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Thought Experiments: Use Deep Thought Provoking Questions To Boost Your Creativity! Plus 5 Thought Experiments That Will Expand Your Mind and Revolutionize Your Thinking Forever!

Thought experiments are simple creative ways you can begin to unleash the genius within and boost your brain power to new levels of creativity and excellence. Albert Einstein is probably the most famous person to have used thought experiments, but plenty of other great thinkers, scientists, philosophers, artists and geniuses have employed the thought experiment technique to access their most brilliant ideas. Thought experiments are possibly the most daring and original thing you can do with your mind.

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Here's how Wikipedia defines a thought experiment:


"In physics and other fields, a thought experiment (from the German Gedankenexperiment) is an experiment that is not intended to be performed. These experiments are used to attempt to understand something about the universe."

A thought experiment basically involves visualizing a situation and performing some kind of experimental action and seeing what happens. It provides a way of understanding nature when you cannot do a direct experiment on it.

For example, Albert Einstein imagined what it would be like to ride across the universe on a photon beam of light. This is obviously a thought experiment; it's not something he could ever hope to do for real (certainly at the time). So he used thought experiments to probe the physics of the Universe. Einstein's ability to study secrets previously alien to the mind of man enabled him to come up with his astounding theories.

What thought experiments can you come up with to increase your intelligence, revolutionize the way you work, attract a loving mate, or triple your income? The beauty of your mind is that, if you can set a target, your own creativity can come up with ways to the target. This is a beautiful realization that you must put to the test to discover it for yourself.


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Thought experimentation skills
The skills needed for effective thought experimentation are:

  • Effective time management - you need to create blocks of time in which to conduct your thought experiments without interruption.
  • Visualization - you need to improve your ability to visualize with as much clarity and precision as possible.
  • Concentration - you need to be able to focus intently.
  • Back ground study - you need to study from existing knowldge of whatever field your thought experiment involves.
  • A dash of wildness - you need to be willing to break the rules and climb outside of the accepted tenets of the field of study.
  • Clarity of Purpose - the mind so easily goes off on random tracks unless you give it a specific purpose.

Setting up a thought experiment:
It's easy to set up a thought experiment. You just ask yourself deep thought provoking questions that make great thought experiment prompters:

What If... <you fill in the blanks>?

What if I were a genius?

What if I was someone who could easily solve this problem?

What if my brain could read at 25,000 words a minute?

What if I could take formless energy and instantly shape it into any physical thing I desired?

What if I could sense and read the thoughts of other people?

If I was.... <fill in the blanks>.

If I was standing at the magnetic north pole, can I go in a northerly direction?

If I was a woman instead of a man (or vice versa), what would my life be like?

If I was from Iraq instead of America (or vice versa), how would I view the world?

If I was a person of pure unconditional love, how would I think, feel and act, and how different would my life be? How would other people respond to me?

What would happen if....?

What would happen if we found a way to use 100% of our brain potential?

What would happen if there was no money in the world? What would that be like? What would I do if I didn't have to earn money to survive?

Asking deep thought provoking questions enables you to view the world like genius poet and artist, William Blake, who wrote:

"To see a World in a Grain of Sand,
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,
And Eternity in an hour."

To "hold Infinity in the palm of your hand" is classic thought experimentation. Poets and Quantum Physicists are very similar in the thought experiments they conduct.

Five Thought Experiments to Expand Your Mind and Transform Your Thinking:

1. Deep thoughts in deep space.
Close your eyes. Imagine that you are floating up out of your body and rise up through the ceiling, through the roof of your building, and continue to rise up over your neighbourhood. As you go up you can see further and further. You see your town or city, you rise higher and can see your state or county, you rise higher and can see your country, you keep going higher and you can see the planet Earth receding below you as you travel far, far away. Deeper and deeper into space. See if you can travel into infinity. Keep going. Can you find the edge of the Universe? Reach a point where you feel comfortable to pause there in deep space, trillions of light years from The Earth. Begin to think about your life and about human life from this perspective, so very far away, so very far removed from emotional issues. See what insights come to you as you explore deep thought. Use the Powers of 10 java slide show to help you visualize your journey from the microcosm to the macrocosm - it's brilliant.

(An alternative version of the thought experiment, is to imagine that you are expanding bigger and bigger out into the universe. Keep going and going until you are the Universe. Keep going until you begin to get a semblance that you are everything, that you are God, the Quantum Field, the Life Force, Infinite Intelligence, the Omnipresence.)

