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Musical Intelligence

Definition: The ability to compose songs and music, sing and play instruments and appreciate all kinds of music. Also having a strong sense of universal harmony and awareness of patterns in life. 

Usually found in: composers, recording engineers, performers, musical instrument makers, conductors, rap artists, piano-tuners, some cultures without written languages, music lovers.

Famous examples: Wolfgang Amadeus MozartElvis Presley,  Elton John, Ravi Shankar

Musical Intelligence traits:

Exercises to strengthen musical intelligence:

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Musical Intelligence with MegaLearning

Wily Walnut - FREE articles to unleash your musical intelligence and let your genius sing out!

Essential Musical Intelligence - Discover your innate ability to use music and sound to bypass the defenses of the conscious mind and move directly into the emotional/soul centers where true healing can occur. Dr Louise Montello's extraordinary EMI exercises balance and harmonize all five levels of consciousness - the body, breath/energy, mind, imagination/intellect, and the realm of bliss - leading to deep and lasting change.

Technology that enhances musical intelligence: Dee Dickinson delivers yet another excellent article detailing how you can enhance musical intelligence.

Develop Your Baby's Musical Intelligence - suggestions on improving musical intelligence in children, such as singing to baby (duh!), having music tapes in the car, make musical instruments to play together (drums, shakers etc) and go to concerts.

Musical Intelligence, Multiple Intelligence, MI Thoeory - description of musical intelligence with suggestions on how to teach others to become more musically intelligent. Music intelligence is said to be one of the first to develop (because Baby listens to mother's heartbeat, gurgle belly sounds, and sounds from outside womb) and because of the need to learn speech.

Multiple Intelligence: Musical  - I love the way Cooks Primary School in Australia puts its web pages together. Here they describe the musically intelligent learner as "The Music Lover".

Mozart Effect: Can listening to Mozart really boost not only your musical intelligence but all your multiple intelligences and IQ? Find out here.


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