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Genius is your birthright. You were born a genius, and you remain a genius, but you've probably squashed down most of your capacity for genius so that you are a tiny parody of what you could be and how you could think.

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Unleash Your Genius. Start to think of yourself as a creative genius. Give yourself instant permission to be smarter than you've allowed yourself to be up to this point. Genius is totally natural to you; you have a phenomenally powerful brain. Forget every insult you've ever received or repeated to yourself. You are not dumb. You are not stupid. You may sometimes do dumb or stupid things but the real you is a 100% total genius. Transform your self image. Repeat often to yourself: "I am a genius, and I apply my wisdom." Let that new identity soak into the very fabric of your being and you will begin to think in a whole new dynamic way: the Genius Way.

Adopt a genius. We are biologically designed first to imitate. So, find some geniuses to think like; these will be your genius mentors, heroes and role models. Learn how they think, what they do, how they live, think and act differently than you do. Start to adopt and practice thinking like they do. Super-genius developer, Win Wenger, teaches a process of "putting on heads" where you can borrow genius! First you find out everything you can about your genius mentor, then you imagine stepping into their bodies and putting on their heads and thinking out your problem as they would - like a genius! It's a clever technique to access your own inner genius and possibly draw upon the energy and inspiration of your genius mentor.

"Genius is more often found
in a cracked pot than in a whole one."
~ E. B. White

You don't have to be mad to be a genius, but it helps... You don't have to be an eccentric to qualify as a genius. However, by the very nature of genius thinking, you will be thinking in ways that are different from normal - so hold on to your hat and embrace your unconventionality! It is the nature of genius to test, probe, poke, pull and explore a subject from every angle. Genius is not afraid of trying new things -- it's all part of the experiment of life and so the genius is not bound by conventionality. As Elizabeth Barrett Browning remarked, "Since when was genius found respectable?" The genius surprises and makes leaps in thinking that can be breath-takingly audacious, even shocking. Learn to break up your habitual patterns of thought and think in new ways. 

Genius in all its forms. Perhaps you are looking to explore, stimulate or release your own brilliance and live your life as a genius for profit, respect and possibly fame. Maybe you want to encourage and stimulate your child's genius either before or after it is born. Possibly you want to draw upon the collective power of genius that the gathering of minds in the workplace can engender. Or it could be that you just want to read about some of the smartest people that have ever lived, those we commonly call geniuses. You'll find all your genius needs covered here.

If you have already read my creative ideas and free articles on how to unleash your inner genius, then please explore further the many excellent resources about genius via the links below.

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"I have nothing to declare but my genius!"
~ Oscar Wilde

Genius - Top

Genius, Inc - Byron Wagner touts his credentials for genius as a busy systems integrator and technology consultant to the entertainment and computer industries. Go Now!

Genius Papers - When you need to borrow genius: "For over 6 years, Genius Papers has been one of the biggest and most comprehensive research companies on the Web. Not only have we been featured in more publications, conferences, and educational briefings than virtually any other paper assistance service in existence, we have also been included within the top 10 term paper and book report listings of just about every major search engine on the Internet." 
 Go Now!

Edward de Bono - Genius Edward de Bono is probably the world's foremost expert in new thinking skills with over 62 books to his name including "Lateral Thinking". His CoRT thinking lessons have been used by millions of people. Go now!

Borrowed Genius - Genius Win Wenger, of Project Renaissance, shows you how to borrow some genius for your own direct use. Immitating genius, absorbing and copying their memes is a sure-fire technique to spark your own genius thinking!  Go Now!

Quotes on Genius - A rather motley collection of quotes referring to genius. Go Now!

Thinking Like A Genius - short article of tips to think like a genius based on the excellent work of Michael Michalko (see below). Go Now!

The Imagineer - Michael Michalko, author of "Thinkertoys" and "Cracking Creativity" superb books for unleashing your creative genius. Go Now!

Michael Gelb - brilliant author of "Discover Your Genius" and "How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" which I cannot recommend highly enough in your search for the genius mindstate. Go Now

Wily Walnut's Inner Genius Articles! - If you want to get the full lowdown on creativity, genius IQ and super brainpower why don't you check out my creative genius articles? They give you the edge!

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