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Flashpoint strategies: how to use blood-boiling rage to trigger a torrent of creative genius!

When you blow your top, the lid flies off your creativity. All that fire and brimstone is pure creative energy. It may be red-hot and lethal at the moment, but with a little awareness you can put that heat to creative use...

Throughout history, anger has been a tremendous spur to creativity and motivation. Revenge has spawned the most devious plots. The bruised and bullied ego has risen to greatness on the back of the outraged thought, "I'll show them!" And the anger of opposing ideas has seem countless wars waged, battle plans crafted and ever-more deadly weaponry created.

Flashpoint 1: Motivation Energy

Anger gives you energy. Your body surges with adrenaline as it readies you to fight. You don't feel tired when you are in a state of pure rage. When you next get angry, instead of kicking chairs or throwing pots and pans, attack your work. Funnel your anger into getting things done. Be vicious in your accomplishment of task after task.

Deliberately getting angry may sound like a stupid plan but, if focussed, can be tremendously powerful. Charities are often founded by people who have got mad-angry about an injustice in the world and they have channelled their anger into doing something about it. Political campaigns are waged by angry people who don't believe the city, state or country is being run the way it should be. Inventions are created by people who get mad-angry that they have to put up with a certain condition. And they do something about it.

It's easy to stir up anger inside yourself. Just stomp around and start to seethe and you will soon put yourself in an angry state. Shout and lash at cushions, and you'll feel that primal anger that rests beneath the thin veneer of our civility. We are animals still, and you can tap the fight part of your fight-or-flight response system to up your energy and resourcefulness. 

Flashpoint 2: Me first!

Anger gives you a glorious sense of justification for putting yourself first. Altruism be damned, when you are mad, it's you and your opinion only that counts! Your creative mind rather likes this. The competitive streak, the I-must-win-at-all-costs passion of anger, is superb for pushing your mind to improve and go one better.

Anger is a tremendous tool for perfection. Two people arguing, constantly try and raise the stakes against each other, trying to get the upper hand in the argument.

You've seen dogs fighting - all snapping jaws and growling and tussling - the winner is the one who knocks the other dog over and stands above it, fangs bared, and victorious. It's the same unconscious urge in an argument. We want to symbolically knock the other person on their ass, so that we are seen to be right and righteous in our indignation.

Use this competive streak to out-do yourself, go to extra lengths to out-do and out-think your competitors. Whoever you are angry at, just transpose that anger onto your rivals in your work, or field of creativity. Fight to be top dog at what you do!

Flashpoint 3: Give "them" the finger!

There is a deep satisfaction at being able to shove your detractors noses in the proverbial dog doo. Let's be honest here. We have all had people in our lives who have labelled us, belittled us, ignored us, controlled us, or just been plain rude to us. All the slights and injustices and indignities you have ever suffered are locked in your body, on a tally sheet, a score card, with a big note next to it saying, "I'll show you!"

Use that inner anger, let it boil up and fire your cylinders. Get going. When you go to rest on your laurels, bring up the faces of your enemies, your detractors, and let them spur you on. You have to become more, do more, achieve more, create more! Why? So that you can be more powerful, more impressive, more respected that those dweebs who put you down!

Do your very best and let it be a big "Up Yours" to those who put you down.

Sir Anthony Hopkins was dyslexic as a schoolboy and hated rugby, and so was treated as an outcast in his native land - but he claims the treatment from his peers gave him just what he needed to become a movie star. He says,

"It gave me the fire and anger to become an actor. I wasn't afraid of anything. The acting covered up the loneliness."

Flashpoint 4: How far can you spit?

Angry writing has tremendous bite and power. As any newspaper editor can attest. The letters column is peppered with the erudite spit of irate people! Words flow off the pen when you are angry. Powerful words. Potent words. Words that seize the reader and hold her spellbound.

I write a vicious poem when I am angry. I smack down words like sword blades clashing. If you are not into poetry (heathen!), then write a letter. Write a letter to your enemy or the person who has offended you. Spill your bile into that letter. Not only is this a great way to calm down, you can use it as a prelude to your proper creative writing. Destroy the letter afterwards - don't send it. Vicious writing uncaps your creativity, and once unleashed, you can then start to write in a more calm flowing way.

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If you are not a writer, but love to talk then vent your rage into a tape recorder. Give yourself the freedom to be truly angry in a safe way. It's healthier, it enables you to tap your brilliance, and you'll feel gloriously powerful and well as you do it.

Imagine that you are Muhammad Ali spitting out his I-am-the-Greatest rage. Or that you are Jack Nicholson, with his fiendish, rapier-tongued outbursts.

"They called me the angriest negro in America. I wouldn't deny that charge. I spoke exactly as I felt. I believe in anger."    ~ Malcolm X

If you don't want to write or speak, then paint, or draw, or sing, or compose, or dig, or chop wood. Channel that rage into something creative or constructive and feel better for it.

You can either directly snap and whip the creative lash of your anger, or just express it somehow physically (such as by whacking a pillow or doing vigorous exercise), and then afterwards feel the sweet relief of its demise and then slip easily into a gentler creativity.

You are a genius. Stir yourself up and let your genius fly!



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