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The Dumb Powder Plot and why Guy Fawkes was onto a good idea...

Your mind is governed by a set of behaviours, beliefs and values that you have accumulated over a lifetime. Those things have formed to serve you to the best of their ability and knowledge. But those habitual thought structures are flawed, limited and, in many instances, obscenely counter-productive!

Your mind is severely limited by what governs you
Now, I'd like you to dig into your knowledge of English history and remember old Guy Fawkes - he who tried to blow up the English Houses of Parliament on November 5th in the year 1605. Here's the jingle to jog your memory...

"Please to remember The 5th November:
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.
 We know no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot."

Guy, or Guido as he was known to his pals, was a good Catholic but he wasn't overly blessed in the brain department (and there was no Wily Walnut to help him back then)!

As we all know, his little gunpowder plot didn't work out too well because he was caught by King James' soldiers. He was then hung, drawn and quartered as a traitor! Ever since the English have celebrated his failure by throwing a dummy (a "guy") onto the bonfire on November 5th  - fireworks night!

But Guy Fawkes was a smart man in one way. He realized that his life was limited by what ruled him. And he tried to change that in an explosive way! Now, we are going to apply the same dynamic (or dynamite!) to your brain and try to free you from the chains of bondage. That'll be nice, won't it?

I promise that if you follow my instructions, it won't fizzle out, you won't be hung, drawn or quartered... but you will be beheaded! Your head will be replaced with a better one!

For a more "accurate" description of Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot, visit this site: http://www.bonefire.org/guy/index.html

How do you blow your mind?
You need a big bang. Something that will surprise you out of yourself. You could try 36 barrels of gun-powder like Guido but you won't be doing much of anything when that goes off!

Alternatively think of the times you've said or heard someone say something like, "Wow! That really blew my mind!". You need to get back into that sort of state because it's a like a portal opening into an ocean of creativity.

The Dumb powder plot...
Here's my Guy Fawkes inspired BLOW YOUR MIND exercise:

1. Get comfortable. Get quiet.

2. Think of a problem, challenge or project that you'd like to get creative on. Or maybe you want to see yourself in a whole new way but you've been stuck up to now. You set the challenge.

3. Think about the situation. Consider it from all angles. Spend at least 5 minutes on this but no more than 10 minutes. Saturate your brain with your thoughts about it. Be very observant of all the ways you think this situation or challenge *should* be done, or *should* work out. Just notice all your beliefs, opinions, and under current thoughts about it.

4. Now imagine that you are squashing all that information down into a little tiny box. Go ahead and push all that you know about that challenge into that box. It may resist you but you can easily push it down into that box. Make sure everything goes into that tiny box.

5. Close the lid. Hammer it shut if you need too. You can probably hear all it squeaking with indignation in there. Tell it to shut the hell up!

6. Notice that packed all around the box are lots and lots of sticks of dynamite. Laugh fiendishly!

7. Running from the dynamite covered box is a long fuse wire. Pick it up between your fingers and follow it as it leads you far away from the box.

8. As you walk slowly away from the box, you might hear or notice voices in your head around you. These voices are giving you all the reasons why you cannot solve this problem, why you are not creative, why you are no good.

Listen to these voices but keep following the fuse wire. As you listen to these voices, do nothing, but notice how angry you are beginning to get. Nobody can talk to you like that! Let your feelings of anger and rage build.

9. Feel your anger building until you feel like you are going to explode. As you get close to that point, you reach the detonation box. You are so angry now you want to blow up all the voices and all the thoughts and feelings that you have about the situation or challenge. You'll show them!

10. Jump upon the detonation box and hit the red button.

11. Turn back just in time to see the box EXPLODE in a big fiery ball! Physically clap your hands hard and make an explosive sound with your mouth and leap to your feet in time with the mental explosion.

12. As the cloud of flame disperses, and the clouds and debris swiftly settle and disperse. Feel a sense of clarity and allow a flood of new impression to flow freely into your brain...

13. Write down or dictate the ideas and impressions without stopping to censor them...

14. Be willing to allow wonderful new insights and ideas to formulate now...

Practice this exercise a few times in its long form. Play around with it to suit you. As you get confident, you can shorten it to get quicker results. Just think of the situation, challenge or area of creativity. Pull all the limited thoughts, excuses and tired old impressions you have about it into one spot. Compress it tighter, harder, smaller for 10 seconds pouring all your mental, physical and emotional energy into and then let it explode with a mighty whoosh, transforming into new ideas and insights and creative flashes of colour and inspiration.

Your brain is a genius machine. Play with it and use it. That is what it is for.

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