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Creativity ideas can come thick and fast. You are a creative genius, and your brain and your mind are designed to unleash a torrent of creative ideas! Unleashing your creative genius is an easy thing to do. Start by acknowledging your genius for creativity, begin to notice the number of ideas that you have.

Your creativity ideas book: Keep a creativity ideas book where you note down every idea that you get (even the apparently silly ones). The mere act of keeping a creativity ideas journal will trigger your mind to produce more and better ideas. Your mind is like a happy dog, it just loves to play fetch. Where you put your attention, is where the dog runs to. Throw your stick (conscious awareness) on to the idea of creativity ideas, and the mind runs off happily and fetches you creative idea after idea.

You are creatively intelligent: Maybe you haven't thought of yourself as a creative genius before. That's alright. Few of us are encouraged to think that well of ourselves when we are children. But the fact is you are a genius and you have multiple intelligences to express your creativity for ideas through. You may be stronger in some intelligences than others - and you can start to focus on these especially - but you can easily strengthen each of your intelligences.

Creativity ideas quota: Why not emulate one of the most famous inventors who had a special genius for creaivity ideas? That's Thomas Edison. You can read about 10 of his secret strategies for being creative and inventive. One of the strategies you can immediately start to apply, using your creativity ideas journal, is to set yourself an Ideas Quota. That means you set yourself the target of coming up with a certain number of ideas every day, or every week. You might give yourself a small reward every time you meet the target quota and also set yourself a small fine or discipline for any time you fail to meet the quota. This Idea Quota process will focus your mind on the task of producing creative ideas. 

Think about how to become more creative: The action of thinking about how to generate more creativity ideas forces you to be more creative. By the very act of living you become aware of how the brain/mind works, so just start to come up with ways to train your mind to be more creative. Use ideas from everyday life and apply them to your brain. If you were a gymnast, you would go to the gymnasium and train on the high bars, the rings, the horse, the parallel bars and the mat. You would practice all the movements. You would train to be stronger and more flexible, able to perform a set of movements with precision and grace. What would be the equivalent to train your brain to think creatively with strength, beauty, power and grace? Maybe join a creativity workshop?

A map to creativity ideas: One of the easiest ways to trigger the free-ranging association that is so paramount to creative thinking, is to use mind-mapping. Mind-mapping has been in use for hundreds of years; Leonardo da Vinci did it, as did the great poet Lord Alfred Tennyson. It was formalised and made into an effective creativity system by Tony Buzan. Basically you get a blank piece of paper and some colored pens. Start with a central idea or word or phrase in a central bubble. Let your mind free-associate and come up with ideas related to the central one and just start branching out, adding lines to connect to the ideas in bubbles. Using a visual map and colors really stimulates creativity and ideas flow very easiliy using this system.

100-to-0 countdown to creativity ideas: Most of your best creativity ideas come when you least expect it. Usually when you are relaxing doing something else and your mind is just freely scanning. Maybe you get your ideas in the shower, when you are shaving, driving in the car or relaxing by an open fire. A simple technique to get in your most relaxed creative state of mind is simply to close your eyes and silently count down backwards from 100-to-0. This is a also great technique for overcoming anxiety and for learning to deal confidently with life. When you reach 0, you will be in a state of reverie and you mind will be much more creative, able to visualise and flow easily into your thought topics. To awaken from this state of creative reverie, simply count upwards to 10 really fast, and then open your eyes and quickly notice 10 things around you.


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