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I remember, as a boy, gathering with family and friends around a roaring crackling bonfire on cold starry nights. We only ever had fireworks once a year back then. It was on Fireworks night, November 5th.

The cold air would bite your fingers and make your cheeks as rosy as ripe apples. The sense of excitement in the air was as alive as the blazing fire. Little children would stand about clutching "sparklers" with looks of awe on their bright little faces. Older children and adults made patterns in the air with theirs, just as thrilled!

There would be mugs of hot chocolate, maybe some scorched sausages that tasted so much better for being eaten outside in the cold night air. And we'd wait and wait, until it was time to start the fireworks.

The rockets always went first. Whoosh! Your head would jerk back to watch it soar into the infinite night sky. Then that eternal moment of suspense followed at last by the big BANG!

A collective cooing and whooping sound would emerge from everyone watching as the rocket exploded. Looking round, everyone's mouths were open with wonder. Their eyes shining with the radiant colors of the firework flowers forming in the black sky.

That was the magic of fireworks...


  • explode
  • radiate
  • sparkle
  • bang
  • burn
  • spit
  • flame
  • bang
  • whistle
  • whizz
  • fizz
  • speed
  • spin
  • form amazing patterns

Look at that list. You can probably add a lot more to it, can't you? They are so incredible!

Now let's put the magic of fireworks into your thinking so that your creative processes can explode, radiate, sparkle, bang, burn, spit, flame, bang, whistle, whizz, fizz, speed, spin and form amazing patterns of sheer genius! Keep that in mind! Don't leave your brain dull and quiet. Set off some thought rockets! Get juicy!

Here's my formula for setting off a few brain rockets:

Set-Up: Choose your rocket - the problem, challenge, situation or area of creativity.

Ignition: Ask a specific question to stimulate your mind about that. Eg. How can I sell more subscriptions?

Suspense: Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can. While you hold your breath, repeat the question to yourself with more and more urgency. Feel the tension to breathe out building; feel the tension of the question build up.

Explosion: Breathe out hard and clap your hands. Explode into action. Write or draw or dictate furiously and without censorship. Let whatever comes into your mind flow out onto the paper. It doesn't matter if it seems like gobbledegook! You can write gobbledegook to get you started.

Speed: Write faster and faster. Use shorthand or abbreviations to scribble your thoughts down. Go faster! Faster!!!! You have just two minutes to get as many ideas down onto paper as you can. Compete against yourself or in a group.

New Patterns: At the end of two minutes take a long well-deserved breath and slow down again. Let the thought stream broaden, become leisurely, and flow out now into new patterns. Start to notice connections between ideas. Let ideas combine and spawn new ideas. Give them colour, music, majesty, wonder and magic.

Response: Let your own sense of wonder and appreciation and excitement flow into your work as you shape it to be better and better.

Genius takes wildness and order. It's the combination of the wild adventurous energy of the right brain channelled through the order and logic of the left brain. You need both in tandem. So set off your explosive fireworks and shape them into beautiful patterns that we can all enjoy and benefit from.

You are a genius. Now you know it - go and show it!

What do you think? I'd love to hear from YOU! Email me: wily[at]wilywalnut.com

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