the inner genius that you are born with.

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A Creating-Your-Life-Purpose Starter Kit:

Here is a starter kit to get you thinking about what will give your life purpose and meaning. It is only a suggestion. People are so very different, we all have different values and ideas of what constitutes a good life. Only you can decide how best you should live.

1. Give yourself a specific period of time to think about what your life purpose is. Set times aside for thinking deeply... or else the daily demands of life will eat up your time and you will find yourself older and still not having created a rich life of purpose. 

2. Contemplate your death. Nothing gives you a better perspective on and appreciation for your life than the reminder that you will die. I was walking down a crowded city street earlier today. As I gazed across the heads of hundreds of people, the thought occurred: "In 100 years time, everyone of these people will be dead!" and that included me, my wife and son. It's obvious but we don't think the obvious and sobering thoughts. I am going to die... so what do I want my life to be about?

3. What are your most important values? What do you believe are the most important characteristics to develop? If you believe, Love is the highest value and highest character trait that you can develop, then it is important for you to live a life in which you manifest that trait and spread that value to others.

4. What are you good at? It's valuable to work on overcoming your weaknesses. And many people have turned weaknesses into strengths. However, you are born with ,or very soon develop, the ability to do some things a lot better than most others. You can make swiftest progress and perhaps do the most good exploiting your natural talents or those talents that you have learned and become very good at. As TV's Pop Idol has shown us, some people are naturals and others are just "barking" up the wrong microphone!

5. What do you enjoy? Life should be fun. Winston Churchill loved war. It gave him energy. All his inner strengths were called upon and he bridled with enthusiasm and ideas. Leadership during times of crisis was fun for Churchill, whereas others would crack immediately under the stress and horror of it. You have the creative power to make choices and change the circumstances of your life... and to keep doing so until you create a lifestyle and a life purpose and work that is fun for you.  

6. What influence and effect would you like to have on the world? In the movie, "Bruce Almighty", Bruce (played by brilliant Jim Carrey) gets God's powers and he thinks he is doing good by granting people the things they are praying for, or by causing certain things to happen, but he doesn't think about the downstream consequences of his choices. Churchill was put in charge of the British Navy during WW1 and he decided, against the advice of his admirals, that it would be a good idea to send forces to the Dardanelles to attack Germany's allies, the Turkish. This resulted in massive losses for the British navy. This error of judgement was further compunded when it was decided to send British and Australian troops to Gallipoli. 42,000 troops died there. So you could say that the downstream effect of Churchill's one thought to attack the Turkish in the Dardanelles was the death of 42,000 men. That's a weighty karma to carry on your conscience (and one that he may have expunged somewhat by his leadership skills in WWII). A better example is Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin. His creative work has had the downstream effect of saving millions of lives across many generations. I think you and I would like to have that kind of positive life-enhancing effect on the world.

7. Who do you admire? The people we admire tend to be those who we would most like to be like. And when you admire someone, you can borrow a little bit of their life blueprint to help formulate your own - it's called emulation. Or creative copying!

8. If you want to be remembered, how crazy are you willing to be? When you look back in history, very few people actually stand out from each era. And it's often the crazies who end up being remembered. I use the term "crazy" in an affectionate way, meaning they did things that weren't 'normal'. You have your religious "crazies" like Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Gandhi, Martin Luther King etc who stood up and preached the "crazy" philosophy of loving one another! You have your military "crazies" with leaders like, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Hitler, people who stomped all over the world trying to conquer everything. You have your political "crazies" who forced their way to the forefront of political life: Machiavelli, Cromwell, Marx, Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Churchill, Che Guevara, Kennedy... The very few who stand out from the millions in every generation have often fought tooth and nail to force themselves into the public eye. Are you crazy enough to fight for a space in the sun? Can you come up with a crazy idea that will do the fighting for you? An idea virus that will sieze the public's imagination and spread and spread down through the eras?

You were born into this world naked and alone. And you will die from this world alone. The life you make is up to you. Your creative decisions and the creative actions that you choose to take are your responsibility alone. You are a creative genius. This is your life and yours alone. You alone create your life and give life purpose. So... make it a brilliant one!

Here are some resources that you may find of value in creating your life purpose:

Life Purpose Online Course at HigherAwareness.com

Life On Purpose Institute -

Discover Your Purpose - a fantastic source of articles to support you in creating a life of purpose and meaning.

What is your purpose? - a declaration of purpose according to the "TrueMajority" organisation.

Defining Life purpose and Meaning - a great article from iamnext.com.

Life purpose - with a new age slant from Dr Doreen Virtue (that's a great name, isn't it!).

How to know what your true purpose in life is- this is a MUST-READ page encapsulating the thoughts of BUCKMINSTER FULLER on life purpose. I've just re-read it and been moved to tears because it is that powerful!

Uncover your passions and life purpose - DreamMinder software. I haven't tested it. If you decide to use it, let me know how you get on... thanks!

Coach helps you find purpose and meaning of life - it's Jay Earley over at lifepurposecoaching.com.

How to discover your life purpose in about 20 minutes -- Steve Pavlina gives you a grab-the-bull-by-the-horns way of getting to grips with your life purpose.

Want to know more about creating your life purpose? -- Dick Ingersoll offers insights into how to find your 'burning desire' and live your purpose using the law of attraction.

Genius For Creating Life Purpose

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