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Definition: Naturalistic Intelligence is defined as the ability to see patterns in nature and work in natural environment with livestock, wildlife, plants etc

Usually found in: farmers, gardeners, ecologists, zoologists, biologists, explorers, anthropologists, animal trainers.

Famous examples: Jacques Cousteau, David Attenborough, Victor Schauberger, Benedict Allen, Old Macdonald (just joking!), Dr. Temple Grandin, Lewis and Clark, Charles Darwin, Rachel Carson, John Muir, Luther Burbank, and John James Audubon. 

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The Eighth Intelligence: Naturalistic Intelligence
Leslie Owen Wilson explores Gardener's eighth intelligence, Nature-Smart, or naturalistic intelligence. A good article that expands on what you've read here.

Dr. Temple Grandin website
The fascinating and extraodinary Dr Temple Gardin. Born autistic, she has studied, overcome, and utilised her challenges with autism to become a professor of animal science, a designer of livestock handling facilities, a bestselling author and speaker on the subjects of autism and animal behavior. She is the first to document the similarities between autistic view of the world and animal view of the world, thus pointing to strong naturistic intelligence in autistic people.

"Nature was my teacher -- The Vision of Victor Schauberger." Video below:

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