2. Borrowed Genius. A thought experiment in activating your genius.
This one is easy to apply. This thought experiment from Win Wenger involves closing your eyes, and imagining yourself in a tranquil Eden-like garden. Have one of your genius heroes appear in the garden. Maybe it's Albert Einstein, or Leonardo da Vinci, or Mozart, or someone that is inspirational to you. Have them stand before you and greet you. Then, your genius turns around and you step up behind him or her. Then you step into the body of your genius and it's as though you are wearing that genius like a space suit or actually becoming that genius. When you feel that you are fully merged with that genius, you can start to think about your challenge, or area of interest with the brain of your genius!  

3. Rubber Time: A Thought Experiment in Time Travel
 In the
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it says that if you meditate and achieve Samadhi with the concept of Time (past, present and future), that you can understand and know the past and future. Al Bielik, Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols have all testified to knowledge of US experiments in Time Travel. They describe how geniuses Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, and John von Neumann conducted top secret experiments into invisibility in the early 1930's and stumbled upon time travel (see The Philadelphia Experiment). This work evolved into the Montauk Project where it is said that time travel was mastered to some extent.

Conduct your own thought experiment in Time Travel. Close your eyes and imagine what the world will be like in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 500 years, 5000 years, 5,000,000 years. Ask yourself deep thought questions about your field of interest. Notice the changes in the way people live as you travel into the future. How do they travel? What are the predominant beliefs? How are societies organised 5,000 years in the future? Notice how humans evolve or change? Be like a reporter as you travel through time. You can also do this experiment in reverse, travelling back in time, to the very beginning of time and beyond. What's the other side of the Big Bang?

Another experiment in time is to imagine that there are parallel universes and that you are existing in them all. Review your life and think of all the points where you had choices to make. You chose the course that you did, but imagine that an aspect of yourself in a parallel universe chose a different course and is living a life determined by that choice. (eg.You married Bill but could have married Ben. In the parallel universe, you married Ben instead and your life is made different by all the different choices you made there.)

4. The God Thought Experiment:
If there is a God, or a Universal Energy, and that energy is everywhere in everything, then everything about YOU must be made up of that. If God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, then everything that you are is God and as such those qualities are inherent in you. If everything that you are is GOD, then what you are must be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Conduct a thought experiment along these lines. Notice how all your feelings can take on a very different hue when you stop labelling them as you normally do, and instead label them as part of the energy of God. Will you be able to say, "Peace, be still and know that I am God," and know that to be true? If God is everywhere in everything, then "There is only God". With that viewpoint, how different does your world become?

5. A Wilde Experiment in Thought Power.
Stuart Wilde, metaphysician and author of The Quickening offers many interesting and mind-expanding thought experiments. One involves conceptualising and enlivening the etheric body to make for more powerful thought forms, easier out-of-body experiences, and greater mental control. Here's what you do. Sit or lie down, relax with your eyes closed and your attention focussed inwardly. Relax your body. Then imagine your arms and legs growing so that they are 1 metre longer than normal. Shrink back to normal size. Then imagine your body growing even bigger again. Then go back to normal size again. Do this once more. Now imagine that your body is rotating around to face the opposite direction. Try and feel this happening, although your physical body remains absolutely still. This is your etheric energy body that is moving. Return back to your start position. Now imagine that your feet are rising into the air while your head is sinking down through the floor until you are upside down. Return to normal position in alignment with your physical body. Now imagine moving in the opposite direction. Keep playing these mental games and feeling your energy body expanding, and contracting, rotating and spinning until you feel you are getting good at it. The next stage is to imagine your body standing up, and then to imagine it standing across the room (or up on the ceiling) looking back at your physical body. Practicing this thought experiment can lead to startling effects. You may have lucid dreams or have a full blown out-of-body experience (which is great fun!). Either way it will expand your mind and give you a new concept of yourself.

Jack Schwartz uses a similar technique to develop pain control (he can stick a sailors' needle right through his bicep, because he has learned to disassociate from the physical body and instead inhabit the etheric energy body).

Thought experiments enable you to play with nature and develop your own hypotheses and insights about life. In experimenting with thought, you use your brain in productive, creative and innovative ways which help unleash the genius within.

You are a genius. Go prove it.

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(This Wily Walnut thought experiment article shows you how to use deep thought experiments to release the creative genius that you were born to be. You can experiment with thought provoking questions and visualizations and find your way to great ideas, creative insights and innovative solutions. Shabistari said: "In an instant, rise from time and space. Set the world aside and become a world within yourself." This is the poetic impetus used by all geniuses to explore inner and outer nature via thought experiments. An explanation of how to use thought experiments plus 5 thought experiments to expand your mind...)


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