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Natural born genius. Every healthy baby is a born genius. Your baby genius is piecing together the world with a brain that is working as brilliantly as the greatest genius that ever walked the earth. Your child has the capacity to think, live and act like a genius if you encourage creativity, originality and a willingness to experiment and try new things.

Happy genius in a healthy baby. Having a healthy genius baby really starts before conception. Are you the parents healthy? Are you vital, sparkling and happy? Spend as much time enriching your own body and brain before you attempt to create a new one. While it is true that conception takes the best of everything from you, you want to do everything you can to ensure healthy genes are passed to your offspring. Another reason is that raising a child is a physically, emotionally and mentally demanding task (as well as being the most rewarding experience of your life) so you need to be in great shape ideally. Explore the option of taking vitamin and mineral supplements and adopting a diet rich in super foods, as well as adjusting your lifestyle to healthier pursuits. It's especially important for the mother to ensure that she is in great health both prior to and during pregnancy. Here's a useful article on boosting baby's brain power in utero.

"All children are born geniuses,
and we spend the first six years of their lives
degeniusing them."

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Baby genius in the swim. Traditionally, mothers were encouraged to eat oily fish if they wanted bright, intelligent babies. That advice has been scientifically validated; fish oils are good for both adult and infant brains. However, do try to ensure that the fish is organic or from an unpulluted source, as some fish oils contain heavy metals (such as mercury) from deep sea dumping of chemical wastes. Get advice at your health store, if you are taking fish oil supplements, to ensure you get them from the very best source.

Baby genius schoolroom in the womb! Baby genius teachers advise pre-natal stimulation. This involves lots of talking to the fetus through the Mother's tummy, playing classical music (Mozart is recommended) and generally establishing communication (or a feeling of it) with your baby before it is born. There are various products available that are said to stimulate the baby in the womb. These include special audio tapes that you play to the fetus through a cassette player placed on the Mommy's tummy. BebeSounds do a special prenatal device that you can use to listen to/record your fetus' heartbeat, and record the mother's heartbeat to play to the baby. You can also use it to play calming classical music to the fetus.

And on drums, my baby genius. My wife and I bought a special device, called BabyPlus, that played percussion beats at various frequencies to the fetus. It sits in an elasticated belt that fits around the pregnant tummy, and you play one side of a tape a day. It seemed to be effective in that my son has always had a very advanced sense of rhythm, appreciation for dance and music, as well as being mentally razor sharp and able to run rings round Mom and Dad!!

Super genius babies splashdown. See if you can borrow a copy of "Waterbabies" by Erik Sidenbladh from your library system. You can also buy it online from various sources. It details the work of Soviet researcher Igor Tjarkovsky and his method of water birthing. The babies that are born underwater come into the world without the trauma and shock of normal hospital births. They make a gentle transition from the wet world of the womb, to a birthing pool and then gradually get the feeling of the air. But they spend lots of time in the water after the birth. They have a natural inborn swim reflex and ability to hold the breath. In fact, these babies as they get a little more developed can hold their breath longer than world champion underwater divers like those featured in the movie The Big Blue. These underwater babies are demonstrably stronger, smarter, happier and less likely to fall ill -- real baby genius at play in the water! There are usually birth pools in most maternity hospitals now and you can opt to have a waterbirth. However do arrange it in advance and be prepared to adapt if there are any complications. My wife and I wanted to have a waterbirth and/or natural birth -- in the end, the birth involved every kind of intervention from forceps, to ventouse (not a pretty site seeing a doctor tugging on a ventouse suction cup handle, with an anaethetist pulling on the doctor and a nurse behind that in 3-person tug-of-war on my baby genius' head!) to an eventual caesarian!

Important note: With children comes a safety conscience. Get safe high quality baby nursery furniture that go beyond the basics. Don't forget the baby bedding. Keep safety in mind with a Britax car seat, for those times spent on the road.

