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3 tips on seeing the future in dreams

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3 tips on seeing the future in dreams

James, a reader of this website and my Brain Squeezer email series, writes from India:

it is always a great feeling to read your letter.anyways i would really appreciate if i get any information regarding seeing the future in dreams. about me , i'm James. i'm doing degree in pharmacy(pharmaseutical sciences), i stay in goa(india). and i  really find it tempting to upgrade my memorizing powers.
okay than bye.thanks for all the letters .and  i am really happy to knw u all

Here is my reply:

Hi James,
Thank you so much for your email and your question regarding seeing the future in dreams.
Have you read my article on remote viewing the future?
I have three suggestions for you.
1) Image streaming -- start practicing image streaming. This is where you describe aloud what is going on in your stream of consciousness. You literally close your eyes and describe whatever comes into your mind. Practicing this makes you more receptive to unconscious knowledge. Your unconscious mind has perfect memory. Some say that the unconscious mind links to the superconscious or Universal mind. By learning to pay more attention to the messages you are getting from the unconscious mind, you become more aware. You increase your intelligence.
A lot of the imagery you receive will be symbolic -- just like in your night time dreams. So, it is important to record yourself as you are doing image streaming, so that you can play it back later and try and figure out what it means to you. The symbols will be unique to you. For instance, you might dream of a big angry dog. And you would first describe everything about that dog and what a dog is. You would then look at your life and see what that dog is like, what it relates to in your life. And you might decide it relates to your boss, or the government, or even yourself when you bully others. There are any number of things it could be and only you can figure it out.
As you get better at image streaming, you can do it with a specific purpose. You can say, 'I want to go forward 100 years and see what the latest advances in pharmacy are...' and then start image streaming. This is like taking a trip in your creative imagination. You simply trust that your deeper mind has all the answers and is connected to everything in all times and dimensions.
2) Dream diary -- keep a dream diary. Get good at remembering your dreams. Go over your dreams and highlight all the significant characters and things. Also highlight the specific action words. Go through your dreams, analysing each part. Describe aloud or on the page, what each character is. Imagine you are telling someone from another planet. You can't just say, 'a cat', for instance. You would need to say that it is 'a 4-legged animal, covered with soft fur, that is about 20-30 cm high, and about 50-70 cm long, that people keep as pets for companionship, entertainment, and affection, and that cats hunt pests like mice but sometimes they kill birds too, and they are independent, flexible creatures and...' etc. By describing in detail like this you will highlight qualities that will help you relate what the dream cat might represent in your own life.
Do you know of the Bible story of Joseph, where he was in Ancient Egypt and dreamed of 7 fat cows and 7 thin cows, and he related that as that there would be 7 years of rich harvests followed by 7 years of famine? You can see that you need to become very skilled at interpretation to get clear information about the future. With practice though you will become very intuitive about this.
3) Analyse your life -- this might not work for you as well as it would for an older person. However, you can look back at your past for examples of where you unconsciously knew what was going to happen in the future. For example, looking back, I can see that when I used to go into health food shops in the UK in the 1980's... part of me knew that the health food and supplement industry would become huge like it has today. But that knowledge was just outside of my conscious awareness. It was there in me, but I just ignored it. I pushed it out of mind... it had no relevance or use in my mind so I ignored it. Seeing examples like that, and others, gives me a clue to how I might have knowledge about the future now. Through analysis of those past experiences, I can learn important lessons and hopefully be a little more receptive to that 'future knowing' now.
I hope these simple tips help you move forward with your intention to learn how to see the future in your dreams.

Do you see the future or create it? As you explore this idea of seeing the future you will start to intuit that our minds are not bound by our idea of linear time. You are immensely creative. You can take the attitude that you are 100% responsible for creating everything that you experience in life. When you do that, you will understand that the circumstances of your life today reflect a train of thoughts that you have previously had. And that your future is being created by the thoughts that you currently hold. By practicing image streaming, dream interpretation and life analysis, you will become more adept at knowing what you are thinking right now, on all levels, both conscious and unconscious. This will make you highly skilled at predicting the future, because you will simply read what your dominant creative thoughts are - and that will tell you what the future will be. Of course, this also gives you the opportunity to change your thoughts and thus change the future too.
Thank you again for your question.
Warmest Regards,
Wily Walnut

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