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Become a Genius within 4-to-12 months!
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Genius IQ is set at 175. So if you score 175 or higher on an official IQ test, congratulations you are a genius with a certified genius level IQ! You are one in a million! You join the ranks of such luminaries as Bobby Fischer, the chess champion (187). If you scored an IQ level of 195, then you'd be one in several billion, just like Long Island bouncer Chris Langan, who not only flexes a muscular 250lb physique but a muscular mind that notches up a certified genius level IQ of over 195!  

Genius level IQ is not gender specfic. Obviously! According to the bio on the dust jacket of her book, "Brain Power: The 12-Week Mental Training Programme", author Marilyn Vos Savant has the highest IQ ever measured at 230. Various commentators on the web suggest an adjusted IQ estimate of around 185 because the 230 score was in her childhood. As the genius in question behind Parade magazine's "Ask Marilyn" column, Marilyn Vos Savant seems to attract a lot of hostility, with various wags gleefully leaping upon her errors and publishing them on the Marilyn Is Wrong website!  

Boost your IQ to Genius Level. Can you really push your IQ up towards the genius level? Yes, you can. Top notch nutrition, being adequately rested, training in IQ test type questions, exercise, a stimulating environment -- all these things will have a positive bearing on your IQ score results. Win Wenger's The Einstein Factor audio program teaches tested techniques that can raise your IQ - I highly recommend it. Practicing the BrainBubbles techniques used by Dr Yoshiro NakaMats (the world's most prolific inventor) can also send your IQ level heading towards the genius level. Associating with very clever people is probably one of the fastest ways to increase your IQ. If you can find a genius to hang out with, your IQ will rise to meet his or hers.

The Genius IQ Formula - A Genius' Way of Thinking.. Mega-genius, Jim Diamond, (certified genius level IQ of 191+)  has developed The Genius Formula, an audio program that he claims can teach anyone to think like a genius in 3 easy steps. If you decide to invest the required $30, let me know whether the "man with the PERFECT IQ" cranks you up to genius IQ level!

Certified Genius Level IQ Doesn't Guarantee Success. There's a condition to avoid called having a "surfeit of brains". These natural born geniuses with a certified genius IQ level can often suffer from an excess of intelligence as seems to have been the case with the world's greatest savant, William Sidis. (This common impression is countered in The Failure Myth).When you have an over-abundance of natural intelligence the ordinary things of life can seem so far beneath you as to seem disgusting. Alternatively, this glut of intelligence can lead to mental indolence and coasting on one's natural abilities. Few geniuses really achieve the heights of success and achievement that we would expect the powers of genius to bring them. So take comfort in your IQ score results, it is far better to be actively striving to become a genius and think like a genius than to just have it automatically. When you are struggling and pushing for advancement you become a stronger person and you will succeed far more than the person for whom everything comes so easiliy.

Genius IQ Spikes, or Strokes of Genius. The whole concept of genius IQ presumes a steady state of intelligence. Clearly however this is not the case. We have strokes of genius, moments when our brains or minds function at exceptional levels of insight, creativity and invention. Most of the time the brain is just focussed on the trivia and immediate concerns of the day. At these times, there is little difference between the mind of someone with an IQ of 100 and someone with an IQ of 165. It is only when we become purposefully focussed on a specific end or aim that our minds begin to spark. When the mind becomes aware of your main overriding obsessions it becomes very focussed on developing ideas and solutions related to that obsession.

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"I have nothing to declare but my genius!"
~ Oscar Wilde

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