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Why you'll want to kiss "the world's sleaziest genius" (no, not me!) when you experience his incredible communication techniques! Truly life-transforming!

The world's sleaziest genius glanced at his reflection in the shop window and winked. He would be the first to admit he was not a handsome man but he felt like a million dollars. For he knew, with unfailing certainty, that he would find a beautiful, intelligent woman to have wild, passionate sex with him that very day. Maybe even within the hour.

He chose a table at the coffee shop. Sitting down with his leather-bound journal, he waved to his favorite waitress; she quickly brought him coffee, a cake and a big smile.

He exchanged a few words with her and she went away smiling even wider. You might even have noticed the extra spring in her step.

He sipped at his coffee, and wrote in his unusual book, smiling to himself. Covertly, he surveyed the women in the room, looking for babes.

Spotting a stunningly attractive brunette, he immediately set about getting rapport with her, even though she was sitting on the far side of the coffee shop. Within a few moments, he felt her gazing over at him, and he looked up, caught her eye and smiled, giving her a mini courtier's bow. She blushed, smiled and turned back to her conversation with her friend.

The sleazy genius continued with his rapport techniques. When he had caught her eye a third time, he stood up, picked up his coffee, walked over towards her table. Within a minute of his introducing himself, the ugly genius had been invited to join the brunette and her friend. Within two minutes, he had them laughing and flirting with him. Within two hours, they were both back at his nearby apartment, doing the wild thing!

How did a man, who might be described as having been severely beaten with the ugly stick, seduce two beautiful young career women within a matter of hours of meeting them? And what could YOU do, if you had such awesome powers of seduction, persuasion and charisma?

The fact is the sleazy genius had taken a thoroughly researched communications system called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP to you and me) and he had applied and refined it to his particular purpose. He had become a genius in the art of seduction, influence and persuasion.

Genius is taking expertise from one field and applying it to another for a specific purpose. If you can learn an effective way of doing things in one area, you can often take that template of success, and reapply it to a new area. If you are the first to do this, you can exploit this niche and become a pivotal figure within that area.

Our sleazy genius knew that NLP teaches you how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve your specific and desired outcomes. NLP enables you to control your own and other people's emotional and mental states by the way you communicate with yourself and the way you use your brain. From long sad experience he knew that he could not rely on looks alone to get women to like him enough to want to sleep with him. He needed to make himself irresistably attractive to women. And he realized that the way to do that was to make a woman feel wonderful, as though she was having the best experience of her life when she was with him.

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His fundamental intention is to get laid. But to do this he has to give the woman the best experience of her life. And he does that by talking to her and unobtrusively guiding her to put herself in her most wonderful, enjoyable, pleasuable inner conditions and states -- and he links them all to him. She's in love or lust with him before she knows what's what.

Clearly, this overt method of persuasion and control makes us all feel a little nervous. None of us like to feel that we have been duped by anyone. However, as with most tools, it's the user who determines what is done with it. Fire can burn a house down, cook a meal, light a room or keep us warm.

The sleazy genius' specific purpose and intention is to give the women he is seducing the most amazing time of their lives. As with all things, you have to give to get.

Here are some of the sleazy geniuses basic techniques that you can use to empower your communication:

7. Put FIRE in your belly!

Before you interact with anyone, establish your own inner state. How do you want to be perceived with other people? How do you want to feel? Many of us are stuttering wrecks on the inside, with bottom-of-the-barrel self-esteem. Change your inner self talk. Stop talking about yourself as a loser. Your attitude, when you are with other people, should be: Being with me is the best possible choice you could make! Anchor confidence in your body so you can fire it off at will. To do this, remember a time when you felt powerful, masterful and in control. Get back into that experience, remembering it as if it's happening now. At the peak of your feeling confident and masterful, reach over with your right hand, grab your left wrist and squeeze it, thinking: I feel great! Repeat this a couple more times. Repeat it again every day for a week. Soon you'll only have to grab your wrist to fire off those feelings of unstoppable confidence.

6. Put COLOR on your wings!

Most people are wishy-washy, with dingy grey or beige personas, they just don't stand out that much. If you want to communicate powerfully, you need to get people's attention. You can do this by wearing attractive clothes, holding an unusual object (like a book with a grabbing title, a puppy or even a bunch of balloons), acting in an exagerated humorous manner, and just presenting yourself in a powerful, dynamic, high-energy way. Our sleazy genius might attract attention by making the waitress laugh, being very elegant and witty, pretending to be gay in an outrageously loud and camp way, or distinguishing himself in some manner from the grey throng of humanity that he is moving in.

5. Make an energetic CONNECTION!

Establishing rapport can start before you even introduce yourself to someone. Subtly adopt their physiology (body positioning and posture), adjust your breathing and way of speaking to match theirs. All animals, including man, find acceptance into their family groups and heirarchies through imitating and trying to be like others. People like and trust people who are just like them, and distrust people who are different. Mirror the other person and they will unconsciously sense it and feel a resonance and accord with you. Do not do this overtly. Mimicking is perceived as mockery. Be subtle and you will get the effect you want.

