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Intrapersonal or Intuitive

Definition: Intrapersonal or Intuitive Intelligence is defined as the ability to access, understand and communicate one's own inner feelings.  (Some people believe that intuition should be defined as a separate intelligence for it's apparent innate ability to know about others or events without having been exposed to knowledge of that.)

Usually found in: philosophers, gurus, mystics, sages, wise elders, novelists, counsellors, poets, song writers, people with a deep sense of self..

Famous examples: Lao Tzu, Plato, Socrates,

Intrapersonal-Intuitive Intelligence traits:


Exercises to strengthen Intrapersonal or Intuitive Intelligence:

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Intrapersonal communication
Intrapersonal communication is language use or thought internal to the communicator. Explore this wiki.

Intrapersonal characteristics and supporting technologies
Another overview of the intrapersonal or intuitive intelligence with technologies that stimulate or support this intelligence.

The Secret of Intuitive Intelligence
Jill Ammon-Wexler's article on developing your intuitive intelligence.

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