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Geniuses shape the world. The evil geniuses of movies are always plotting and scheming to control the world! But it is the real geniuses who invent things and expand our understanding, knowledge and abundance, who really shape the world we live in. Not content to live a mediocre life, these geniuses plunge into their chosen work and their brilliance, creativity and innovation leaves an indelible mark on the world. You too are a genius, and like all the geniuses before you, you can learn to access your inner genius by letting other real geniuses be your mentors and guides.

Geniuses help you become a genius. Not all geniuses are altruistically minded, but all geniuses leave us with a much greater understanding of intelligence and how to think like they did. Geniuses like Thomas Alva Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci, left vast and copious notes, journals and writings which reveal the secrets of their genius. You can study these geniuses, do as they do or did, and become the genius that you were born to be. You can even learn the secret thinking skills of fictional geniuses like Sherlock Holmes, or the communication strategies of great writers like William Shakespeare.

"Geniuses are the luckiest of mortals
because what they must do
is the same as
what they most want to do." 
~ W.H.Auden

Geniuses are pivotal figures in your consciousness. Famous geniuses become like guiding stars in the firmament of your mind. People like Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart come to represent and define genius in your mind. As we learn easiest by imitation and demonstration, these famous geniuses unwittingly form the foundation and basis of your understanding of genius. When I ask you to become the genius that you are, you automatically draw on those archetypal geniuses to begin to formulate your own way of thinking like a genius.

Read about some of the smartest people that have ever lived, those we commonly call geniuses. Draw upon the collective power of the geniuses that have lived, loved and contributed so greatly to our planet, leaving us the legacy of a lifetime of unrivalled creative genius thinking. You'll find links to the secret world of geniuses included below here.

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If you find any other websites related to geniuses, please feel free to contact us and tell us about them! If you want to get the full lowdown on geniuses' secrets of creativity, innovation and super brainpower why don't you check out my creative genius articles? They give you the edge!

  • Geniuses - discover everything you ever wanted to know about the world's greatest geniuses!
  • Genius -  real live genius, find the genius to bring out your genius!
  • Genius IQ -  certified genius level IQ, what's your IQ for genius thinking!
  • Baby Genius - the best resouces for your baby or child genius in the making!

Geniuses, the world's real geniuses - Top

Great Thinkers & Visionaries  - This is a superb site that I keep revisiting to dip in and discover yet another genius that I knew nothing about bit has the capacity to blow my mind in some way. Packed with links to pages all about living and historical geniuses in all fields of endeavour especially the sciences and philosophy. Go Now!

The Halcyon List of Geniuses & Thinkers - An awesome nexus point for the hottest geniuses in all disciplines. Great place to start for a regular mind-stretching trip round the galaxy. Packed to the gills with links to the extraordinary, the bizarre, the outrageous and everything groundbreaking. Go Now!

Geniuses and Scientists - HAHAHA! This site is hilarious. How would you like Einstein's spirit to come and work with you? Come and have a written psychic interview with the great genius to see if you qualify as a host for his spirit! If you're accepted and can afford the $25,000,000 fee charged by famous psychic Prince Leopold, you'll be merging souls with one of history's greatest geniuses! Don't worry though, there are geniuses and famous spirits to suit all budgets!  Go now!

301 Geniuses - Estimated IQ's of 301 Eminent Geniuses Born from 1450 to 1850 from
Catherine M. Cox's The Early Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniuses.
Go Now!

IT Geniuses - is headhunting for IT geniuses. They can train you to be an IT genius or plump your resume to get the best IT jobs going! Go Now!

24 Characteristics of All Geniuses - "Most people have the mistaken idea that geniuses are born, not made", says clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrious, founder and director of the Self-Programmed Control Center of Los Angeles. He claims the worlds greatest geniuses have all had 24 personality characteristics in common and that you can develop the same traits yourself. Go Now!

Estimated IQs of the Greatest Geniuses - Find out which historical genius is considered to have the greatest IQ - some surprises I think. Lists geniuses with highest IQs and links to pages all about them. Go Now!

Mad Geniuses - The mad genius research lab is dedicated to the possibility that the next unrecognized genius like Einstein, Tesla, Rife, or Ramanujan might be lurking out on the net somewhere, completely unsupported and unappreciated. The site features various links and papers tracking what the author considers will be key areas of scientific, technological, and social advancement in the near future.  Go Now!

World Geniuses - A page that attempts to list the world's greatest geniuses but seems unclear as to whether genius is neccessary for great achievements. Nevertheless, a list of world contributors who are ascribed to be geniuses. Go Now!


Top 10 Geniuses of All Time According to Buzan's Book Of Genius:

  1. Leonardo da Vinci - the genius of geniuses!
  2. William Shakespeare - the greatest playwright of all time!
  3. Great Pyramid Builders - Egypt's geniuses of architecture.
  4. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - genius who used over 50,000 different words in his writings.
  5. Michelangelo - the genius who carved a David from a block of stone! 
  6. Sir Isaac Newton - something about gravity - far too serious!
  7. Thomas Jefferson - one of the genius architects of the USA.
  8. Albert Einstein - generally first to come to mind when you think of geniuses!



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