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Creativity is natural: You are a creative genius, but you may not know how to access your brilliant creativity. Read my creativity ideas and free articles on unleashing your creative genius, you may then want to explore further the many excellent creativity resources available online, some of which are listed in this creativity section of the site.

Creativity is all embracing and useful: Whether you are looking to explore the subjects of creativity, innovation and idea generation, or you want to express your creativity through art, crafts or writing, or you want to arrange a creativity workshop for your employees, you'll find what you want here. Your brain is spontaneously creative and this continuous creativity can be harnessed and put to productive use. 

Creativity is a learnable skill: While you are naturally creative, sometimes that creativity gets squashed and blocked by the false beliefs we have had imposed upon us. Learn to unleash your creative genius at this site and further explore the pages in this section. You are about to embark on a marvellous adventure in creativity.

Creativity starts with your decision to be creative: It really is that simple. You have no idea how powerful your mind is. Make a firm decision to become more creative today, and the power of that decision will move aside all obstacles to living as the creative genius you were born to be.

I have compiled some pages that outline the various resources available on the web for creativity. We have split these resources into different sections depending upon the area of creativity that you are most interested in.

If you find any other creativity websites, please feel free to contact us and tell us about them! If you want to get the full lowdown on creativity, genius and super brainpower why don't you check out my creative genius articles? They give you the edge!


  • Creativity -  best sites to learn to stimulate your creativity at work and at home!

  • Creativity Ideas - resources for artists, craftspeople, and wanna-be's! 

  • Creativity Workshops - the creativity teachers, gurus and workshop wizards!


Stimulate Your Creativity- Top

Creativity Web - The Creativity Web is a resource center giving you information to help you become more creative. Resources are numerous and include books, software, and techniques. Additional resources are included to stimulate your thinking: quotations, affirmations and humour. Go Now!

Creativity Pool - What a terrific idea! Don't throw away your great ideas, tithe them to the Universe... or at least publish them at Creativity Pool so others may benefit from your creativity. Or if you are looking for creative ideas, go and check out the sparks of genius that others have come up with. The ideas are categorised and easy to access. Go Now!

Creativity Page - Peter Sylvan's short guide to creativity, innovation and problem solving. Go now!

Creativity At Work - Great site loaded with informative free articles and tips on creativity, innovation and genius. Highly recommended for brain boosting ideas, techniques and cutting-edge instruction. Go Now!

Creativity For Life - Exploring creativity in our everyday life: personal creativity; workplace creativity; and a creativity toolbox. Good resource for creativity articles to inspire and guide you. Worth checking out. Go Now!

Center For Studies In Creativity - CSC is "a learning laboratory where developing, exchanging and disseminating resources for understanding and applying creativity is focused on empowering people, transforming knowledge, and enhancing the quality of life" no less. Go Now!

Acrologic - A british site offering specialist advice, guidance, information, creativity toolkits and an introduction to creativity which starts with what is creativity and why do we need it, followed by ten key steps to creativity. Go Now!

Creative Mamas - Creative Mamas is a great site that offers creativity and life coaching for artist moms. This website explores the question, "What does it take to be an artist and a mom in the same lifetime?" Original articles, book recommendations, and online resources are available to support and encourage moms to embrace their creativity. Go Now!


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