Baby genius university. Nobody has championed the baby genius concept more thoroughly than Glenn Doman of the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential. Through his best-selling books, "How To Teach Your Baby To Read" and "How To Teach Your Baby Math", he introduced the world to the concept of the baby genius. His Baby University teaches parents how to coach their kid geniuses to advanced levels of intelligence, understanding and ability. Now if you have older kids, don't worry if you never got round to teaching them how to read at 9 months old! Nor that they couldn't play Mozart violin concertos at 4. It would seem that although these early learning programs can create a baby genius, children that have gone the "normal" educational route can catch up and even excel and surpass these hothoused children. Early learning creates a rich neural network that will always provide greater potential for genius-like thinking, however this potential is not always utilised or exploited in adulthood. If you liken the baby genius to a Ferrari and a regularly schooled kid to a Jeep, both can go 100 miles per hour. The Ferrari can go 100 miles per hour really easily with its big sportscar engine. The Jeep can also go 100 mph but its engine has to work a bit harder. So it is with a baby genius that has gone through baby genius program -- that baby genius could grow up to operate at a low level of performance (50mph), just cruising and getting by on its latent ability. The kid that has had to work to catch up and develop his genius, exploiting his multiple intelligences to the best of his ability, is likely to have a more successful life... Something to think about. Of course, there are also people who have gone through baby university type programs and are today leading extraordinary and productive lives too... (See Why Not Glenn Doman?)

Baby genius links and resources: See the links below for further explorations on the subject of your baby genius or kid genius. If you find any other websites related to baby genius or kid genius, please feel free to contact us and tell us about them! To get the full lowdown on creativity, genius and super brainpower why don't you check out my creative genius articles? They give you the edge!

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"When the first baby laughed for the first time,
the laugh broke into a thousand pieces
and they all went skipping about,
and that was the beginning of fairies."

~James M. Barrie

Baby Genius, Child Genius, and Developmental Toys - Top

Genius Babies - This is a terrific site packed to the gills with developmental baby toys and gifts designed to bring out the genius in your little baby. Go Now!

Baby Einstein - The Baby Einstein range of videos is a must-have for your new baby or toddler! I got these for Wily Jr. and he loved them when he was a baby/toddler. Baby Einstein is a part of Disney now (testimony to their popularity) but they were started by a creative genius mom for her two lovely daughters. We liked Baby Mozart and Baby Bach best.  Go now!

Baby Smart Start - Toys with strong, bold, black and white patterns are said to stimulate infant vision and have a resultant stimulating effect on the budding genius brain. Baby Smart Start sell the I-Qube, a soft cube toy in striking black and white with different patterns and pictures on each face of the cube. Go Now!

Baby Wow - this unique software for toddlers  was created to reward a child's natural curiosity about the computer with an interactive experience based on early development research. babyWOW! speaks 8 languages and is priced at $24.99. Go Now!

Baby Genius - A nice corporate looking website, Baby Genius offer a range of videos and clothing for your junior genius. As far as the videos are concerned, they seem to be jumping on the bandwagon and imitating Baby Einstein. That's okay, I just hope they are as good or better. They ceratinly seem to be well marketed. Let me know? Go now!

Yes, Your Baby Is A Genius  - YesPhonics program is a right-brain teaching method for Reading, Math & Encyclopedic Knowledge for babies ages birth to 5 years. The baby genius package costs between $95 - $115. Go Now!

Fundamentals - I cannot praise Colin Rose and the team at Accelerated Learning highly enough for this superb package for your baby genius in the making. Fundamentals is simply the best. Their new program EarlyChamps is also brilliant. This is a company with great integrity and superb presentation and products based on sound research. Go Now!

Information On Increasing Kids' IQ  - a brief article which asks "Can you really make your child smarter?". The fundamentals for making a smart kid or baby genius are abundant love, good nutrition, security, lots of hugs, reading, fun, physical activity, creativity, music and stimulating experiences. Go Now!

Natural Genius of Kids   - See Thomas Armstrong's excellent series of articles on the creative genius of your children including, Little GeniusesGo Now!

The Smart Baby - this interactive global resource for increasing your baby's brain power and IQ is packed full of useful products and information on bring up your baby genius. Go Now!

Smart Babies - prenatal stimulation and infant development toys and gifts to stimulate and enhance baby's genius and intelligence. Go Now!

The race to raise a brainer baby - USAToday article on the pressures facing parents today in the race to raise a baby genius, that can grow up to thrive under the pressures and demands of the modern world. Go Now!

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"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on."
~ Carl Sandburg 

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