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Creativity workshops unleash creativity across the world: Creativity seminars are becoming more and more widespread as intellectual property becomes the world's most valuable commodity. Corporations willingly spend millions on creativity workshops for their employees so that they can stay on the cutting edge. Entrepreneurs know that they are one brilliant idea away from a multi-million dollar fortune and they value creativity highly.

If YOU want to be more creative, you might consider joining one of the world's experts at creative thinking at an intensive creativity workshop or seminar. This website is really an online creativity workshop dedicated to helping you to unleash your creativity; you may also want to explore further the many excellent creativity ideas resources available online, some of which are listed below and on other pages in this creativity section.

The Instant Creativity Workshop:

The instant way to become creative is to become a creative copycat.

1. Copy creative talented people: If you want to be a great writer, first copy the works of existing great writers so that you learn how to write powerfully. If you want to be a great sportsman, copy the style of a great sportsman you admire. If you want to be a great actress, find a famous actress and copy her mannerisms, her way of acting. By emulating others you come to understand their creative talent -- and in doing so you will discover your own creativity.

A would-be author first spent 6 months reading all the bestsellers he could get his hands on before he even started on his own book. That author, Robin Cook, went on to write "Coma" which became his the first of a string of massive bestsellers!

2. Adapt creative ideas from one area for use in another: The truth is that most of the people that we typically think of as successful, creative, dynamic thinkers simply copy ideas from one industry or area and adapt them to another. All creativity is the result of combined ideas. Even the most creative concept ever can only come about through the stimulation of other people's thoughts and ideas. Look around you. Get excited. There are things or ideas right where you are that could be adapted or combined in different ways in order to make you one of the richest or most famous people in the world.

King Gilette got the idea for the disposable razor from the corks that used to seal pop bottles under the caps. He saw this as something that the consumer had to buy time after time and he wanted a product like that. Until that time, permanent razors had to be sharpened. He spotted the opportunity for a disposable razor blade which would bring him repeat business. 

If you find any other information on creativity workshops that you feel would be of value here, please feel free to contact us and tell us about them! If you want to get the full lowdown on creativity, genius and super brainpower why don't you check out my creative genius articles? They give you the edge!


Creativity Workshops - get creative at a creativity seminar!

Creativity Workshop - Based in New York City, the creativity workshop is taught worldwide by instructors, Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel. The Creativity Workshop's goal is to help individuals believe in and develop their creative process through using memoir, creative writing, visual arts and storytelling exercises intended to become the tools for a lifetime. The end product is expanded perception, innovative problem solving, and ways of looking at one's life and work as exciting and transformative. Go Now!

Creativity At Work - Linda Naiman positively buzzes with creative inspiration, so check out her trainings and facilitations, including All Star Minds and Global E-Storming (online brainstorming). Linda works with organizations to awaken genius level thinking through the arts; applying creativity, innovation, and visionary thinking to business strategy. Use her for new product development and idea generation - she's hot!  Go now!

Directed Creativity - Creative thinking for serious people. Paul Plsek's well-designed site nearly made me fall off my chair with the seriousness of it all. However, once I got a bit more serious, the information here is no doubt very valuable and based on good principles. Directed creativity is defined as the purposeful production of creative ideas in a topic area, followed up by deliberate effort to implement some of those ideas. That means Paul won't let you flake out and get too involved with the fairies. Solid training for creativity in business. Go Now!

Creativity Unleashed UK-based training company and creativity resource site offering "imagination engineering" courses for corporate managers and business owners. Go Now!

Creative Think - Roger von Oech is an internationally recognized leader in stimulating creativity and innovation. Since 1977, his seminars, workshops, and presentations have enhanced the creative skills of more than a million participants. In addition, his two creative thinking books, A Whack on the Side of the Head, and A Kick in the Seat of the Pants, along with his Creative Whack Pack, card deck have activated the creative juices of many millions around the world. Go now!

Edward de Bono - The Master's training page. Prolific author Edward de Bono is one of the world's foremost authorities on thinking, lateral thinking and creativity. Discover his training and certification courses here. Go Now!


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