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"The Human Craptivator: why you absolutely must seek out your worst ideas and take a vicious pleasure in sharing them with others!"

Coming up with a great idea that will make a lot of money is not easy. We've been told that all our lives. However we also know that one great idea can change our lives forever. A stellar idea can make us rich, make us famous, make us respected. It's the Holy Grail, and we are ruthless in our pursuit of it. Ideas flow endlessly into our minds each and every day. Crappy, lousy ideas that we don't even give the time of day. That stern inner censor boots them out of our minds with the thought: "What was I thinking? That's just nutty!"

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And we press on. Hoping, searching, seeking... if only unconsciously, in a kind of 'resigned to never finding it' way. We just keep coming up with rubbish and we dismiss our trash thoughts straight off. We don't want to be seen as one of those crazy people, you know, those mad inventors who have patented hairdryers for hamsters or self-fry bacon.

It takes a lot of effort to squish down all your stupid thoughts, doesn't it? That stream of consciousness is more like a torrent.

Well, good news pilgrim, you can stop all that now. I am handing you an official permission notice: You are now free to explore and express your crappy ideas!

That's right. You see you've been squelching your creative juice steam and calling it bad names. Pull on your Marigolds (rubber gloves) and let the lid off that Pandora's box, you are going to be handling some real stinkers but it's gonna be worth it.

Because your worst ideas can make you a fortune!

You should start inflicting them on others today: your kids, your wife, your boss and your peers. Let 'em have it! Turn yourself on full bore and let loose with every wacky, tacky idea that you ever dreamed of. If they don't start groaning every time they see you, you are not trying hard enough.

It's simple science. Out of manure, beautiful fragrant roses grow. We pull diamonds from the dirt, don't we? There's always more dirt to sift through than diamonds. So to discover your diamonds, let's get on with the dirt!

Here's what expressing and sharing your dankest, dingiest, smelliest, stupidest ideas will do for you:

  • It will make you extremely unpopular with your friends and family. On the other hand, it might make you very popular (after all we all love to laugh at others stupidity!)
  • You'll feel a vicious pride in just how terrible your ideas are!
  • You'll get a morbid pleasure from buttonholing someone, nailing them to the spot and explaining at length why your super-widget is going to revolutionize the budgie breeding industry.
  • You'll feel a sudden freedom and surge in creative energy. You can now think any way you choose! Wa-hey!
  • You'll notice that some of your stupid ideas aren't that stupid after all. They may just be wacky. But wacky sells! People want to be entertained.
  • You'll suddenly notice how 2 or 3 crappy ideas can actually be merged together to make a super smart idea.
  • You'll have a highly developed sense of the marketplace from the feedback you get, you'll start to know what people actually want, what works and what doesn't.
  • Your brain will ratchet up to higher and higher levels of thinking and creativity. First quantity, then quality...
  • You'll be burning up your lifetime supply of strike-outs at super rapid speed, getting closers and closer to that golden home run. Think of Edison's 10,000 experiments to invent the light bulb. With each failed experiment, he knew he was one step closer to success. With each crappy idea you express, explore and get out of the way you are that bit closer to the Big One!
  • You'll develop an appreciation for all your thoughts. You'll come to an understanding that your mind and your unconscious are wanting to serve you all the time. Every thought and every idea, however ludicrous it seems at first, can serve you.
  • You'll eventually understand that even crappy ideas can be sold. And people will happily buy what you offer if you offer it with integrity and good service. One man's crap is another man's dinner ... er... well, you know what I mean!

So get yourself a log book and label it something like DIRE THOUGHTS or BUMHOLE BRAINSTORMING or THE CESS PIT or THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DUMBASS IDEAS. And write down all your ideas without judgement and see where they lead you. It will be to a good place.

Remember, your attitude and expectation is to out-do yourself with each and every stupid idea. You should be laughing while you are spilling your guts (or is that bowels?)! Have fun, take pleasure in being outlandish, whacky, crazy, nutty or just plain dumb. Let yourself free... 

You are the Human Craptivator and you are churning up the soil of your genius. Have faith in that. Your way of thinking works. Every thought in your head is part of your genius. Let the shit out and let the genius shine.

Got Feedback? I'd love to hear from YOU! Email me: wily[at]wilywalnut.com

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