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Jack got himself some magic beans and a whole heap of trouble in exchange for his mother's cow! Ooh the ear-bashing he got when he got home from market was something awful! She threw those beans right out the window and sent him to bed without any dinner. When Jack awoke the next day, he discovered a magic beanstalk had grown that led to a giant's kingdom in the sky. He climbed up that beanstalk and crept into the giant's castle, and he found the giant's treasure: a golden goose who laid golden eggs...

Whether you are as skinny as a beanstalk or not, know this... you have a giant's kingdom on top of your neck! And you can go there and take its treasures and get yourself some golden geese (brilliant ideas) that will lay golden eggs (commissions, profits, more love, respect, fame, fun) for you everyday for the rest of their lives!

Your magic beans are your intention, your exploration, and your openness ... the beanstalk you climb is the mental path you follow and create in your exploration, the golden geese are the special thoughts and ideas that fly to you as if out of the clouds.

Yeah, yeah, enough with the fairy tales... where're my mind powers?
Your brain isn't so attractive to look at - it's kind of gray and wrinkly - a bit like your feet look if you stay in the bath too long. But your brain sure is beautiful in terms of what it can do for you.

I expect you've heard it said that we use only 10% of our brain-power. I think it's like having a very large house. You can only be in one room at a time but that doesn't mean that you are not living in the whole house. Your presence can certainly be felt in every room.

The conscious mind is likened to the tip of an iceberg that is visible above the ocean. The vast bulk of an iceberg is below the water surface, just as the vast 'bulk' of the mind is below the threshold of conscious awareness in stratas called, variously, the subconscious and the unconscious mind.

You can think and wrangle consciously as much as you like, but all ideas come out of the subconscious mind like gifts. Learning to have a better relationship with your subconscious and unconscious mind is a sure way to unleash genius powers. All geniuses confess that their most inspired works came to them as if "from the gods".

Your conscious mind is your little mind - it's the mind of focus and intention - it's like a pen torch shining in a dark room. Whatever you turn it to, it illuminates. A torch usually only sheds light on a small area, you have to move it around to see other things that are going on it that dark room. But you can only ever see a tiny fraction at a time.

Trouble is we often just "lock in" and stay focussed on one tiny little area. That's when we limit ourselves. Instead of accessing our giant resources, we obsess, worry and think habitually. In your ordinary everyday way of thinking, you are firmly locked into the small conscious mind.

Your unconscious mind is the giant mind. It has awesome power and knowledge. In case you are feeling edgy with the idea of unconscious, you can also think of it as the superconscious mind or universal mind. Whatever you call it, it's important to realise that it is usually outside the awareness of your conscious reasoning mind.

Just to give you another analogy of scale, imagine the narrow apeture at the bottom of a funnel is your conscious mind. Everything at the top of the funnel and the wide universe of infinity above it that is pouring down into the funnel, is your giant mind, your super mind.


Accessing the giant mind...
There are countless ways to access your super mind. You do it every night in your dreams for one. But let's remind ourselves of those "magic beans" that will provide us with a beanstalk to the giant's kingdom. They are intention, exploration and openness.

Intention is when you decide to do something. Writing duo Mark Victor Hansen's and Jack Canfield's intention was to write a mega-best-selling book that would help a lot of people. Committing themselves to that goal, they decided they were going to do whatever it took to achieve that aim.

And they knew that they were going to need the help of their giant super minds in order to do it. So they wrote out their intention (writing is the tool of genius, so make sure you have a bundle of different journals to write in) to clarify it and to let their superminds know they were serious. 

Exploration is when you investigate, research and experiment with ways of achieving your intention. Mark and Jack knew that they needed a mind-blowing title and theme for their book if it was going to achieve the kind of success that they dreamed of. They investigated and researched how other writers had become best selling authors.

They discovered a technique Napoleon Hill had used to come up with his "Think and Grow Rich" best selling title and they experimented with it. Every night for several days they meditated and programmed their minds by repeating "Mega bestselling title" before going to sleep.

Openness is when you let go of your narrow focus and allow infinite intelligence in. You must let go of all your allegiances and biases for old ideas. The best way to do this is to meditate. "Ooh sounds spooky!" No, not at all. Meditation is nothing more than switching off the motor on that mouse wheel that endlessly spins in your conscious mind.

Meditation is allowing. Some say that allowing and openness is what Love is. Love allows everything to be without judgement. That is ultimate openness, or unconditional Love. Open your mind with love and let the universe come in and deliver what you seek.

So Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield were open to the super mind and at 4.30 in the morning, Canfield sat bolt upright in bed and took delivery of not only a golden egg but a golden goose as well. The title they were seeking was Chicken Soup For The Soul. And together they made it a mega bestselling book and a publishing phenomenom that has earned millions of dollars and inspired millions of people.

Plant the magic beans of intention, exploration and openness in the ground of your life. And let the genius power deliver golden eggs and golden geese for you.

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