4. Establish MEMORABLE communication!

The sleazy genius inevitably introduces himself with something both startling and memorable, something that will get the woman to laugh. He uses communication patterns that a) get the person's willing attention, b) focus that attention entirely upon him, c) establish immediate good feelings (laughter and warmth) that are linked to himself, and d) establish deep powerful feelings of rapport and connection. In NLP, there is something called the Law of Requisite Variety. It states that: the system (or person) with the most flexibility of behavior will control the system (or other person). The sleazy genius knows that most people are very inflexible in their behavior. We all think in habitually patterned ways. If so and so says A, we habitually respond with B. The sleazy genius is very flexible, he watches the woman and adjusts what he is saying and doing according to her conscious and unconscious responses. He knows that the meaning of communication is the response you get. And he gets continual feedback that enables him to adjust what he is doing and saying appropriately.

3. Speak to the UNCONSCIOUS mind!

The sleazy genius knows that we all move in and out of states of trance all day long. He simply uses his knowledge and awareness to be able to guide people subtly into states that make them feel wonderful, happy and aroused. He does this and anchors each of these feelings to himself, and he repeats the process over and over so that he stacks up these feelings. This simply adds more and more reasons why it's okay to feel good, in the other person's mind.

Using what are called hypnotic language patterns, our seduction genius gets women to remember and re-experience times when they felt wonderfully sexy, beautiful, attractive and flirty - and he links it all to himself. A salesman could get a customer to remember experiences where they felt incredibly pleased with a purchase, and link those feelings to himself and his product, so that they would feel happy to buy from him.

Hypnotic language patterns may sound a little scary, if you don't know much about hypnosis. However, what's it like when you remember having great sex? As you think about all the fantastic sexual experiences you have had in your life now, your mind disengages from conscious awareness and goes into an altered state - a trance - to review those memories and re-experience them. The phrasing, What's it like when.... is a hypnotic language pattern. It slips in under your radar and you automatically start to respond to that question, you automatically go into a trance to begin answering it! We use these hypnotic language patterns unconsciously in our daily conversations Using them consciously gives you enormous powers of influence and persuasion.

2. Telling STORIES makes people dream mighty dreams!

Metaphor is incredibly powerful. Great teachers have always clothed their knowledge in stories because it makes information much more palatable. The unconscious mind loves stories. Your inner mind is childlike and loves the emotional content and symbology of stories. When we hear a story about someone else, we experience it as if we are going through that story.

The sleazy genius met a fabulous model called Britney; she was a statuesque blonde with a jaw-droppingly sexy body and a vivacious, warm personality. Britney was the sort of girl that you couldn't help falling instantly in love with. Everybody did. Men, women, even animals seemed to be totally mesmerized by her.

One beautiful sunny day, they were walking together, meandering slowly down through a quiet park, and talking about the feeling of realizing that you are really attracted to someone. The sleazy genius told her about his friend Chelsea, whose sister's best friend, Suzi, starts to notice that growing attraction happening in a certain way.

The sleazy genius described to Britney exactly what Dawn said she experienced when she felt really attracted to a guy. Britney listened intently, her gorgeous blue eyes locked on his, feeling totally fascinated and absorbed by what he was telling her. The rich sensual language he used to describe Dawn's inner feelings were like instructions to Britney's unconscious mind; and, without even realizing it, she found herself experiencing those exact feelings of attraction and arousal for the sleazy genius here.

This was exactly what he wanted and, before long, she was 'choosing' to perform outrageously pleasurable sexual acts on him. What a tale! When you tell a story about someone else doing what you want a person to do, feeling the way that you want the person to feel, they experience it internally as though they are doing it and feeling it. This is such a powerful technique, that hypnotic marketer, Joe Vitale has written a whole ebook about the power of hypnotic selling stories in marketing and sales.

The world's sleaziest genius is an outrageous man.

One might be deeply offended, or perhaps deeply fascinated, by his application of these powerful communication strategies. Or you might experience a flash of inspiration, a feeling of relief, a sense of nagging curiosity that you have something to learn from him. Perhaps you too could learn his advanced technologies in seduction and powerful rapport to win the woman or man of your dreams? Or regain the love and lust of your youth?

You don't have to apply his amazing secrets to seducing hot-looking women. It's not necessary to become focussed on the idea of having wild sexual adventures or making your partner fall in love and lust with you all over again. What if you were to simply learn his techniques so that you could have outstanding success in business, sales and marketing? Or find yourself improving your relationships with family members... 

Have you ever wondered how exciting and fun your life could be if you had lots more friends and people who admired and adored you? A person can learn from the sleazy genius, learn from his way of thinking, and absorb his genius for applying ideas that move people to action, and reap enormous benefits for themselves...

You are a genius. A person can have enormous potential and suddenly discover how to access it and benefit from it. Have you ever wondered how amazing your life could be if you used more of your natural genius?

If you were to meet the world's sleaziest genius right now, as you are there with him, looking at him, and you started to listen carefully, you would find his voice seeming to wrap itself around you, and everything around you just disappears, and your entire world, everything you see, becomes what is right in front of you... and you'd find yourself so attracted and absorbed by what he had to share with you, that learning and change would happen instantly, making your life better in ways that would become ever more apparent over the days and weeks that follow...

The world's sleaziest genius is Ross Jeffries. His teaching materials are available from his website: Speed Seduction. Go with an open mind and a smile. He's a character in the book of your life.

"The World's Sleaziest Genius" by Wily Walnut.

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