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Definition: Linguistic Intelligence is the capacity to use language, your native language, and perhaps other languages, to express what's on your mind and to understand other people.  

Usually found in: poets, copywriters, novelists, journalists, scriptwriters, orators, seminar presenters, politicians, editors, publicists, journalists, speech writers, lawyers

Famous examples: Bill Clinton, J.K.Rowling, Tony Robbins, Winston Churchill

Linguistic Intelligence traits:

Exercises to strengthen linguistic intelligence:

Accelerated Learning Techniques

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Wily Walnut - FREE articles to unleash your linguistic intelligence and every facet of your genius!

Technology that enhances verbal-linguistic intelligence - Dee Dickinson's thoughtful article on how computers can be used in the classroom to improve children's linguistic intelligence.

New Horizons - excellent site packed with resources related to multiple intelligences (of which linguistic intelligence is just one) including articles by Howard Gardner and other leading educators.

Linguistic Intelligence - defined with links to notes on the other intelligences and research info.

Seventh Day Adventist NAD Education - defines and discusses verbal linguistic intelligence and other student learning styles. A resource for teachers. 

Discover and Nurture Your Child's Learning Strengths - a terrific site packed with resources for parents who have children who are struggling with language and reading, the key verbal linguistic intelligence skills. 

Linguistic Intelligence - another useful set of definitions for LI and the other multiple intelligence categories. But hopefully you have figured it out by now!

Teaching Strategies for Linguistic Intelligence - a useful article for teachers suggesting ways to enhance and teach verbal linguistic intelligence amongst their students.

Maine Center For Meaningful Engaged Learning - this is a great page of information on linguistic intelligence with links you may want to follow up. 

Multiple Intelligences: Linguistic/Verbal - this commendable site from Cooks Primary School, In Australia, defines the linguistic learner as the "word player". Spot on! As they say, "Linguistic intelligence is the ability to use language to excite, please, convince, stimulate or convey information." A great guide for children and adults.

Artsgenesis - this page gives additional in depth guidance to enhancing linguistic intelligence.


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