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Intelligence tests or I.Q. tests, as they are more commonly known, were invented by Alfred Binet (1857-1911). Binet was fascinated by the study of mental abilities and disabilities. He sought to understand whether intelligence was affected by class and economic environment. The tests were developed to test and measure intellectual aptitude and were particularly focussed on the abilities of judgement, comprehension and reasoning.

Intelligence tests were originally thought to show absolute scores and levels of intelligence that remained the same throughout life. We now know that they offer a very limited view of a person's real intelligence or capacity for genius. For one thing your IQ test score results will fluctuate depending on your mood, your biochemistry (what you've consumed or not consumed), time of day and other environmental factors. Also each free IQ test can vary so much in the result it gives you, as you will see from taking the free IQ tests online that you will find listed below.

Your brain is not a static organ. Researchers like Dr Howard Gardner have vastly expanded our understanding of what human intelligence is. He has identified that we actually have multiple intelligences, each of which are interrelated. If you train and strengthen one intelligence, it will benefit the others. Nowaday your genius is far better measured by an MIQ test (a multiple intelligence test).

But I.Q. tests remain fun. And it's so very satisfying to discover that your score is higher than your friends! However, be warned, it can also be crushing to discover that you have the I.Q. of a warthog!

Look at the links below, take an IQ test, then take another and, in a few days, another. See what results you get with your score results. Find your average IQ score. High or Low, it doesn't matter, because you can still learn how to systematically boost your IQ (see advert at top). Good luck!


  • IQ Test - find your IQ test, but some may charge for IQ test results!
  • Free IQ Test - sites with free IQ tests of differing quality!
  • IQ Test Online - online IQ tests, anything I missed in the other two IQ test sections! 

IQ Tests - Top

Emode Unique IQ Test - Emode is a brilliant site with loads of different tests, including this unique IQ test, that help you discover everything about yourself. The IQ test is free to take, and you'll get a IQ score, but you'll have to pay if you want full IQ test results. Tip: rather than pay for individual tests look out for the option to join for 3 months - then you can save money and take as many tests as you want! That's what I did. :-) Go Now!

Queendom IQ Tests - Great site with loads of tests to take, if you want full results from IQ test you will have to get your wallet/purse out. I haven't tried the IQ test here but you can bet its a quality IQ test that you can rely on. IQ test takes about an hour. Go Now!

High IQ Society - Really top quality site that offers 5 free IQ tests online that measure different aspects of intelligence. If your IQ score is over 126, you qualify to become a member of the High IQ Society. Go now!

IVillage In-Depth IQ Test - ivillage is a great site, and this is a great free IQ test if you just want another IQ score. However if you want you IQ test results analysis you will have to pay about $10. Go Now!

IQ-TEST - A 30 minute duration free IQ test. Do well and you can join the ranks of the Top 100 people to take the test, all of whom scored an IQ of 175. Me thinks some people maybe taking the IQ test a lot of times to get on the top 100! Cynical, moi? Go Now!

IQ Test Labs - Take the free online IQ test. Takes between 10-15 mins. Testimonials on the site suggest this is a very good IQ test, with IQ scores scoring comparable to in-depth professional IQ testing.  Go Now!

Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests - Uncommonly difficult IQ tests... it does exactly what it says on the can! Go Now!

Brain - Loads of FREE IQ TESTS to choose from including a 5-Minute IQ Test, 12-Minute IQ Test, Ultimate IQ Test, Verbal IQ Test, Logic IQ Test, Culture Fair IQ Test and an Exceptional IQ Test! These IQ tests are actually set by The High IQ Society - see link above. Go now!

Amby's Brain Teasers - An extensive selection of links for brain teasers, brain games, brain puzzles and thinking skill enhancers!. Go Now!

Testedich -  Test Yourself, a German IQ test site. So all the IQ test questions are in German. Now if you are not a natural German speaker, taking your IQ test here will be a real measure of your IQ! - Go Now!


Free IQ Test - Top

IQTest - Good site, has free iq test you can do in about 13 mins plus history and explanation of iq testing, what iq means and understanding iq scores. Also do click the link for information on Edg Duveyoung's exercises to improve IQ - very interesting. Go Now!

Majon's Online IQ Test Center - Choose from 4 free IQ tests; they require your name and email submission to get IQ test results back. So expect to get lots of email from them ;-) Go Now!

Test Your IQ - Another free IQ test, you have 45 mins to answer 60 questions. This IQ test isn't automated or interactive, you need to mark down your answers, and then go to the answer page too get your score. Go Now!

Mensa IQ workout  - This is not a free IQ test as such, but is a free brain workout from Mensa. To qualify for MENSA, the high IQ society you need to contact them directly and arrange to be IQ tested through them. Go Now!

IQTest.sk - A nicely designed Slovakian free IQ test site, with English section and 16 IQ tests in mathematical, visual, logical, pictorial and mixed categories. Go Now!

TestCafe - Testcafe's free IQ test takes 12 minutes (so that gives you about 22 seconds per question). Can you stand the pace? Find out your IQ score! Nice site. Go Now!

Genius Code - What would it mean for you if you saw increases in your IQ, memory, learning capacity, mental quickness, intuition, and creativity? Go Now!

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Online IQ Test - Top

Free Online IQ Tests  - Free IQ tests online -two 30 minute automated IQ tests online. Plus German IQ test too! Go Now!

IQ Tests - Links to other IQ test sites. The good IQ test sites are already listed on this page but it has a few others IQ tests that I have left off. Go Now!

Personality and IQ Tests - David Eck's personality and IQ tests - nice long list of automated IQ tests not found here. Go Now!

All The Tests - The search and engine and directory to all online IQ tests. This is very useful as all the IQ tests are given a rating. Go Now!

Puzz - Lots of links to IQ tests, brain teasers and quiz / puzzle sites. Bit dubious. Go Now!


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