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Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Definition: Logical-Mathematical Intelligence is the capacity to reason, calculate, recognise patterns and handle logical thinking.  

Usually found in: scientists, engineers, mathematicians, computer programmers, doctors, police investigators, researchers, accountants, economists, lawyers and animal trackers

Famous examples: Bertrand Russell,  Marian DiamondBill Gates,  Albert Einstein,  Sir Isaac Newton

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence traits:

Exercises to strengthen logical-mathematical  intelligence:

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Wily Walnut - FREE articles to unleash your logical-mathematical intelligence and every facet of your genius!

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence - short synopsis of logical-mathematical intelligence with links to info about multiple intelligence and Dr Howard Gardner.

Technology that enhances logical-mathematical intelligence - Dee Dickinson's thoughtful article on how computers can be used in the classroom to improve children's logical-mathematical intelligence.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence - a report by Gerald Grow, Ph.D. from his working paper "Writing and Multiple Intelligences," that discusses logical-mathematical intelligence.

Logical Intelligence - pithy definition by Howard Gardner with notes on famous geniuses with strong logical-mathematical intelligence traits.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence - concise definition of logical-mathematical intelligence with links to notes on the other intelligences and research info.

Learning about Logical-Mathematical Intelligence - superb page on logical-mathematical intelligence with audio lesson on thinking by reason, profile of logical-mathematical thinker, brain treasers, guidance for teachers and parents on teching children with strong logical-mathematical intelligence and recommendations for related reading and research. 

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence - characteristics of logical-mathematical intelligence plus teaching ideas and assessment ideas. 

Nurturing Logical-Mathematical Intelligence In Pre-Schoolers - great page offering ideas such as creating a maths centre, using mathematical language and using patterning to cultivate logical-mathematical intelligence!

Multiple Intelligences: Logical/Mathematical - this highly commendable site from Cooks Primary School, in Australia, defines the logical-mathematical learner as the "questioner". As they say, "Logical-Mathematical intelligence is the ability to explore patterns, categories and relationships by manipulating objects or symbols, and to experiment in a controlled, orderly way." A terrific guide for children and adults.

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence - provides lesson ideas and exercises for exploring your logical-mathematical intelligence.


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