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“MindChat: talking to yourself is no longer the first sign of madness - it's the first sign of excellence! Here's why...”

This article will discuss why MindChat or Mind Talk is a great way to access your creativity, unleash your ability to innovate and help you generate excellent ideas.

There was an awful blaze on Main Street. The flames were licking up the sides of the famous department store. Every body was out and accounted for as near as the manager could tell. The fire engines screeched up, the firemen jumped out, set up, and switched on their hoses. You could see the hoses suddenly flex hard as they filled with high-pressure water. It was awesome to watch.

Most ordinary people would be thrown to the ground by one of those fire hoses, and the hoses would have thrashed around spraying water in all directions and doing nothing to put out the devastating inferno. But the firemen knew just how to control them. They could adjust the spray with the end nozzles and point the spray into the worse parts of the fire, until it was under their control. They used the power of the water effectively.

Grab hold of your thought stream hose and put out the fires in your life

The stream of consciousness in your mind can be likened to a fire hose. The thoughts come out under high pressure and in a constant stream. Often times, it can feel as though the thoughts are out of control and spraying all over the place. Like the fireman, you can learn to brace your legs, and take control of that high-powered thought stream.

How do you “brace your legs” mentally? Well, it takes awareness and attitude. You need an attitude of I’m going to control this and make it work for me. Then you pick up the hose. That means you decide you are going to be the one in control of the thought steam.

If the fireman’s hose is thrashing around out of control it can cause damage and injury. It could suddenly whip out and knock someone over. It could direct water over at the crowd and knock them down, drenching them in the process. It could break through a windowpane.

Respect the power of your thought stream. It’s spraying out experiences that you are then walking into. It’s spraying out paint in the shades of opinions, beliefs, worries, fears, hopes and expectations. Those “paints” color your experience of the world.

From the moment you are born, your life is on fire. That’s right. There is a hideous fire in your life that seeks to burn and destroy all that you have endeavored to build, create and enjoy. It’s the fire of negativity, of gloom, of hate, of devolution. But don’t be alarmed, it’s only to be feared if you choose the path of ignorance and unawareness.

Now you are aware of it. You’ve heard it described in other ways perhaps. You might think of it in terms that are more fitting to you. But you know what it is. And you know how to defeat it.

Grab hold of that hose, that stream of consciousness and adjust the pressure, adjust the hue of the colors you are spraying in your life and direct that jet of thought power into a direction that serves your purposes. Turn it upon those invisible flames that attack your sense of purpose and extinguish their destructive power.

The stream of thought, for most of us, is made of words we hear/think and images we see/think in our minds. John and Jane Doe don’t exercise a lot of control of what goes on in their heads. The thoughts that appear to spring to mind sucker them along. They end up a victim to their whims, fears and beliefs. Virtual automatons, they are hypnotised by social beliefs, TV and movies, always defaulting to the lowest common denominator in their habitual thinking.

The gatekeeper – guardian of the stream

The basics of creation are thought – word – deed. For many people, there are virtually no gaps between having a thought and voicing it and acting upon the thought. The thought springs from the unconscious, leaps forward and is expressed.

Internal banter is constant, yap, yap, yap… programmed by a lifetime of exposure to other people’s belief systems and patterns of thought. Take a seat on the sideline and watch the thoughts whooshing into your consciousness (the part where you can hear them). Be like one of those train spotters who sit at the end of the platform and just take notes about the train number, name, time of departure.

You take note of the thought. Is it positive or negative? How frequently does it reappear? Does it make you feel good or feel bad? Is it an empowering “can-do” thought or a disabling “can’t do” thought? Just dispassionately observe what is going on in your mind…

Do you keep a tidy house?

If your mind was a house, would it be beautiful, light, spacious, welcoming, supportive and a joy to be in? If your mind was a house, would you invite somebody you wanted to impress round to visit?

If not, you need to seize control. You have to become the guardian of the stream – the gatekeeper who decides what and who comes in and out of your mind. The fireman, who controls the hose and directs the stream of thought to a more useful, life-affirming purpose.

You’ve already taken the first step in regaining control. You have become aware of your thoughts. You have given conscious space to your thoughts, so that you can calmly observe and make an inventory of your thoughts.

Dictating the pace and the result

Now you have become more aware of your existing thoughts, the second step is to start replacing the thoughts that don't support you with ones that do. By now, you'll have become very aware of how negative a lot of your thinking is.

Frequently, when we are performing at work, in sports or in social interaction, we self-abuse ourselves mentally! I'm sure I don't need to explain this too much. You've got voices in your head telling you how stupid you are, how fat you are, what a slob you are, what a failure you are. You've got voices in your head saying you'll never succeed, you're a clutz, that rich people are mean, that you'll always be poor, that if you go for that job / contract / partner you'll only make a fool of yourself and get hurt.

These voices are the brakes on your forward progress; in many instances they are the very things that drag you down and prevent you from being successful in your life. It's time to kick-butt and get rid of these gremlins. Think of them as the flames of the fires in your life.

As soon as you become aware of your negative thoughts, you can see the relationship between the thoughts and what you experience in your life of feelings.

You can see how changing your thoughts can change your life.

Thinking versus thought

It is time to choose the thoughts shooting through your mind. Jason Mangrum, author of The Path Of Manifestation, redefines thinking as active and requiring conscious effort, and thought as passive and needing no conscious effort. He says that if you deliberately think about something, such as of a juicy red apple, you can think about it for a few seconds before the stream of consciousness pushes other thoughts into your mind and distracts you.

 The stream of thoughts comes from your subconscious and the collective unconscious. It's a bit like being spammed. You need to put a spam-filter on your mind and stop all the crud from coming through. You also want to put a lens on your mind to help you focus on what exactly you want and the thoughts that will support the attainment of that.

MindChat, or Mind Talk as it is more often known, is simply the conscious choice of supportive inner dialogue. You can imagine it as your own inner life coach, your own inner cheerleader, encouraging you and supporting your self-esteem with affirmative "you can do it, you're great!" language.

So imagine an inner mentor or guide, there to encourage you and point out all your positive attributes and help you focus on them. Your inner mentor isn't there to flatter you or make you believe that you can fly when patently you can't. That supportive voice is there to focus on your strengths, your abilities, your resourcefulness to deal with any situation. It is there to boost your self-worth and reframe your attitude and perspectives on things so that you feel good.

What are the kinds of things that inner mentor would say? Catch yourself when you are beating yourself up mentally and PIVOT so that you start your thinking in the new supportive way that you choose.

With time and practice, this inner cheerleader will be there for you constantly and will carry you through problems and challenges with ease. You are a genius -- start talking yourself up!

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